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As per Voice of Smart Insights " Top ranking Social Media or Social Networking platform Facebook with over 1.870 million active users  and Social Media App Facebook  Messenger  belong to  1.000 million active users so this is the time to grow audience engagement within an hour after publish a content using Social Media Website and on b2b marketing platform as:

Social Media App as Facebook, 

Facebook Messenger, 

Facebook Page Manager,

Facebook Business Manager,










Baidu ,


Snapchat etc.

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Facebook Page of  banglalink digi generation and Social Media post engagement
Is this well enough just using an app to grow audience engagement?

No never , It's not well enough or not true that  just using Social Media Apps Or Social Media Websites , You will able to grow your content engagement  by in day or an hour  but if  you have an analytical and growth hacking super sense than  you will able to drive your audience towards your content .
Seem that you are not a Social Media Superhero but trying to be a Social Media ninja or guru than I will suggest you to follow below formula for getting Social  Media Engagement result within an hour .

Growth Hacking Math of  Driving Traffic on Social Media  :-

1- Complete Social Media Profile with Eye catching Image .
2-Complete All of  section completely (My Facebook Page  and see below my Facebook page image 

Momenul Ahmad 's facebook page about SEO
3- Use brand image on brand page and thus the same way use individual image on individual page.
4- Proper utilize all of  free Social Media Options as 
1- Share photo and video .
2-Start a live video.
3-Get phone call (self promote phone number on post)
4-Active message button on a post.
5-Help people find your business (create location).
6-Create an event .
7- Create an offer.

Social Media Post Optimization Math:-  

1-Write post within 40 - 80 character.
2-Publish Post within 8 pm to 7 am( when audiences are free)  .
3-Publish post on Wednesday and Sunday.  
4-Publish questionnaire post.
5- Publish influential post(fill in the blank)
6-Publish post on keywords base. 
7-Publish post with pool.

Facebook Local Audience Acquisition Math for Local Business- 
To grow engagement on Social media find out some answers  as
1-When your fan or audience active?
 2-Where they act actively?
3-What is your audience age range?
4- What is your audience demography?
5-What technology they use?
6-Know about their household  and purchase ability.
7-Which post performing well ?

Focusing part of Local Business -
Ask customer to share their CX ( customer experience ) on review section of Social Media platform, When they are ready to share opinion about your business than you can guide them providing a score card , Where you can mention Product,Infrastructural,Customer Service,Transportation etc , So that your customer can specify where to improve or not.
"True review always carry on lots of worth" 
Momenul Ahmad 
and it's SEO friendly , Which help you to grow local visibility on SERPs     

my best performing SEO relevant post on Facebook

using CMS free Integrated analytical tool you will able to know your audience ins and outs.
after analyzing your fans go write a post section than write post applying mentioned on above as post length,keywords,use hashtags,mention popular person, local company,organization,institute,group,mention your others Facebook page,share post on your timeline and mostly active relevant group your own and others pin your post.attach video which captured from public place or captured from your commercial place,arrange events on local popular place along with host local artist ( any suitable performer )
 " "Audience appreciate achievement images" 
use check in,chose the preferred audiences for this post and tag a product,interact with fan mentioning them in reply of their responses as like,comments,share .
Never do to grow Social Media Engagement -
1-Publishing irrelevant content.
2-Never goes to live from home.
3-Avoid posting long length article .
4-Avoid using 8 prohibited hashtags.
5-Never late to response on messaging platform.
6-Never neglect audience feedback.    
Apply all of technices to grow audience engagement within an hour on Social Media . I hope must result will outcome if you follow this Social Media growth hacking tips OR buy my expertise (

SEO,SEM,SMM,SMO Expert-Google Certified Online Marketing and Upwork tested SEOs Domain name Registration, Domain Hosting,WEb Develop,WEb Design,Online Marketing, CDN and CMS Expert)

to grow your audience engagement on Social Media or Wherever you want to improve . 
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