Top three secret key trigger mechanism in Content Marketing success

Content Marketing Success depend on three key trigger secret mechanism as of Content Ability , Content Visibility and Content Scalability.
A buzzword is Content Marketing,Which is Online Medium base Online Marketing Hoth so in this seance and getting more then "Content" from your expectation "Content Marketing" please practice as I described here -
When you are creating a content for Content Marketing purpose then you must should focus on create an Eye Catching Content layout , Content Template whether it's for Email Marketing ,Websites or Blog in Easy Navigation ,Images ,Videos , PDF, Podcast,
Webinars, Whitepapers , Live Videos and Live Online Events or others documents should be Easy Convertible,Accessible and Article should be descriptive but written in short length considering quality SEO content ( Search Engine Optimized Content ) .
Remote Worker of Digital Marketing Industries
(contact to hire) SEOSiri's performance matrix in keywords queries

Content never been automated , it's to be create here in below am suggesting some of ideal
Content Creation Tools - 

FOR RESEARCHERS | N#1 secret key trigger mechanism is
                                         Content Ability- Directly indicate to

1- Search Engine 
                                                              Accessibility  and User Experience of a content and           
2-Google Data Studio                          if you want to more out from any kind of your content     
3-Google Drive Research Tools          then I will suggest you to consider this two technical issue
4-Google Webmaster Tools                one is easy access from any where ( Desktop and Mobile )
5-Percentages Change Calculator     and another one is UX , Which mostly relevant with
6-Atlas                                                  social media , search engines, browsers,devices and web
7-Search In a Giphy                           -site navigation, broken link, link redirect, spammy ads,
8- CMS free Integrated analytical tool    closer ads set , pop up ads website in responsive design
 9- Google Drive                                           includes templates layout and color.
10- Google Sheets

FOR WRITERS             | N#2 secret key trigger mechanism is 
                                           Content Visibility- To grow visibility 

1- Evernote                                            of a content on search engines there are no others
2- Word2CleanHTML                          alternative except SEO in organic search but                   
3- WordCounter                                    supplementary or alternative methods ( forced content
4- Cofftivity                                           marketing techniques in content marketing
5- Zerys                                                  are email marketing,affiliate marketing,online events,
6- eLance                                               webinars etc, help to increase engagement upon
7- HTML Hacks for Marketers           depends on skill content campaign management.On the
8- Blog Topic Generator                      other hand SEO Services helps to searchers finding the
9- Blog Post Templates                        right content and along with SEOs guide them about 
10- iCloud Numbers                            where to go ( customer journey and destination )                                                                                 around by click through on SERPs ,search                             
how does customer find out my online marketing services on google listing "GMB"
                                                             engines,directory,forum,news,group,app store,local         
target keyword "international seo" local citation SERPs of SEOSiri
citation, keywords,link,social media,videos,images,maps ,includes all of digital marketing channels and they do this using their Social Media Intelligence  , SEO Tools .                                                                  

FOR CONTENT EDITORS | N#3 secret key trigger                                                                       mechanism is Content Scalability 

1- Editorial Calendar Template                        - Content Marketing Success depend on content
2- Grammarly                                                    data analysis and finding out of content weakness
3- Correctica                                                      ( Internal =content health),External=(competitors)
4-Hemingway App                                            There are lots of tools to measure content matrix
5- Headline Analyzer                                        such as Google Analytics , Google Search Console
6- PDF creator by Adobe Acrobat                SocialMedia,Analytics,Insights,eCommerce insights,
                                                                            Search Engines,Webmaster Tools,Adobe Analytics,
                                                                             salesforce Analytic, IBM analytics,AWS Analytics
                                                                            and much more, from there after analysis content
                                                                           data take the necessary step to grow content
                                                                           engagement as                                                                                                                                          like,share,save,comments,sales,leads,direction,calls.

1- Nimbus Screenshot
2- Canava
3- ThingLink
4- Skitch
5- Infogram
6-  Infographic Templates
7- Google Fonts
8- Image Color Picker
9- PowerPoint Templates
10- SlideShare Templates
11- Haiku Deck
12- HubSpot's Free Stock Photos
13- PlaceIt
14- LICEcap
15- The Noun Project
16- HubSpot's Resizable Icons Collection

Learn In Depth About Above Free Content Marketing Tools


1- YouTube  Creators
2- vimeo
3- RenderFx
4- Animoto
5- Wideo
7- Powtoon
8- Kizoa
9- Adobe Spark
10- Moovly
12- Windows Movie Maker

Learn More About 6 Video Content Creation Tool

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