Why is the discovered URL neither on Google nor indexed, How to Solve?

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I, Momenul Ahmad publicly asked this titled FAQ on Quora, why is the discovered URL neither on Google nor indexed? and request the answer from Quora Followers (most answered Search Console experts) also request the answers from Google Search Console (GSC) strategists (previously named Google Webmaster) on Quora and got tremendous feedback for Non-Indexed Google discovered URL No On Google, Read the answers, give the feedback.

Quora answers a list of discovered URLs either not on Google or not indexed: 

Answer by

Daniel Chvatik

CTO Highline Residential and Apollo Data Solutions.

  • Google cannot find the URL on its own (i.e. there are no public links to it)
  • Google cannot access the link (due to authentication or another block such as a 4xx or 5xx error or a firewall/bot block)
  • Google has been asked not to index the page (via robots.txt or meta tag no-index)
  • The webmaster has asked Google to remove the page from the index (they typically only do that for non-accessible or blocked pages so it would be in conjunction with one of the items above)
  • Google didn’t get around to crawling the page yet (if it’s new for example or very deeply nested in the navigation), Read more

There could be a few reasons why a URL is not indexed by Google:

Answer by
Nikolaj Antonov

Experto autorizado de productos de Google

Currently at NikAnt Webkonsult AB 

Check the value of this status

Discovered - currently not indexed: The page was found by Google, but not crawled yet. Typically, Google wanted to crawl the URL but this was expected to overload the site; therefore, Google rescheduled the crawl. This is why the last crawl date is empty on the report.

It is likely that your website is performing poorly and this, in turn, has a negative effect on Google's crawling budget

The crawl rate can go up and down based on a couple of factors: Read more.

Answer by

John Koala

Electrical engineering, technical CS, data science. Science and technology enthusiast, and entrepreneur.

  1. Crawl requests are handled by an army of independent servers, which means a crawl request can be answered by one, multiple, or no servers.
  1. Once a site is crawled it will be analyzed for JavaScript, CSS, and similar things.
  1. This can cause additional crawls which will again do the same thing.
  1. Completely independent from that the raw data will be analyzed at a later time, put into databases with the right keywords, and weighted for initial “importance”. Read more.

Google does these things, not in one step, they are handled “asynchronous”.

discovered URL neither not on Google or nor indexed

"Mastermind SEO gives hints to crawl bots and answers the intent searches;

The entire content, brand, or site is about. -Momenul Ahmad

seosiri content tags

Identifying having issues with discovered but not indexed URLs, absent Google URL on Google Search Console.

Steps to follow for troubleshooting:

1. Sign in to Google Search Console.

2. Select property (just below the home button).

3. Click on sitemaps (an on-site page will open).

4. Click on submitted sitemaps (will open up a new page including "the last read", "discovered URLs" and SEE INDEX COVERAGE.

5. Click on see index coverage (will open up a cover page including "error", "valid with a warning", "valid", and "excluded".

6. Click on excluded (will show a droplet notification count at impressions graph level) and then click on discovered- currently not indexed.

7. Click on the examples link from Coverage > Discovered - currently not indexed (URL/URLs status excluded). 

8. Click on inspect URL (right side box under full URL) crawl boot will retrieve data from Google index and in the final steps you will see the URL is not on Google under the Google Index tab of the URL inspection page on Google Search Console.

Solving steps for discovered URLs either not on Google or not indexed:

Steps to follow and find the answers, why is a page or site missing on Google Search?

1. Click on LIVE TEST from the URL inspection page.

2. Live URL test will show you three green ticked marks, i.e. 

2.1. URL is available to Google (click on view tested page and follow tested page three tabs, HTML, Screenshot, More Info, check all and found all in ok position then click on REQUEST INDEXING otherwise go for fixup live test recommended errors also learn more for Google Search Console Guideline).

2.2. Availability (click on the down arrow and read more about the URL will be indexed only if certain conditions are met).

2.3. Mobile Usability (click on the side arrow and again click on VIEW TESTED PAGE under the green ticked Page Is Mobile-Friendly try to find the error (if any) fix those or get the Search Console Help for Mobile Usability

3. "Create a new link for your each of blog/web page as a regular post (especially for XML Sitemaps) to hints the Googlebot that there have a something to Crawl and Index".Momenul Ahmad

Discovered - currently, not indexed issues after successful validation in Google Search Console (GSC) the not indexed URLs scenario looks like this validation passed image:

Discovered - currently not indexed, validation passed

Read more to unveil the quoted text (step 3) Sitemap for Google Boot

Friend, I tried to solve your problem with your webpage/website/blog's search crawl, search index on the search console, and search rank on Google Search, and hope, I delivered my level best thereafter, I'm requesting you to share your expertise in Google Search Console, here- https://www.quora.com/Why-is-a-discovered-URL-either-not-on-Google-or-not-indexed or on the comments box below cause I, Momenul Ahmad committed to sharing the best answers on this FAQ post on Search Console QA/PS (Questions and Answers/Problems and Solves) post for: 

1. Google discovered URL is not on Google.

2. Google discovered URLs but did not index them.

Let's share the lessons learned, and let's build a better web community together. 

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