If I hire a remote digital marketing specialist then what will be the total cost of a digital marketing campaign for yearly and monthly?

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If you hire a remote digital marketing specialist at $1,500.00 then the projected total of Digital Marketing cost per month will be $18,526.95 and the one-year of digital marketing campaign costs will reach up to $222,323.4 includes 12 months of digital ads cost = $120,000‬.


This digital marketing campaign costs not calculated by counting the blog or websites building cost and if you have an existing one websites or blog then the total digital marketing campaign cost will be the same for a month and even for a year of digital marketing.

Find more details from my blog post, where I covered and answered your relevant Questions in digital marketing cost:

Q1. What should include in digital marketing?

Q2. Is it essential for a healthy digital marketing budget for running a digital marketing campaign?

Q3. Is there any alternative boost up methods in digital marketing strategy except investing money in digital marketing?

Q4. Is there any scope to cut off the finalized investment value from this digital marketing budget?

Q5. What would be the actual digital marketing campaign cost of a year, If I run 3 ads campaign in a year considering slot 1 ads best practices?

Read more from the original published post- Digital Marketing Budget cause there I have cleared all of your expects in digital marketing cost very clearly and mostly I tried to give you the best clarification in the digital marketing budget and digital marketing campaign cost that's because of it's become easier to you to invest and calculating the ROI of your digital marketing.

Let's be the rock and run a successful digital marketing campaign by yourself or hire a digital marketing specialist or Request a quote to get help in digital marketing.

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COVID-19 Pandemic 30% off on all of digital marketing service charge | SEOsiri

Understanding the economic shock of COVID-19 pandemic and thinking of the world economic crisis after and now on due to Coronavirus Diseases, We the SEOsiri declaring 30% (percentage) off on all of our digital marketing service charge for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME) so that they can recover as early as soon by investing 30% less (service charge) in their Digital Marketing Campaign.

Who and Which region is eligible for COVID-19 Pandemic 30% off on all of their digital marketing campaign? 

During this COVID-19 pandemic period, Specially SEOsiri offering 30% off on all of their digital marketing service charge for mostly Coronavirus diseases affected region and to whom those Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME) owners are earning range is $30,000 - $182,00 per year, those are eligible for COVID-19 Pandemic 30% off in Digital Marketing Services.


Listed Digital Marketing Services of SEOsiri:

List 1: Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
List 2: SEO Consultancy.
List 3: Digital Marketing.
List 4: Digital Marketing Consultancy.

SEOsiri's Digital Marketing Services are included in this COVID-19 Pandemic 30% off packages:

Digital Marketing Service Package 1:
Red Belt SEO | Leadership = Single Project $1000-$1999 (±)
Black Belt SEO | Mastery = Monthly Retainer $1000- $1500 (±) 
Brown Belt SEO | Stability = Hourly Rate $50-$150 (±
Purple Belt SEO | Strength = You Choice $50-$5000 (Counselling)

Go to know the cost and price (WorldWide and SEOSiri) of SEOSEO Charges or visit- The Ultimate Deal On ECONOMY SEO BUDGET.

"Free SEO facilities never help you to accomplish the goal just those facilities, hook up you on dynamic SEO pricing" Momenul Ahmad

Digital Marketing Service Package 2:

SEOsiri's Digital Marketing Service Package 2 included- Digital Marketing Consultancy, Digital Marketing Plan, Digital Marketing Budget Plan, Digital Marketing Cost Calculation, Traffic Growth, etc. Visit to know the one-year budget plan of a digital marketing campaign (medium level businesses), Visit to know our service packages in digital marketing (the role of digital marketing specialist).

Hope you got the gists of SEOsiri's 30% off on all of digital marketing service charge in this COVID-19 Pandemic period so be hurry and order us to serve you but before submitting your work order to us please have a look on our digital marketing service process, includes SEO, SEM and Social Media.

How long the SEOsiri take to rank up your website?

Please find the perfect answer to this question- Takeoff Level of A Website.

