How to make the best massive money with social media marketing partnership

International eCommerce website- HateemTai unveiled the Social Media Marketing Partnership network aiming to help the Social Media based small business owners and the Social Media based eCommerce entrepreneurs, especially for whom those are trying hard to making money on Social Media or making money over the top Social Media Platform on Facebook, but still now seeking Social Media Marketing Partnership program to make money with a Facebook page or searching for the Social Media marketing partnership opportunity to make the best massive money on Facebook or over others Social Media Network by properly utilizing the expertise of Social Media Selling and Social Media Marketing.

Promoting a content with the Facebook micro influencers is more engageable rather than to promote a content on a large Facebook group.
"Promoting content with the Facebook micro-influencers is more engageable rather than to promote content on a large Facebook group" #MomenulAhmad.

What is the best core step of making massive money with hateemtai's Social Media Marketing Partnership?

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There are two types of cores steps in this Social Media Marketing Partnership for online seller personas, two of core making massive money steps are:

Step #1: Selling yourself (Expertisewithin & beyond your content boundary (Increasing the HateemTai's Facebook Page like and Facebook Page followers).

Step #2: Selling themselves (Productswithin & beyond your content boundary (promote and selling their Online Shop's products).

Now let me explain the details about hateemtai's core step of making massive money 1-

Step #1: Increasing the HateemTai's Facebook Page like and Facebook Page followers.

As an expert social media selling guy and as a local social media marketing partner of HateemTai, You have to help the to increase their brand page likes and followers on Facebook.
This marketing partnership is an open, legal and the real money/cash making opportunity over the online that's mean you as a Facebook Group Owner, Facebook Page Owner, Facebook Group Poster, Facebook Live Streaming Persons and as a High Profile Facebook User or even you as a blog author and publisher there have multiple income opportunities from your home, If you consider yourself with this consists of a deal (Eligibility steps to joining on this social media marketing partnership) at below-

Social Media Marketing Partnerships eligibility steps to join: 

Step #1: Linking a brand's Facebook Page on your Facebook Profile.

Step #2: Linking the brand home page in your Facebook profile details.

Step #3: Partners Facebook Profile should be public.

Step #4: Partner's Facebook Page age should be a 1-year plus.

Step #5: Social Media Marketing Partner's Facebook Page follower should be 1k (one thousand) plus to above.

Step #6: You have to place a brand's home page link ( on your page about section and on your Facebook Group description.

Step #7: Need to write an authentic review (top rated and must be recommended) on the brand page.

Step #8: Need to write a real review on the branded Facebook Page (recommendation) with a rating.

Step #9: You have to update your profile or page image with current promotional images also have to like and follow your partner's page to stay up to date with them.

Step #10: Facebook post images should be included, post relevant anchor text must have to mention them.

Step #11: Using this hashtag (#hateemtai) is a must on every post.

Step #12, 13, 14, 15--- more may be added as a basis on service demand.

Eligibility for getting paid commitments under this Social Media Marketing Partnership program:

Eligibility commitment steps:

Step #1: To be eligible for getting paid, you have to generate minimum 100 brand's page like and follower in a weak and the maximum likes and followers amounts would depend on you that's mean it's an unlimited opportunity (as much as you can) for you.

Step #2: One of the top eligibility commitment is your Facebook profile age should be 1-year minimum.

Step# 3: Also, your profile and page or Facebook Pages should be regular and active status.

Step #4: Neither the automated nor the fake liking and following activities wouldn't be allowed.

Step #5: Need to submitting an achievement report as per below format before getting paid,

<img source="pic.png" alt="Social Media Marketing Partnership Reporting."</img>.
In addition, you have to add 2 extra columns, with the above reporting template 
  1- Facebook Page Liker Country. 
  2- Facebook Page Liking Date.  

Social Media Marketing Partnership Payment FAQ:

How much does HateemTai pay per 100 likes?

If you consider yourself with the above terms then 100 likes would be your one of the most massive online income source and in this case, the average PPL (Pay Per Like) earning will be $0.12 to $0.24 and the highest Pay Per Like (PPL) $0.24 will reefer (like from) to the USA, Australia, UK and Canada. You can make money as you want.

When will I receive my money?

When your threshold will be $16.8 or $33.6  then you eligible for receiving the payment and there from the equal value of the 40 likes will be paid in the next bill cycle after accurate validation of those likes. 

How do I receive the money?

You will receive your earned amount (within two business hours) on your bank account or on your Mobile Financial Service Account (MFS).

How to join HateemTai Social Media Marketing Partnership Program (HSMMPP)?

It's very much simple and easy cause there is no obligation, no barrier, no restriction to join in this partnership marketing program just consensus with the above terms (step: 1 to step:15) and share your interest with the HateemTai Support, that's it.

Now let me explain the details about hateemtai's core step of making massive money 2-

Step #2: In this step, you will sell themselves, that's mean selling their online products to your audiences (promote and selling their Online Shop's products).

They the HateemTai bringing a huge number of elegant, comfortable and fashionable collections at their online shop- please visit below links to

see categorized product lists and update yourself:

Home and lifestyle section-

Women's fashion section-

Men;s fashion section-

Kid's fashion section-

Footwear section-

Bag and accessories section-

Jewellery section-

It's a direct commission base selling system (referral selling) so there as an opportunity to income a huge amount of money. It may be your chance to unveil your destiny.

Not the end here, and there are still more opportunities left:

In a broad sense not only aspects sales from you but also they wish, they aspects and they  want to be a part of your career or business growth as:

1. The best performer award and certification.
2. There is a chance for you to join the HateemTai team (career opportunity).

In the end, hope you are ready for proving yourself that "You Can" cause HateemTai is waiting in eager to partner up with you.

Am (Digital Marketing Specialist at HateemTai) wishing the best to all of you.

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