Ins and Out of Pinterest Marketing Winning Steps | Growth Hacking.

From International market-centric online business to Sporting Goods all types of online marketing-based businesses (either it's on Pinterest Marketing Platform or on other Social Media Marketing Platform) are fighting virtually to win the Pinterest marketplace share and grow Pinterest Marketing ROI through the tactics of SEO and PPC.

At this point of view, Pinterest became a growth hacking marketing platform for all businesses, Whereas it's a supplier, marketing companies, hobbies, flowers, food, gifts, gardening, spa, pool, health and beauty, clothing and apparel, entertainment, jewelry, boutique, craft, accessories, consumer electronics, outdoors, automotive, pets and animal, hotel business all are obeying Pinterest as the greatest source of online marketing platform.

pinterest marketing profile of momenull ahmad , owner of the

Leading business types on the Pinterest 

1- b2b
2- b2c
3- c2c
4- c2b
5- b2a
6- c2a

Among of above business types, some of them already has transformed their those who have already transformed or modernize their business to online or internet marketing, We called them e-business as -

1- E-Auctioning 

2- E-Banking

3- E-Commerce

4- E-Directories 

5- E-Engineering

 6- E-Franchising 

7- E-Gambling 

8- E-Learning

9- E-Mailing

10- E-Marketing

11- E-Operational Resource Management 

12- E-Supply

13- E-Trading

business to digital media and getting the benefit of digital marketing transformation, Whether a business module modified or non modified that's not a matter but the matter is that, is this business representing their business on Pinterest?

Here are some growth statics of Pinterest Audiences  by @nytimes

1- Monthly active users = 250 million

2- Native U.S users = 125 million

3- International users = 50%

4- Shopping pins saved = 2 million

5- 100 on 30% social media users on Pinterest

6- Females users are almost 81% 

8- 80% of users access Pinterest through mobile devices 

7- Active pinners quantity 93%

8- Average time spending ratio is 14.2 minutes

9- 29% of U.S.A adults are used to Pinterest

10- Pinner's household income 40% make 100k and 50% make 50k

11- Popular age group pinners are 18-34 aged.

12- Among of 200 million active pinners  93% decide to purchase something influenced by pins

13- Repined pins ratio is 80%

14 - Branded content response rate 78% 

15- 75% of pinners enjoy videos on Pinterest this is a big ratio rather than other social media.

16- Business account setup growth ratio is 27%  ( most of them are fortune featured companies)

17- A pin gets 100 times more repins rather than a tweet, whereas a tweet gets 1.4% retweet on average. 

18- PPC campaign made profitably, spent 1$ and get in return 2$
19- One of the top referral traffic source 
20- In ads campaign Pinterest helps you without any limit 

I must say that the above Pinterest market research data ( marketing strategy ) are enough for joining or promoting a business on Pinterest, thereafter If you want to see your smiley face after joining one of the best unbeatable and rapidly growing digital marketing platforms then you have to patience on this with some of content marketing creativity.

So, When you are at Pinterest port in then follow these Pinterest Marketing Winning steps to growth hack your Pinterest Marketing:

1- Pinterest profile and business account setup.

2- Optimizing Websites verified by Pinterest( digital marketing blog )

3- Be Active 

pinterest activity for one day activeness of

4- Analyzing Pinterest Activities 

increased impressions of pins

5- Flourish a piece of content for a better marketing strategy.
Now come to the point and let's grab the opportunity to win in
Pinterest Marketing

As I shared above, What should you follow to port in for Pinterest now I will share with you some of my impressive personal learn with Pinterest, Which I have achieved from my growth hacking brainstorm. As seen below image is My Twitter profile 
and I pin this image after that in a one day it's rewarded by fellow pinners as a result this pin has achieved 3.03 upgraded organic impressions (8.7k) ratio over 2.7k followers.

seo optimized pin impression of

How do I Make it Possible (Pinterest Profile and Pinterest Content Optimization Steps)?

1- Posting it on my Pinterest Board ( SEO Optimized ).
2- Search Engine Optimized Description.
3- Pinterest pin-friendly image.
5- Shared Cross post.
6- Used comments section.
7- Applied relevant hashtags.
8- Created Co-related Boards.
9- Sent it to fellow followers.
10- Just before linked up a Pinterest profile with Others Social Media.
11-Followed and Following similar pinners and boards.
12- Used group board.
13- Utilize Pinterest idea.

Above all of are my learned and along with this, I made a short video
slide "Pinterest Marketing Winning Tactics" by getting help from #SEJ article so that you can learn in detail of the Pinterest profile, pins, boards, rich pin, hashtags, image guidelines. 

