Health cum any businesses domain name suggestions best practice and the endless story

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Actually this domain name suggestions has a story though it’s relevant with health business domain cum website URL name suggestion thereafter this is the best practice to choosing any types of domain cum websites and blog name or URLs.
"Give the credit when it’s DUE to someone, it’s not matter with money, it’s matter with courtesy".
A few days ago someone (herein LinkedIn) asked for his niche (health, medical,medicine) based domain, URL  and I suggest him as below body text but unfortunately I haven’t received any feedback yet, that's why am just thinking for general courtesy for pending credits in the mentioned domain name suggestion, what you say?

Note: I'm open to suggest and optimize your digital assets.

Domain Name suggestions best practices with the back end story:

Hi asking fellow ,
Hope all is well, especially am here to suggesting your website URL and my finding of your asked domain name should be cause it's short formed but express more, it's easy to memorize, it's search engine friendly, it's email ID will be superb as:

But one problem there have, whatever you are purchasing that's not a matter but before purchasing a domain name and before launching a business website you should follow on that those names are free on social media channel (it's a fact in SEO and Digital Marketing)
Domain name suggestions

Social Media ID should be something like: etc.

So, the moral lesson is when you are thinking to choose you domain then follow these domain names suggests to better then your niche based business competitors.
Hope, I helped
For further help never hesitate to knock me.
Momenul Ahmad
Founding owner of

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