What is the single shot SEO Rule that indexes the contents and also ranks in search engines?

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“A well-structured site structure creates a 100% search-crawlable sitemap that indexes the contents and also ranks.” - Momenul Ahmad

Can you tell me what you do before having a meal?

Obviously, you arrange, prepare, and then eat the meal, right!

So, similarly, without considering alternatives, follow this single-shot SEO rule to create a 100% search-crawlable sitemap that indexes the contents and also ranks:

Before submitting a brand new website to Google Search Console, spend 1000 hours (a thousand times) making the site search engine friendly.

And stop any modification activity on the site for a few days after submitting the site to the Search Console.

If you refrain, it will provide consistency and not conflict with the submitted site. As a result, the site will be visible in search engines within 24 hours.

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How do I help Google to index my content in a few minutes?

Oh really! Do you want to index your content in a few minutes or any way?

Okay, do not be tense cause I made it easy for you and set up strategic and Google Friendly content index guidelines that must be in a level of content indexing best practice.

So, let’s create smart content and help Google to index that content in a few minutes.

“Yahoo, Bing may show a piece of content on SERPs within a minute but, it’s not the total cause Googlebot is smarter than anyone.

-Momenul Ahmad

You, I, and even no one can have the capability to index their content, i.e. a single blog post and even any piece of content on Google and other Search Engines because it belongs to Google.

Core facts to index the contents, firstly and finally Googlebot will decide, read more to index contents in a few minutes.

Why is the discovered URL neither on Google nor indexed, How to Solve this?

"Mastermind SEO gives hints to crawl bots and answers the intent searches;

The entire content, brand, or site is about. -Momenul Ahmad

Identifying having issues with discovered but not indexed URLs, absent Google URL on Google Search Console, Steps to follow for troubleshooting:

1. Sign in to Google Search Console.

2. Select property (just below the home button).

3. Click on sitemaps (an on-site page will open).

4. Click on submitted sitemaps (will open up a new page including "the last read", "discovered URLs" and SEE INDEX COVERAGE.

5. Click on see index coverage (will open up a cover page including "error", "valid with a warning", "valid", and "excluded".

6. Click on excluded (will show a droplet notification count at impressions graph level) and then click on discovered- currently not indexed.

7. Click on the examples link from Coverage > Discovered - currently not indexed (URL/URLs status excluded). 

8. Click on inspect URL (right side box under full URL) crawl boot will retrieve data from Google Index and in the final steps you will see the URL is not on Google under the Google Index tab of the URL inspection page on Google Search Console.

Read more- Solving steps for discovered URLs either not on Google or not indexed.

I hope the issue is solved, if not get back with technical SEO issues.

Thank you 
Momenul Ahmad
Website design and web development service provider

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