Note- To place your order Request a quote       
Or contact me through SEOsiri contact page Or contact me through my Social Media Channels (Follow Below After Author Bio)

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A Message for COVID-19 Global Socio-Economical loss: 

Being a digital marketer I cut off 30% of my digital marketing service charge as a part of my social responsibilities to the Coronavirus effected Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME) so that they can continue, they can turn over their business smoothly. I know "it's not enough alongside I feel it's not less"

Coronavirus disease centric a special dedication of mine:
I developed this Maps for- WorldWide COVID-19 Pandemic and Bangladesh Coronavirus (COVID-19) Diseases Updates (pls visit and share).

            Thank you


Author, SEOs, Digital Marketer, SEO and Digital Marketing Consultant and Founding Owner of The SEOsiri

Momenul Ahmad is the owner of The SEOSiri.com. SEO, SEO Copywriting, SMM, SEM, SMO, Marketing, Content Marketer @seosiri, the one who helps biz's To Gen Lead & Love Social Networking.Online marketing and advertising expertise famed and named him as an SEO Consultant Momenul Ahmad.

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How to offer a professional services offer letter | business and professional


"An offer letter represents a company's mission and visions offering the business categories professional services" - Momenul Ahmad

So, When you are thinking of offering a professional service proposal letter to a business, professionals, professional service providers, independent contractors, freelance professionals, upcoming partners, existing and non-existing partners, vendors, advisors, or companies then I would suggest you following this professional service offer letter to represent the professionalism of your services also to highlighting your businesses mission and visions:

Mastermind Softcopy and Hardcopy Templet of  Professional Services Offer Letter:

March 30, 2020
Momenul Ahmad
SEO Siri
Banglalink sales & service center,
Town Girls High School Market,
Abdul Hamid Road,

Dear Momenul Ahmad,

We are pleased to offer you an independent position (your condition) of (digital marketing executive) at SEO Siri (your company) with a start date of March 00, 2020, contingent upon a background check, I-9 form, etc. You will be reporting directly to the manager. We believe your skills and experience are an excellent match for our company.

In this role, As an experienced and specific location and remote location-based (provided job station of your company), digital marketing professional with the knowledge of the customer choice, requirements, state regulations, guidelines, and market trends, You will be required to guide and help customers to find their best digital marketing service provider on their requirements, Which previously settled with the website owner, Watch Video (add your company video) to learn more about SEO Siri (your company).

The annual starting revenue for this position the digital marketing executive (add your offered job) earn revenue based on the deals they close (as much as you can), Which is to be paid on a monthly, semi-monthly, weekly, etc. basis by direct deposit, check, MFS, etc. starting on the first pay period. In addition to this starting revenue.

Your contract with SEO Siri will be on an at-will basis, which means you and the company are free to terminate the contractual relationship at any time for any reason. This letter is not a contract or guarantee of employment for a definite amount of time.



As an employee of SEO Siri, you are also eligible for our benefits program, which includes referral partnerships also have an opportunity to list your digital marketing agency or your professional portfolio in this digital marketing blog upon analyzing the yearly KPI (generated sales lead v/s sales value), The benefits digital marketing executive get from SEO Siri include zero investment, no royalty fees, free marketing, flexible working hour, competitive commission, provided genuine customers, etc, and other benefits which will be described in more detail in the employee handbook, orientation package, etc.

Please confirm your acceptance of this offer by signing and returning this letter to (PROVIDED EMAIL I D) by the offer expiration date.

We are excited to have you join our team! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out at any time.

Sincerely yours
Momenul Ahmad
SEOSiri | Optimizing Search Engines, Optimizing Social Media.

Note: This is a pre-prepared offer letter templet which I specially made for my happy client and now am unveiling this templet to all it's an open-sourced offer letter template so use this as your own but have a request to give me some credits (like, comments, share and use this blog post link as a reference link).

Point to be noted:  Due to SEO value at the top left of this application I used my name and company's official location address but you haven't done so and instead of following this practice you just input there the address to whom you offer.

That's the twist to preparing an offer letter for professional service cause this offer letter is perfect for all whether you are a business owner or a professional service provider this is enough for you and another biggest opportunity is if you follow this offer letter then you need to hire an expert who offers writing a professional service offer letter.