The above Pinterest Marketing steps have helped me to growth hacking the Pinterest Profile and Pinterest Content too.

So why are you waiting? What for are you waiting for? 

If is there any indecision matter are prohibiting to promote your brand or yourself  on Pinterest then go for Pinterest Support or ask me on Quora 
Momenul Ahmad on Quora

I hope you have enjoyed this "Pinterest Content Marketing Tactics", thereafter If I made any mistake in this article then never hesitate to suggest me.

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Momenul Ahmad: Helping businesses, brands, and professionals on ethical SEO, Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing Writer and Digital Marketing Blog (Founding) Owner at SEOSiri.

The top hidden secret of Facebook ads campaign

As an expert online marketing professional generally Before running an advertising campaign on Facebook you may ask yourself that What is the top hidden secret of Facebook ads campaign?

Facebook Ads

Here I will explain your answer by this Facebook marketing q/a session slide where I will ask you a question first after that will give you some of captioned hints slide image so please listen and watch it carefully to understand and answer accurately.

Now let's hear the Facebook Ads Best Practice Question:

Which of the following is a type of objectives you can choose when setting up a campaign on Facebook?

Now let's choose the best answer of social media marketing  

Objects  are :

Number 1- Reach.
Number 2 - Event Responses.
Number 3 - Page Likes.
Number 4 - All the objects are? 

You just got a hint here now let's see in the next slide 

What or Which is the correct one?

To know the details please follow the above linked two link.

Special Request :

Keep me besides on you by subscribe yourself on my channel and spread this learning slide on your social network with dearest and nearest one .

Thank You and Thank for Reading and Advance Thanks for Watching

Client's "Digital Marketing" Registration Section for Oldbies and Newbies

This client's (Digital Marketing) registration page is dedicated to all of my client's ,Whereas you are Newbies or Oldbies
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Which ads design tools are ready to boost up your search ads campaign ?

In Search Advertising Campaign , almost 40% of Search Ads success depends on Ads Design besides on Search Engine Marketing Keywords Research and CTA " Call To Action" button implementation and others work frame.

Eye catchy Ads influence audiences to interact on a content in a second.

Is it real ?

Obviously it's real and it's work accurately but in functionally if you want to see the impact of good looking ads then you need to get help from some ads designing tools as I described at below for your better understand .


List of Ads Blueprint Tools-
SERPs of SEO Siri

*Crello - A visual Editor,Which help you to create Ads for Social Media 
( Social Media 
Graphics,Facebook Posts,Facebook Covers,Facebook Ads,Instagram Posts,Instagram Ads,YouTube Channel Art,Twitter Posts,Twitter Header,Twitter Ads,Pinterest Graphics,Tumblr Graphic,Tumblr Banner).

*Advertising ( Display Ads Banners,Facebook Ads,Instagram Ads,Twitter Ads).

*Blog (Blog Images,Blog Graphics).

*Emails( Email Headers).

*Events ( Postcards,Invitations,Posters,Business Cards).

*Prints ( Flyers,Posters,Business Cards).

and also provide animated design.

Campaign Kit-  Is an automated ads design tool with 1000's stock of AdWords Banner Ads also it has a free online Photoshop tool.

Google Web Designer Tool - A powerful Ads design tool , Which actively help you to build Ads as basis on Interactive,Responsive,Animation and Workflow .

*Interactive Ads best matching with Components , Events, Pages,
*Responsive Ads are relevant with Responsive Ads and Dynamic Workflow.
*Animation Ads directly act with 3D Ads
*Intuitive Workflow Ads help you to crate content and integration with Google Drive,DoubleClick Studio,AdMob or Google Ads .

bannersnack - A trusted name of another superb Ads Design Toolkit , Which features are generally amazing and fully professional in service .

Easy to use , drag and drop banner maker .
Animated or Static HTML5 Banners .
Downloading facilities of completed ads in HTML5,JPG,GIF,PNG,MP4 and astonishingly all of created ads are work with all of ads network (iab,Google AdWords, doubleclick,OpenX, Aol Advertising,RIGHTMEDIA.
* Benefits of using own images or stocked photo.
* Ads Insights measuring facilities .
* Embed video and custom ads.
* Popular and free Google fonts.

Bing Ads - One of the Most efficient PPC campaign performer ,Which help you by providing multiple SEM Ads relevant Services and those are -
* Bing Ads Editor.
* Bing Ads Intelligence .
* Bing Ads App.
* Ad Preview Tool.

Baidu - A Ads Design Suite , Which helps you to build text and image ads also provide Experienced bilingual support .

