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Actually, these domain name suggestions have a story through their relevance to health business domain cum website URL name suggestion thereafter this is the best practice for choosing any type of domains cum websites and blog name or URLs, below the domain names suggestion, steps those you have to consider when you are thinking for your business domain name.

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A few days ago, someone asks me on LinkedIn for his Quater-based business domain names in the niche of health, medical, pharmacy, clinical and patient-relevant and I suggest him as below body text but unfortunately, I haven’t received any feedback yet, that's why am just thinking for a general courtesy for pending credits in the mentioned domain name suggestion, what you say? 

When you are thinking to buy a domain name or domain names then choose and follow these Domain Name suggestions steps:

Domain Name Choosing Suggestions and Steps

Step 1. Choose a short name.

Step 2. Avoid spammy keywords (it hampers site trustworthiness).

Step 3. Prior local geo word (if local and not followed to the country suffix domain name) and consistent it with your business keywords or keyword. 

Step 4. Try to purchase nearly similar domain names or domain names considering the competitor's market share.

Step 5. Highlighting professionalism in domain buying.

Step 6. Focusing on trendy buying is also too good to purchase domain names.

Step 7. When choosing the domain names then you should avoid the negative words.

Step 8. Wisely choosing and using Domain Extensions and Suffixes in Domain Names buy.

Step 9. Pick the matched Domain ASAP cause someone searching for the same.

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Backend story of Domain Name Suggestions (as I said first)-

Hi asking fellow,
Hope all is well, especially am here to suggest your website URL my finding of your asked domain name should be curingqatar.com cause it's short-formed but express more, it's easy to memorize, is simple to pronounce, looks good, it's touchy and search engine friendly, it's email ID will also be attractive to see as:


But one problem there have, whatever you are purchasing that's not matter but before purchasing a domain name and before launching a business website you should follow that those names are free on social media channels (it's a fact in SEO and Digital Marketing)
Domain name suggestions

Social Media ID should be something like:
https://www.pinterest.com/curingqatar/ etc.

So, the moral lesson is when you are thinking about choosing your domain then follow these domain names suggested steps to do better than your niche-based business competitor's business.

Helpful tips sources for choosing the Domain Names:





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