Another time-saving opportunity in writing professional service offer letters is you need not search on the search engines or someone else asking for: 

What should include in a professional service offer letter?
What an offer letter should include?
How do I write a service offer letter?
How do you write a business proposal letter?
How do you write a proposal letter?
Does an offer letter mean you got the job?
What is meant by an offer letter?
How are job offers sent?
What is a service offer?
How do you end a proposal letter?
How do you offer someone a service?
How do you write a proposal letter for a project?
How do you write a persuasive proposal letter?
How do I write a proposal for services?

And, if you are looking for Cover Letter then your definite destination is What is the standout cover letter writing terms that may I follow to create a stunning cover letter?

Cover Letter Writing

I hope I covered everything alongside all of the above questions on this business cum professional service offer letter that's because of just copying it and pasting it on your notepad and replacing light green marked words and phrases with your words and forwarding it via mail or email to the eligible persons.


So, are you ready to hire Momenul Ahmad as your SEOs, SEO Copywriter?

Need Help With Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), SEO Copywriting/Editing, Blog Writing, Social Media, Social Media Marketing, Brand Marketing, Quora Marketing, and Digital Marketing Campaign?

Contact Momenul Ahmad with your specific questions, concerns, or needs.

Thank you
Momenul Ahmad
Momenul Ahmad: Helping businesses, brands, and professionals with ethical SEO, Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing Writer, Digital Marketing Blog (Founding) Owner at SEOSiri, Editor at LinkedIn Newsletter in Digital Marketing, and SEO Copywriter (Remote) at Octoparse - Octopus Data Inc, Web Writer at Washington Morning.

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করোনা ভাইরাস (COVID-19) ও দেশের লকডাউন নিষেধাজ্ঞা এবং এহেন অবস্থায় কর্তব্যরত কর্মকর্তা ও কর্মচারী স্বাস্থ্য ঝুঁকি আইন (employees health emergency act) কী বা কেমন হওয়া উচিত?

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দেশের লকডাউন নিষেধাজ্ঞা এবং কর্তব্যরত কর্মকর্তা ও কর্মচারী স্বাস্থ্য  ঝুঁকি আইন (employees health emergency act)  ও করোনা ভাইরাস (COVID-19) পরিস্থিতি| 

দেশে বিরাজমান স্বাস্থ্য ঝুকিকালীন সময়ে যদি কোনো সরকারি বা বেসরকারি কর্মকর্তা ও কর্মচারী সম্ভাব্য স্বাস্থ্য ঝুঁকির ( মধ্যে থাকা সত্তেও কর্তব্যে পালনে (অর্ধ দিবস বা পূর্ণ দিবস) বাধ্যানুগত হয় এবং কর্তব্য পালনরত অবস্থাই সম্ভাব্য স্বাস্থ্য ঝুঁকিতে (করোনা ভাইরাস) পরে বা সুনির্দিষ্ট এবং বিরাজমান ব্যাধিতে আক্রান্ত হয় সেক্ষেত্রে উক্ত কর্মকর্তা বা কর্মচারীদের হাজিরা বাবদ প্রাপ্ত অর্থ ও ক্ষতি পূরুনের বিধানকি?

Health Emergency) Amendment  For COVID-19

এবং এ সংক্রান্ত আপদকালীন স্বাস্থ্যবিধান থাক সত্ত্বেও যদি কোনও নিয়োগকর্তা সেটা পালন না করে তাহলে উক্ত কোম্পানি বা প্রতিষ্ঠানের জরিমানার বিধান কি এবং উক্ত বাধ্যানুগত (কর্তব্যে পালনে) কর্মকর্তা বা কর্মচারীর এহেন অবস্থায় সার্বিক সাহায্য ও সহযোগিতার প্রাপ্তির মাধ্যমে কি?

নোট- বিশেষজ্ঞ মহলের নিকট হতে তথ্যবহুল ও বস্তুনিষ্ঠ মতামত চাচ্ছি|

A Special COVID-19 and employees health emergency Editorial by,
Momenul Ahmad is the owner of The SEOSiri.comSEO, SEO Copywriting, SMM, SEM, SMO, Marketing, Content Marketer @seosiri, the one who helps biz's To Gen Lead & Love Social Networking.Online marketing and advertising expertise famed and named him as an SEO Consultant Momenul Ahmad.

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