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SEO as a service it would be actionable, measurable, visible service and alongside those SEO services would be long-lasting in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) in an impact.

According to It depends on the quality SEO work and the quality SEO service success depends on getting the superior reply of SEO QA.

I usually used to ask my SEO clients these SEO questions and answers, Which I have formatted In the below, I have presented this SEO QA form to know the SEO client's business in good,
aiming to serve them the best SEO services ever.

Search Engine Optimization Question and Answer (SEO QA):

I think right now You as an SEO client most probably you are asking yourself for SEO ask:

What am I expecting?
What will I get?
What would be the SEO impacts?

If this is the situation, then I would like to request you to stop your thinking and please go to fill up the Questions and Answers (QA) form,

Where I have tried to understand your (the client) SEO expectations:

SEO expectation #1. Accessing new customers.
SEO expectation #2. Increasing web traffic.
SEO expectation #3. Increasing brand awareness.
SEO expectation #4. Building audience trust.
SEO expectation #5. Assuring brand presence.
SEO expectation #5. Gaining social media followers.
SEO expectation #6. Increasing numbers of email subscribers.
SEO expectation #7. Generating online sales lead.
SEO expectation #8. Growing content engagement rate.
SEO expectation #9. Maximizing return on investment.
SEO expectation #10. Enhancing SERPs rank.
SEO expectation #11. Increasing DA and PA.
SEO expectations #12. Overall SEO goodies will include after completing the Client Registration form in the SEO proposal letter.

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27 SEO Questions & Answers to ask SEO clients at a glance (?):

#1. May I Have Access to the Following Items?

#2.  What are Your Main Goals and KPIs?

#3. What is Your Current ROI and Goal ROI?

#4.  Who is Your Ideal Customer?

#5. Which Countries are You Targeting?

#6. What Is Your Main USP? (Unique Selling Point).

#7. What Other Marketing Verticals are You Investing in?

#8. Who Was Your Previous or Current SEO Agency? 

#9. Are There Any SEO-Related Documents We Can See?

#10. Have You Ever Had a Google Penalty?

#11. What is Your Level of Understanding When it Comes to SEO?

#12. Who Do You Consider to be Your Main Competitors?

#13. Do You Own Any Other Domains or Subdomains? 

#14. Do You Have an In-House Developer?

#15. What Level of Support Will We Have From the In-house Team?

#16. Are You Willing to Invest In SEO Tools?

#17. What kind of CMS was the website built on?

#18. Are There Any Plans for a Website Redesign?

#19. Do You Have Any Other Offices Around the World?

#20. Do Changes Need to be Approved By Legal Before They Go Live?

#21. What is Your Budget for SEO?

#22. How Involved Would You Like to Be?

#23. Do you Have Any Brand Guidelines?

#24. Do You Have a Specific Writing Style You’d Like?

#25. Do You Have Any Design Assets We Can Have Access To?

#26. Do You Have Any Partners Who Would be Willing to Link to Your Website?

#27. What challenges are you currently facing with SEO?

So, Are you ready to help me to help you, If so then let's start answering: 

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