The top 10 free CMS, CPP integrated analytical tools that work likes a premium

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Here are the top 10 Free CMS Integrated Analytics/ Content Publishing Platform (CPP) Tools that are freemium sourced but almost Able To Bet The other Premium Analytics tools cause these are The top 10 free CMS, CPP integrated analytical tools that work likes a premium.

Backend story of this top 10 Free CMS/CPP Integrated Analytics tools:

This article was my early age article which was, written on Apr 23, 2017. On my earliest blog, SEO Fix Up (before launching this digital marketing blog SEOSiri), and, that time my, writing level was under 10th quality that's because you may see the unmatured writing style in this top free 10 CMS integrated analytical tools.

CMS integrated analytical tools (free)

There are lots of paid Data Analysis tools to analysis the content web performance and We, used all of the analytical platforms but, the real truth is, we don't know to use the free data insights tools like paid analytics tools? 

But don't worry, cause these the top 10 top free CMS/CPP Integrated Analytics tools that will help understand the data analysis tools that show less but speak more also work likes premium analytics software.

To use these free analytical tools as premium analytics tools. Collect data through all data sources and structure those data in a spreadsheet and, categorized those collected data by the data group:






6-Total Clicks.


8-Browsers and OS.

9-Platforms/Devices etc (as your own).

10. Buying trends, buying habits.

11. Income level.

Calculate the total sum of your CMS Integrated Analytics and Content Publishing Platforms channels data then, apply all the shorted data (data group) to generate leads.

Here are the top 10 lists that almost free CMS Integrated Analytics/ Content Publishing Platform (CPP) Analytical Tools:

  1. Google My Business Analytics.
  2. YouTube Analytics.
  3. Google URL Shortener (switched off).
  4. LinkedIn Analytics.
  5. Slideshare Analytics.
  6. Twitter Analytics.
  7. Medium Analytics.
  8. Facebook Analytical For Apps (Facebook Analytics will no longer be available after June 30, 2021).
  9. - Share research Analytics.
  10. Google Feedburner Analytics. 

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