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SEOSiri hosted, published online content, i.e., contextual content, infographics, polls, PDF, Online Events on the entire web includes SEOSiri, SEOSiri's Brand Channels (Social Media Network) recognized as open-source.

SEOSiri Online Event Policy is consists of the below events policies:

1. We reserve the right to publish your shared online events speech/opinion mentioning or quoting your name on SEOSiri's publicly publish content.

2. We keep your keynote speaking on specific subject topics.

3. SEOSiri never collect any of the event participator's personal information.

4. SEOSiri reserves the right to collect email IDs to connect you in SEOSiri's Brand Channels but upon approval of your connection acceptance.

Also, send SEOSiri's brand new publications on your inbox in Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Blogging, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Brand Marketing, Community Building, Digital Brand Development, etc.

5. SEOSiri collected concepts are widely publicized, and all SEOSiri public information, ideas are used to educate the web community.

6. All online events are unpaid (free) but may in the future, it may cost you cause guests charges and other fees.

7. We prior your privacy.

8. We neither hook up nor collect the online security-relevant information, i.e., password, bank information, etc. 

9. SEOSiri features the best spokesperson or speakers on SEOSiri brand channels, but it'll depend on How do you deliver an event speech?

10. Not directly associated with SEOSiri Event Policy but the relevant privacy policy and terms.

11. In the most common event you need not fill up a registration form, and participating in a special event you have to fill up the registration form (LinkedIn Event Form, Google Form, SEOSiri Clients Registration Form), etc.

12. All events are prescheduled and hosted on LinkedIn and Google Meet.

13. Neither SEOSiri sells any of the events participator's information Nor, SEOSiri promotes any misleading, affiliate, and promotional materials to the subscribers of the events.

14. The rest of the event policies will add upon the basis of SEOSiri Online Events categories and events types.

Recent event:

Web 3.0 discussion with Alina Tudorache | Online 

I hope your expectations match with the SEOsiri Event Policies.

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