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Helping business, brands and professionals on ethical SEO, Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing Writer and Digital Marketing Blog Owner at SEOSiri.

Momenul Ahmad Digital Marketing Strategist:

Since 2009 Momenul Ahmad in the internet world and from the time being am journeying, learning, enriching, implementing and helping business to grow and assuring their business presences digitally. 

Momenul Ahmad's expertise areas are:-

As an SEOs, Webmaster, Web Devs and Online Marketing(Digital Marketing) Professional Momenul Ahmad is Google Certified Online Marketing Professional Momenul Ahmad, to see details fixed your eyes on below image or go through Upwork tested SEO professional.
Momenul Ahmad

Momenul Ahmad's Technical Expertise: 

SEO which is my passion and along with I love to play with Search Engine, CMS, CRM, SM, Content Writing, Re-writing, Keywords Researches, Community, Forum, Group, Blogging, YouTube also love to calculate ROI and like to analyze data with Google Analytics and always look upon CMS integrated analytical tools which help me to gain leads. I am skilled with major search engine webmaster portal Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, DuckDuckGo. I love the digital trend, I live with the digital trend.

Momenul Ahmad in Person: 

Punctual, Sincere, Honest, Win-Win in attitude and Sacrifice Minded Folks. Ethic: Belief in quality tasks, Not in quantity tasks and By patience SEOs (SEO), Webmaster, Web Devs and Online Marketing(Digital Marketing) Professional.

Momenul Ahmad the Restless SEO Professional:

International SEO, Technical SEO, Local SEO with On-Page & Off-Page, Digital Manager, Social Media Manager, Brand Promoter, Web Site Admin, Account Manager, Customer Care. 

Momenul Ahmad Capable of Handel:

* Content management for Social media.* SEO (search engine optimization) and generation of inbound traffic* Amazon,, Macy's, Walmart & Alibaba, Priceline, eBay, Otto group and Rakuten Marketer. * Identify and improve organizational development aspects that would improve content* Create a regular publishing schedule.* Implement a content editorial calendar to manage content and plan specific, timely marketing campaigns.* Promote content through social advertising* Develop relevant content topics to reach the companies target customers.* Set benchmarks, best practice and goals to Monitor, listen and respond to users in a Social way while cultivating leads and sales.* Develop and expand community and/or influencer outreach efforts.* Oversee design (i.e.Facebook Timeline cover, profile picture, thumbnails, ads, landing pages, Twitter profile, Blog, etc.).* Design, create and manage CRM (if support) promotions and Social ad campaigns.* Manage efforts in building online reviews and reputation.* Analyze key CRM and SM metrics and tweak strategy as needed.* Compile reports for management showing results (ROI), Brand Building, Community Building. 

  • Ad Policies for Content, Creative, and Targeting
  • Build your web presence, Connect through email, Get started with search, Get discovered with search, Make search work for you, Be noticed with search ads, Improve your search campaigns, Get started with analytics, Find success with analytics, Get noticed locally,
  • Certified by QR as one of Top CCR 2012 in Rajshahi Region 
  • Develop Your Campaign with Marketing Insights from Facebook IQ
  • Enhance Your Direct Response Campaigns with Audience Network
  • Help people nearby find you online, Get noticed with social media, Deep dive into social media, Discover the possibilities of mobile, Make mobile work for you, Advertise on other websites, Deep dive into display advertising, Expand internationally,
  • Make the most of video, Build your online shop, Sell more online
  • Messenger: Connect and Communicate With Customers
  • Refresher training from Company (banglalink) 2009/10/11and 2012 will be held
  • SEO, SMM, Blogging, Keywords Analysis, Adsense, Internet Marketing etc
  • Targeting: Core Audiences
  • Targeting: Custom Audiences
  • Targeting: Lookalike Audiences.

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Founding Owner of SEOSiri

Momenul Ahmad: Helping business, brands and professionals on ethical SEO, Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing Writer and Digital Marketing Blog Owner at SEOSiri. 

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