20 exclusive blogging shortcuts search terms in start to end the blog

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Why do these blogging shortcuts search terms are 20 exclusive blogging shortcuts search terms?

Because of became the exclusive blogging shortcuts search terms:

These 20 Exclusive blogging shortcuts search terms are more than a paid and, free online blogging courses cause these exclusive blogging shortcuts terms to search that ready for helping you to start a blog, blog develops, design and blog optimization, blog promotion, blog content publish, blog content repurposes, blog sponsored, bloggers making money, blog subscriptions growth, blog traffic acquisition, blog search rank (Blog SEO), generating sales/leads over blogging and end with becoming the successful blogger.  

"Start a blog focusing on the target market rather than focusing on making a lot of blogging money easily". - Momenul Ahmad

blogging shortcuts search terms

Follow these 20 exclusive blogging shortcuts search forms in start to ending the blog that surely bound to become a professional blogger: 

  1. blogging:"cms/platform"?
  2. to get refinery results for your searched CMS- CMS Like: WP (cms like:wp/blogger/drupal).
  3. To find a blog/bloggers, use this search shortcut- blogging: category.
  4. blogging: niche
  5. blogging: profitable niche
  6. free source: blogging
  7. blog: design/development
  8. blogging theme/free
  9. blogging theme/template: paid/free.
  10. To find a specific blog by the specified keywords applies these blogging shortcuts search terms- blog: developers.
  11. To hire a developer and design a blog- professionals: blog developers/blog designer.
  12. To reach a blogging strategist and experts blogger, use this search shortcut- blog: experts blogging professionals/blogging strategist.
  13. To submit a blog categorised blog submission search terms- blog submission: business directory.
  14. To submit a blog on the blog directory use, this blog directory search shortcut- blog submission: business directory.
  15. To hire a writer, a blogger applies these search terms- hiring: blogger, blog writer: hire.
  16. To submit blog posts on the blog directory, bloggers forum And blogging group, use this search terms- directory+forum+group: blog post submission site.
  17. To be a rockstar in blogging, use these search terms and get the essential blogging elements, i.e. tools/plugin/software: blogging.
  18. Find a source to promote a blog or blog content, use this search term- blog: promotion techniques.
  19. Willing to making money through your passion or hobby blogging? just apply these blogging shortcuts search terms- blog: money-making source/ideas, blog: money making source/ideas/tips, blog: a money-making way to blog? blog:"blogger money", blog:"bloggers making money"?
  20. to find the blogging coach, guide use this shortcut search term blog: "coach/guide", to find a specific niche or the phrase niches use this search shortcut- skincare+beauty+hairstyle+weight losing+diet+health:blog/blog.


"Always follow the latest updates rather than following the backdated top SERPs cause technology updating, changing and shaping the entire web several times a day".  - Momenul Ahmad

Above the 20 specified blogging shortcut searches term will redirect you to the relevant blogging content that searching for whereas, this search about the blog:


* How to start a blog?

* Where to host a blog?

* What is the best blogging platform?

* How do I design a blog?

* How do I develop or build a blog myself?

* What are the best blogging templates?

* How do I make a lot of money from my blog?

* How do I promote my blog?

* Where from may I hire a blogger or blog writers?

* Hou much money do I earn from my blog?

* What should I write on my hobby or professional blog? 

These blog relevant 20 shortcut search terms will help start and run a successful blog. Also, these exclusive 20 blogging shortcuts search terms will help you be a professional blogger.

I hope. I did well also hopes you too that you got the gists right!

If this post does not give you enough information about blogs, blogging or willing to add and say something and, If you have any issues with the startup blogging journey, then drop me a message and ask How do I become a blogging strategist?

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