Yandex- A Creative Ads Builder , Which give us an opportunity to create interesting image ads and video ads providing based on prepared video extension also provide some of extra ordinary Ads Making features as -
* No need to be a professional or normal Ads Designer.
* Adding creatives from the library 
* Have a chance to export XLS files .
* Adding creatives to multiple ads via XLS/XLSX files.

Recommended in Content Marketing for Web Designer 

As a freedom fighter you are always free from any obligation so here is your are the Shining Sun and choices are your  , here I have tried to hook up some key features of world's top digital ads maker tools in a nutshell and besides on this there have a bunch of superb digital ads maker  among of them you may use it for your Search Engine Marketing campaign .

Search Ads Sketch made easy -  
* Flexitive * Canva * Bannerflow * Fotor * html5maker 
* Animatron * Pablo * Desynger * Snappa * postermywall 
* Ads Pipe * Responsive Ads etc.

At the end of I am asking for feedback so that I can serve you the best and along with this also am requesting you to share this article (if you love ) with your dearest and nearest one . Your each and every share,like and comments are hook up me to ride on the Mount Everest .

                                     Thank You 

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SEO Price Lists of Months and Year In Online Marketing.

"SEO " Search Engine Optimization in Online Marketing segments is one of the most 
rich factor and it's became more richest ,When SEO Keywords in functional tagged with
 SEO Price but What should be the actual price for SEO Services? Due to Search Engine Algorithm and Social Media Search Engines continuously up gradation SEO Tasks always becoming more imbalance than before so in this tougher situations,We SEOs can't surely ,
speak up that
 "it's time to rain" ( science of possibility ) that's Why there are no other special SEO Cost indication or specifications of SEO Works . SEO Service Charge and SEO Work of Service Areas are depend on 
to read more and learn in depth on please go through SEO Price Lists

Search Trends of Search Engine Optimization In Business and Industrial Categories

In web search terms, Search Engine Optimization "SEO keywords" how has been searched at last 30 days in business and industrial categories by the people of United States ? I definitely assume that , You are thinking , What did about this search queries in Search Trends?

Let's break ice and get your answers of questioned search terms:-

Here am gona to show you ins and outs about this Search Trends by getting help from Google Trends .

In categories search volume list of Search Engine Optimization was the top rather then others search metrics by :
1- Interest Over Time.

2- Interest by sub-region.
3- Related Topics ( rising/top) .
4- Related Queries (rising/top).

What does it indicate ?

This trends bringing a green signal for SEO Industries and it's also cash flow for SEOs by the cause in related queries only one "SEO Expert" keywords were the top that's mean company,business,brand's are either searching SEO Specialist, SEO Consultant in locally or internationally to grow their websites visibility in SERPs  ( Search Engine Result Pages ).

Suggestion for SEO Professional :-

➽Stay up to date with relevant
➳ Topics.
➵ Companies.
➳ Occupation.
➳ Software.
➳ Research.
➳ Analysis.
➳ System Software.
➳ Marketing Company.
➳ SEO Agencies .

Solving for Business :-

I have no obligation in serving SEO services ,as a SEO Professional I work and worked with various types of business in categories and classifications so please never hesitate to
Contact Me  in need of your "SEO Service "necessity and before on this you may visit Digital Marketing Services Proposal .

Thank You 

Does Digital Transformation Sometimes Make You Feel Stupid ?

Stupid thinking is investing money on Digital Transformation in both cases of ( paid and unpaid media as organic search / paid search ) gambling by means of wasting money. Nowadays transforming a traditional business to a digital platform is not a fashion it's a necessity and by this Digital Marketing Growth Arena, 

Who is approaching negatively with this internet world's trend just they are disconnecting themselves from Digital Marketplaces and living an idiot kingdom.

If you want not to disconnect yourself from the connecting world then I will request to understand the methodology of the digital economy. 

Here in below I have enclosed statistical growth insights of Digital Marketplace, Which will help you also directive you to take initiative an entrepreneurial action in business, in professions.

Growth Compression of Online Marketplace -

Total Numbers of Websites Now = 1,891,754,000 (up)

Whereas in 2000 it was only       =  17,087,182
Internet Users                              = 3,962,046,300 (up)
Whereas in 1993 it was only       = 14,121,924
Google Searches at 2018             = 1,096,142,000,000 (up)
In 2000 Google Searches were    = 9,238,200,000
Tweets counting in 2018              = 130,562,800,000 (up)

Local Searches Increased - 
Over the last two years comparable searches without " near me " have grown by 150% 
( Google Data 2015 Jan to June to 2017 Jan to June ) .
1 in 2 smartphones owners used their phone to choose where to eat in the last four weeks ( June 2015)
68% of Australians have used their phones to search online about a product while in a store ( June 2015)

