Quarterly SEO Campaign and SEO Budget Template

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Universal SEO Truth: A SEO Campaign and the SEO Budget always varies with other SEO Campaigns but the core SEO Values are finding the SEO problems and solving the SEO Errors to rank better on search engines also help the web audience to feel comfortable with your content.

Since SEO workflows are different from one another that's why here, I simply approached (need not steal cause this SEO Budget Template is Open Sourced) a Quarterly SEO Campaign and SEO Budget Template as the basis on very common but very effective SEO Tasks that's shouldn't be left off (vary first steps in SEO/Technical SEO) ever, in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Now, let's dive deep into the Quarterly SEO Campaign and SEO Budget Plan, see also Quarterly Advanced SEO for New Website:

SEO Workflow Stage 1:

  1. Technical SEO Error Fixing.

  2. Technical & Non-Technical SEO Issues Solving and Missing SEO Tech Elements Implementations.

Completion Duration: One and Half months to Two months.

SEO Workflow Stage 2:

  1. Monitoring, Analysis, Research, Reinstall, Resolve, Adjusting with adaptive technology by following Workflow Stage 1.1 and 1.2.

Completion Duration: One and Half months to three months (the end).

SEO Services Under The SEO Workflow Stage 1 and 2:

FCP score needs to adjust with First Contentful Paint (FCP) score best practices: Site submission, sub-site creation, social profile building, citation building, social media profile optimization, search console recommended technical issues resolving, adding includes site submit on the major search engines, Site structural retouching, Pages redesign or retouch, Optimizing Images, Duplicate content turning in the original, Original content retouch (SEO Rewrite), Analytical work (Profile Setup), Work on (no tags found) Tags (social+gtag), Keywords Research, Competitors Research, Building Backlinks.

Quarterly SEO Budget Template:

          Services                        Service Level                         Duration                             Price

SEO Workflow Stage 1: 1.1 and 1.2

SEO Services Under The SEO Workflow Stage 1 and 2:

39 days to 54 days


SEO Workflow Stage 2:

SEO Workflow Stage 2:

54 days to 78 days



78 days


Note: These total SEO Budgetary SEO Cost $2550.00 (am charged based upon on my client's requirements) for a Quarterly SEO Campaign may vary with your ( a SEOs) SEO Charges and your SEO Budget (a business) in this case you as an SEOs, you will define the what sized SEO Charge is perfect for your clients (depends on the client's SEO requirements) also consider, why are you serving SEO services?


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