How to prepare the best search engine optimization (SEO) proposal

Is it too much tough to prepare a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) proposal? 

How do I make an SEO proposal?
How do you write an SEO proposal?
How do I approach an SEO client?

I think this asking for the SEO proposal is making a question on your mind, then I want to assure you that, either it's not much tougher to make or preparing a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) proposal for you cause
I made this ultimate and the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) proposal considering your needs.

I included two types of SEO service plan as On-page SEO and Off-page SEO also it's a proven and SEO leads bring on SEO proposal template.

Importance part of an SEO proposal:

It's acting like a mirror that's mean it represents you and your company's SEO expertise to your prospective clients so when you as an SEO agency or an independent SEOs thinking to write a sales prospected SEO proposal, then you have to focus on the client's expectations and on their needs first thereafter try to highlight the achievements and give them the definite solutions also never forget to guide them, never break the commitments and always try to fulfill the client's expectations.

An SEO proposal letter should be actionable, measurable, and remarkable so when you are going to approach an SEO proposal for your prospective SEO clients, they must include these 7 important steps on your Search Engine Optimization (On-page SEO, Off-page SEO):

Steps 1. Focusing on the client's expectation.
Steps 2. Understanding the client's needs.
Steps 3. Highlighting achievements.
Steps 4. Giving the definite solutions.
Steps 5. Try to suggest and guiding them. 
Steps 6. Act accordingly on your commitments.
Steps 7. Assuring after service consultation.

What should you include in your SEO proposal?

Best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Proposal

SEO terms to include in the SEO service proposal 

It's a tech-savvy Off-page and On-page SEO proposal ever in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industries.

As an industry expert, I made this tech-savvy SEO proposal, researching the international SEO marketplace and considering the SEO marketplace of Bangladesh for Bangladeshi business owners, Bangladeshi inhabitant, and for the international brands, global business owners, companies, foreign individual.

Since as it along with a tech-savvy and handled with an SEO specialist that's because you need to come into a closer decision and Contact us to assist you (INBOX ME ON MESSENGER) or contact via LinkedIn to completing the SEO goals.

To satisfy the clients and gaining the sale leads from your SEO marketing campaign apply 7 important steps for the above and consider this core step to include in your Search Engine Optimization proposal:

Step  1. Introduction. 
Step 2. What is Search Engine Optimization? 
Step 3. What You Need to Know About SEO?
Step 4. Auditing Your Website.
Step 5. Crawling and Indexing.
Step 6. Ranking.
Step 7. Who We Are?
Step 8. Our approach.
Step 9. Analytics and Keywords.
Step 10. Your Website's Accessibility and Indexing.
Step 11. Ranking Factors.
Step 12. Competitive Analysis. 
Step 13. Services Pricing.
Step 14. SEO portfolio (showcase SEO expertise).
Step 15. Down payments (Optional / Essential).
Step 16. Terms.
Step 17. Payment.
Step 18. Warranty.
Step 19. Agreement.

I have tried to give you a unique Search Engine Optimization proposal thereafter you might have to change some of the SEO service terms as of your clients demand nevertheless be unique and create a unique and sales effective also SEO budget-friendly SEO proposal letter as I prepared the best Search Engine Optimization proposal letter for you at below:

Search Engine Optimization Proposal 
                          (On-Page SEO), (Off-Page SEO).
                     Prepared for: your company
                     Prepared by  SEO Siri
Date- 16/08/2019

There has never been a more crucial time for a business
to maximize its online presence in the savviest, most effective
way possible. There are so many companies with great products and services, but if your company is buried in search results to the point that
consumers can't find you online, you essentially
(Content, Keywords, and backlinks) don't exist and if your
the site doesn't well in position for the terms of DA and PA. 
[SEO Siri] is here to solve that problem through
Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization? 
Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is one of the best
tools that companies have in terms of gaining visibility
online because it allows them to bring in more visitors
through free, organic search results. The major search
engines like Google, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, Duckduckgo
and Yahoo rank websites based on specific parameters
they deem most important and they do so at no cost to the website
owners but it have SEO optimization cost. In optimizing
your website and increasing your ranking in search
engines results, you will gain more visibility and will,
in turn, see an increase in visitor traffic to your website.

What You Need to Know About SEO?
There is good news if your website is currently ranked
low in search engine results! You will be able to
increase your ranking by implementing a new SEO
approach. The most important thing in SEO is knowing search engines' ranking
factors - such as keywords and content, engagement and traffic, or domain-level brand metrics - to make sure your website is seen as relevant and popular by search engines.
Here are the basics that you need to know to understand how SEO works.

Auditing Your Website: 
The first steps in auditing a website for SEO is to learn
your current rank, review your website's analytics,
and determine the keywords that will set you apart. 

Crawling and Indexing: 
Search Engines have automated robots called crawlers
that use links to scour the Internet, find web pages
and decipher page data that are indexed to be
included in search engine results. 

Each search engine has different ranking factors, but they
all have a few factors in common: keywords, content, and
links. Keywords and content are arguably two of the most
important factors that the search engines look for when
ranking pages. Because of this, it is imperative that you know
what keywords are in highest demand within your market and
incorporates those keywords into the content on your website.
All of your website's content will naturally, create a collection
of links; search engines use link analysis algorithms that look
at the sources, number, and anchor texts of links to help
determine their relevance in search queries. 