Audience Growth Insights of Social Media 

YouTube Users                   = 1,300,000,000 (80% of viewers are from outside of U.S.A) 

YouTube Video Uploads    =  3oo hours in a minute
Facebook Active Users      = 2.20 billion active monthly users over the world Increasing 13% YOY
Twitter Users                      = 336 million monthly active users 
LinkedIn Users                   = 467 million worldwide member 
Instagram Users                  = 1 billion monthly active users 
Pinterest Users                    = 10 million monthly active users

E-commerce growth insights -

E-commerce share of total B2B

sales increased by 1.8%  in 2018 and at 
2021 it will touch 13.1% ( United States 2015-2021).

Business to Business online sales are aiming to reach 1.2 trillion u.s dollars, which is up from 889 billion u.s dollars in 2017.

As per Hootsuite key Statistical indicators for the world's internet, mobile, social media users of January in 2018-

Total Population                          = 7.593 Billion
Urbanization                               = 55%
Internet Users                             = 4.021 Billion - Growth up from (+248 million )7% in one year
Penetration                                  = 53%
Active Social Media Users         = 3.196 Billion - Growth up from (362 million)13% in one year
Penetration                                  = 42%
Unique Mobile Users                  = 5.135 Billion - Growth up from (+218 million) 4% in one year 
Penetration                                  = 68%
Active Mobile Social Users        = 2.958 Billion - Growth up from (+360 million) +14% in one year
Penetration                                  = 39%

Perhaps you have scared reading this article and most commonly you are in deep pain to see your business ( either transformed or willing to transform ) downfalls, When all of the business are taking advantages by involving them on Online. If you want to see your business growth in digitally then I will request you to Contact Me.

                Thanks in advance for reading & sharing 

think with google

Top three secret key trigger mechanism in Content Marketing success

Content Marketing Success depend on three key trigger secret mechanism as of Content Ability , Content Visibility and Content Scalability.
A buzzword is Content Marketing,Which is Online Medium base Online Marketing Hoth so in this seance and getting more then "Content" from your expectation "Content Marketing" please practice as I described here -
When you are creating a content for Content Marketing purpose then you must should focus on create an Eye Catching Content layout , Content Template whether it's for Email Marketing ,Websites or Blog in Easy Navigation ,Images ,Videos , PDF, Podcast,
Webinars, Whitepapers , Live Videos and Live Online Events or others documents should be Easy Convertible,Accessible and Article should be descriptive but written in short length considering quality SEO content ( Search Engine Optimized Content ) .
Remote Worker of Digital Marketing Industries
(contact to hire) SEOSiri's performance matrix in keywords queries

Content never been automated , it's to be create here in below am suggesting some of ideal
Content Creation Tools - 

FOR RESEARCHERS | N#1 secret key trigger mechanism is
                                         Content Ability- Directly indicate to

1- Search Engine 
                                                              Accessibility  and User Experience of a content and           
2-Google Data Studio                          if you want to more out from any kind of your content     
3-Google Drive Research Tools          then I will suggest you to consider this two technical issue
4-Google Webmaster Tools                one is easy access from any where ( Desktop and Mobile )
5-Percentages Change Calculator     and another one is UX , Which mostly relevant with
6-Atlas                                                  social media , search engines, browsers,devices and web
7-Search In a Giphy                           -site navigation, broken link, link redirect, spammy ads,
8- CMS free Integrated analytical tool    closer ads set , pop up ads website in responsive design
 9- Google Drive                                           includes templates layout and color.
10- Google Sheets

FOR WRITERS             | N#2 secret key trigger mechanism is 
                                           Content Visibility- To grow visibility 

1- Evernote                                            of a content on search engines there are no others
2- Word2CleanHTML                          alternative except SEO in organic search but                   
3- WordCounter                                    supplementary or alternative methods ( forced content
4- Cofftivity                                           marketing techniques in content marketing
5- Zerys                                                  are email marketing,affiliate marketing,online events,
6- eLance                                               webinars etc, help to increase engagement upon
7- HTML Hacks for Marketers           depends on skill content campaign management.On the
8- Blog Topic Generator                      other hand SEO Services helps to searchers finding the
9- Blog Post Templates                        right content and along with SEOs guide them about 
10- iCloud Numbers                            where to go ( customer journey and destination )                                                                                 around by click through on SERPs ,search                             
how does customer find out my online marketing services on google listing "GMB"
                                                             engines,directory,forum,news,group,app store,local         
target keyword "international seo" local citation SERPs of SEOSiri
citation, keywords,link,social media,videos,images,maps ,includes all of digital marketing channels and they do this using their Social Media Intelligence  , SEO Tools .                                                                  

