Can you please suggest how to get SEO Clients?

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Someone inboxes me:

Hello, I am an expert SEO Pros, I'm searching for SEO Projects, can you please suggest how to get clients?

Hey dude, here is the reply to your request for any professionals who are frustrated much more with building their career, business, and even leading the luxury life:

“Choose a career as a part of your choice, not just choose a career as a part of your profession. -Momenul Ahmad

Career Quotes

The following steps to be considered to make life better whether it’s a career, profession, or business;

  • Avoid self-proclaiming.
  • Be active in the marketplace.
  • Optimize your profile for search and social media.
  • Avoid copying others.
  • Make a great portfolio.
  • Share knowledgeable updates.
  • Keep patience focused on the goal.

"Digital Marketing Career a career where competitions are too close also this competition varies by country, by region, by projected costs of a digital marketing campaign, projects demand, by a digital marketing professional expertise and by marketplace" - Momenul Ahmad

FYI, sharing this Quora post link for freelancing professionals to succeed in their freelancing career as SEO or any open-sourced projects, Read more-

As a freelancer, It's as much as not easy to earn money online that's you think, Whether this willingness to make online money from freelance marketplaces/platforms, i.e.,

Upwork, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, Guru, Quora, iWriter, LinkedIn, Behance, SEO Clerk, 99Degins, Freelancer.

And the other freelancing jobs platforms and even selling the freelancing services directly to a client through your website/blog even though over a proposal.

“Try to give the best, try to achieve the trust cause these types of service quality make your clients/customers to feel about you, you aren't just their service provider rather you are their service advocate too.”
― Momenul Ahmad

In other words, experienced freelancers (succeed) are making money online through a lot of causes, they know the Ultimate Reasons To Succeed And Failure In Freelancing Jobs, If you are a startup freelancer then see the details below list for the freelancer failure v/s succeeded reasons in the freelance profession.

SEO Freelancing

Also, independent freelancing professionals (direct marketers, direct sellers), are searching for freelance jobs through the b2b platforms, social media, and even through their freelancing marketing plan (blogging and social networking).

Though it's very much tougher to get a freelance job but not impossible, I would like to request you never leave the hope and expectations of making money online, Cause there are a lot of opportunities to earn money online for all types of freelancers.

“Not only the women's clothing business but also without any business strategy, strategic analysis, competitor analysis, competitive keywords analysis, none of any businesses aren't able to grow their Click Through Rate (CTR) on paid and organic keywords"
― Momenul Ahmad

There are a lot of freelancing jobs in the freelancing marketplace, and the freelancers have enough expertise, but after having enough skills, Why do the freelancers fail to get their desired freelancing jobs?

Hey, the freelancers, here are the ultimate reasons for the Professional and unprofessional freelancers' failure and success in freelancing jobs:👇

Freelancing Failures V/S Freelancing Success 22 reasons

I educate the communities, decide you! Should I be on your following list or not!!! Follow me on Quora 👉 Momenul Ahmad on Quora

SEO Strategy

Thank you

Momenul Ahmad

Momenul Ahmad: Helping businesses, brands, and professionals with ethical SEO and digital Marketing. Digital Marketing Writer, Digital Marketing Blog (Founding) Owner at SEOSiriSEO Copywriter 

(Remote) at Octoparse - Octopus Data Inc, SE Ranking AI Writer Reviewer, Web Writer at Washington MORNING, CMO at Organic Agri Pro, Web Developer and Digital Marketing Strategist at a parental concern of Sangeet Bidya Bithi, (Gopalpur Shishu Shikkha Niketon), Pabna.

"Marketing is the amazing process that makes unknown things or materials known to the world, which generates the demand, influences the decision, and triggers the action of the targeted audiences or customers. 
The secret recipe that consists of insight, research, analysis, and the strategies that make it happen is called Marketing. -Momenul Ahmad

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