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From International market-centric online business to Sporting Goods all types of online marketing-based businesses (either it's on Pinterest Marketing Platform or on other Social Media Marketing Platform) are fighting virtually to win the Pinterest marketplace share and grow Pinterest Marketing ROI through the tactics of SEO and PPC.

At this point of view, Pinterest became a growth hacking marketing platform for all businesses, Whereas it's a supplier, marketing companies, hobbies, flowers, food, gifts, gardening, spa, pool, health and beauty, clothing and apparel, entertainment, jewelry, boutique, craft, accessories, consumer electronics, outdoors, automotive, pets and animal, hotel business all are obeying Pinterest as the greatest source of online marketing platform.

pinterest marketing profile of momenull ahmad , owner of the

Leading business types on the Pinterest 

1- b2b
2- b2c
3- c2c
4- c2b
5- b2a
6- c2a

Among of above business types, some of them already has transformed their those who have already transformed or modernize their business to online or internet marketing, We called them e-business as -

1- E-Auctioning 

2- E-Banking

3- E-Commerce

4- E-Directories 

5- E-Engineering

 6- E-Franchising 

7- E-Gambling 

8- E-Learning

9- E-Mailing

10- E-Marketing

11- E-Operational Resource Management 

12- E-Supply

13- E-Trading

business to digital media and getting the benefit of digital marketing transformation, Whether a business module modified or non modified that's not a matter but the matter is that, is this business representing their business on Pinterest?

Here are some growth statics of Pinterest Audiences  by @nytimes

1- Monthly active users = 250 million

2- Native U.S users = 125 million

3- International users = 50%

4- Shopping pins saved = 2 million

5- 100 on 30% social media users on Pinterest

6- Females users are almost 81% 

8- 80% of users access Pinterest through mobile devices 

7- Active pinners quantity 93%

8- Average time spending ratio is 14.2 minutes

9- 29% of U.S.A adults are used to Pinterest

10- Pinner's household income 40% make 100k and 50% make 50k

11- Popular age group pinners are 18-34 aged.

12- Among of 200 million active pinners  93% decide to purchase something influenced by pins

13- Repined pins ratio is 80%

14 - Branded content response rate 78% 

15- 75% of pinners enjoy videos on Pinterest this is a big ratio rather than other social media.

16- Business account setup growth ratio is 27%  ( most of them are fortune featured companies)

17- A pin gets 100 times more repins rather than a tweet, whereas a tweet gets 1.4% retweet on average. 

18- PPC campaign made profitably, spent 1$ and get in return 2$
19- One of the top referral traffic source 
20- In ads campaign Pinterest helps you without any limit 

I must say that the above Pinterest market research data ( marketing strategy ) are enough for joining or promoting a business on Pinterest, thereafter If you want to see your smiley face after joining one of the best unbeatable and rapidly growing digital marketing platforms then you have to patience on this with some of content marketing creativity.

So, When you are at Pinterest port in then follow these Pinterest Marketing Winning steps to growth hack your Pinterest Marketing:

1- Pinterest profile and business account setup.

2- Optimizing Websites verified by Pinterest( digital marketing blog )

3- Be Active 

pinterest activity for one day activeness of

4- Analyzing Pinterest Activities 

increased impressions of pins

5- Flourish a piece of content for a better marketing strategy.
Now come to the point and let's grab the opportunity to win in
Pinterest Marketing

As I shared above, What should you follow to port in for Pinterest now I will share with you some of my impressive personal learn with Pinterest, Which I have achieved from my growth hacking brainstorm. As seen below image is My Twitter profile 
and I pin this image after that in a one day it's rewarded by fellow pinners as a result this pin has achieved 3.03 upgraded organic impressions (8.7k) ratio over 2.7k followers.

seo optimized pin impression of

How do I Make it Possible (Pinterest Profile and Pinterest Content Optimization Steps)?

1- Posting it on my Pinterest Board ( SEO Optimized ).
2- Search Engine Optimized Description.
3- Pinterest pin-friendly image.
5- Shared Cross post.
6- Used comments section.
7- Applied relevant hashtags.
8- Created Co-related Boards.
9- Sent it to fellow followers.
10- Just before linked up a Pinterest profile with Others Social Media.
11-Followed and Following similar pinners and boards.
12- Used group board.
13- Utilize Pinterest idea.

Above all of are my learned and along with this, I made a short video
slide "Pinterest Marketing Winning Tactics" by getting help from #SEJ article so that you can learn in detail of the Pinterest profile, pins, boards, rich pin, hashtags, image guidelines. 

The above Pinterest Marketing steps have helped me to growth hacking the Pinterest Profile and Pinterest Content too.

So why are you waiting? What for are you waiting for? 

If is there any indecision matter are prohibiting to promote your brand or yourself  on Pinterest then go for Pinterest Support or ask me on Quora 
Momenul Ahmad on Quora

I hope you have enjoyed this "Pinterest Content Marketing Tactics", thereafter If I made any mistake in this article then never hesitate to suggest me.

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