FOR CONTENT EDITORS | N#3 secret key trigger                                                                       mechanism is Content Scalability 

1- Editorial Calendar Template                        - Content Marketing Success depend on content
2- Grammarly                                                    data analysis and finding out of content weakness
3- Correctica                                                      ( Internal =content health),External=(competitors)
4-Hemingway App                                            There are lots of tools to measure content matrix
5- Headline Analyzer                                        such as Google Analytics , Google Search Console
6- PDF creator by Adobe Acrobat                SocialMedia,Analytics,Insights,eCommerce insights,
                                                                            Search Engines,Webmaster Tools,Adobe Analytics,
                                                                             salesforce Analytic, IBM analytics,AWS Analytics
                                                                            and much more, from there after analysis content
                                                                           data take the necessary step to grow content
                                                                           engagement as                                                                                                                                          like,share,save,comments,sales,leads,direction,calls.

1- Nimbus Screenshot
2- Canava
3- ThingLink
4- Skitch
5- Infogram
6-  Infographic Templates
7- Google Fonts
8- Image Color Picker
9- PowerPoint Templates
10- SlideShare Templates
11- Haiku Deck
12- HubSpot's Free Stock Photos
13- PlaceIt
14- LICEcap
15- The Noun Project
16- HubSpot's Resizable Icons Collection

Learn In Depth About Above Free Content Marketing Tools


1- YouTube  Creators
2- vimeo
3- RenderFx
4- Animoto
5- Wideo
7- Powtoon
8- Kizoa
9- Adobe Spark
10- Moovly
12- Windows Movie Maker

Learn More About 6 Video Content Creation Tool

Dear folks, Here on this article I have tried to give up something new by covered this tittle topic thereafter if you have any ask then cordial request you to replying them on a comment and if love then share this with your dearest and nearest one.
                                                                        Thank You

Search Engine Becoming More Humanistic Than Social Media Search Engine

Search Engine can't read human brain but Most of Search Engines can read and interact with human trendy mind and that's the why for search engine (in and out of boundary) becoming more humanistic than social media search engine ( in a boundary) ,

Here I specified Search Result compression of Social Media Search Engine V/S Search Engine -

LinkedIn : Suggested keywords result and show result in category as People,Jobs,Content,Companies,Group,School,Locations,Connections and Current Companies.

Twitter : Relevant keywords result and keywords related post also display specific result as you may like,top,latest,people,photos,videos,news,broadcast and hashtags.

Facebook : As same as linkedin,twitter here from you will get relevant keywords result and something new in categories result than others social media platform as posts ( as match with page title or group name and relevant with hashtags), people,photos,videos,shop,pages,places,groups,apps,events and link.

Google : Trendy global keywords suggestions and as basis on your recent or previous search also show result as per local citation and with google search engine result of country or region ( search engine country suffix CCTLD) and under search bar in fixed categories search engine google show personal,images,news,videos,maps,books,flights and it's help you by showing "people also ask" and at the end of search friend google suggest related search and not just this, this humanistic search engine also notify you to subscribe an email alert above the all most interesting fact is human characters of search boots google and now search crawl engine google follows humanistic sense of human.

But the how?

As a human being, We make sentences in four way as -
1- Simple or Declarative Sentence.
2- Command or Imperative Sentence
3- Question or Interrogation Sentence.
4- Exclamatory Sentence.

Thus the same way, When search engines crawl an article or something else on a website than google search crawl boots follow the above methods and not only google algorithm just do this but also google search crawl boots follow all of  Grammatical Terms  whether it is for images,videos or articles that's mean you have to more careful, When you are writing something for search engine as:

1- Avoid Repetitive words in a sentences or sentence with repetitive word.
2 - Use as much as keywords but must separate each and every keyword from one another by using specific oral / face to face communication skill as a general human being.
3- Keep yourself in safe zone by NOT USING misguided anchor text in link.
4- Try to write descriptive content in a short way.
5- Use relevant and bright image ( here I used my optimized keywords " seo consultant " which suggested keywords by linkedin search engine)
Linkedin's search engine suggested keywords seo consultant Momenul Ahmad's Optimize image

(limited) and try to make a short video covering title topics.
Hopefully you to that I made this title topic for your better understand thereafter in any miss conception,

I invite you to share your thought with me.
"There are no confusion that Social Media are performing well whether it's in Social Media Marketing or In Personally for entertain but When the same topics are relevant than happen something different in search results "
Momenul Ahmad

Recommended Search Infographic to you:
Major dissimilarities in the search industry.