Who We Are:
SEO Siri is dedicated to providing you with the results you
need to gain online visibility. We will conduct a thorough
investigation to find out everything there is to know about
your target audience and how we can utilize your website's content
to drive traffic and turn your visitors into paying customers.
By listening to you and determining your business needs,
we will put together a successful plan that will help you
accomplish your goals and change the way you do business

SEO Siri
Serving SEO, SEM, SMM, SMO, Domain Name Reg,
Web Hosting, Web Develop, Web Design, Digital Marketing
Consultancy From Newbies to Tech-Savvy Websites.

Our approach:
Analysis and Strategy 
A successful SEO strategy is about building a company's
online presence. SEO Siri's first step will be to audit your
current website and SEO tactics to determine what you are
currently doing right and what we need to do to improve upon
your program. During our audit, we will look at the following: 
Google SERPs indexed and recommended article to you:

Analytics and Keywords: 
The first step is to determine how your website is currently
ranked. We will do this by searching for keywords that are
associated with your business and finding out how your
website stacks up against your competition. 

Your Website's Accessibility and Indexing: 

For your website to be visible in the search results, search
engines actually have to be able to find it. They do this by
crawling the web and looking for relevant and indexable content,
such as alt tags for images. 

Web Performance Test Image in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) proposal

Note- F (red) is the easiest part

Ranking Factors: 

Once we determine that your website is being found by
search engines and is being properly indexed, we can begin
looking further to improve your ranking. The different factors
that we will be looking at are content to make sure that your
content is relevant and utilizes keywords without being
duplicated on multiple pages, keywords  to make sure that
your source code is relevant to crawlers. 

technical seo by seosiri

Competitive Analysis: 
Once we have audited your website, we will run a competitive
analysis to compare your content and other SEO factors
against those of your competitors. This will help us come up
with a plan for deliverable items that we can then present to
you and implement on your website to improve your rank and
drive more visitors to your site.

Content Quotes

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), (Off-page SEO Native) Pricing estimates for a month:

SEO Pricing Template

  Subtotal                 tk21,000.00
  Monthly  Total      tk7,000.00 
Down Payment (-) tk7,000,00

Click on the above image to view the complete native off-page SEO service charge for one month

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), (On-page and
Off-page SEO International) Pricing estimates for
a month:

keywords ranking template
                                                        SEO progress report

Down Payment: 
The down payment is down payment (the “Down Payment”).
The SEO Consultant shall have no obligation to begin work
prior to receiving the Down Payment. The Client shall pay
the Down Payment to the SEO Consultant within one week
of the Effective Date of this agreement.

This proposal may be amended prior to the contractual
agreement between XYZ at the discretion of
SEO Siri.

XYZ agrees to submit the Down Payment at the signing of this proposal in order for
SEO Siri to begin the work outlined above. Once XYZ provides the deliverable, a
the new contract will be drafted with an implementation time
frame and detailed payment terms.

SEO Siri  warrants that all work will be performed in a
professional manner and that all work performed under this
the agreement will be the original work of SEO Siri and not
plagiarized or in violation of any copyright or infringement laws.

By signing below,   XYZ
agrees to accept this proposal and enter into a contractual
agreement with SEO Siri beginning on the date of signing.

SEO Siri (Maps)                                                 XYZ
Signed By: Momenul Ahmad                Signed By: your name  
________________ __________________

Date:                                                     Date:
Point to be noted: Please ignore those that are not relevant to you.

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Momenul Ahmad is the owner of The SEOSiri.comSEO, SEO Copywriting, SMM, SEM, SMO, Marketing, Content Marketer @seosiri, the one who helps biz's To Gen Lead & Love Social Networking.Online marketing and advertising expertise famed and named him as an SEO Consultant Momenul Ahmad.

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Is it possible for me to become a software developer without any programming degree?

Now becoming a software developer is my challenge cause, last night my mom threw me a challenge and told me that you couldn't be a software developer without programming degree after hearing my mom's reproach, I ask myself and start searching with software development relevant question and answers :

1. How do I become a Software Developer? :

2. How do others are becoming a software developer without any degree?

3. Why isn't possible for me to become a software developer without knowing any programming language?

4. How is it possible to become a software developer without any programming degree?

5. What's the ultimate guide to learn software development?

Here is the interesting fact is my first search term was the ultimate guide to learn software development for zero coders and I found a properly optimized SEO content in programming and thereafter I drive myself towards to the Software Developers through to becoming a successful web developer  after that I completely entered myself into the software developers world, Where the developer cum author recorded his learned lessons as:

I said that it needs proper planning to learn anything. Thus I will try to provide you with advice from my real-life experience. I think to learn Software Engineering it is better if it is learnt in eight steps:

The first step is to select a platform of your own choice.
Such as, learn web application development to build a web application.
Learn android application development to build an android application.
The majority of the Software Developers are Web Application Developers as there is a great demand for a web application. I think Web Application Developer can build their career easily and quickly.

Second Step is to learn programming in a platform of your own choice.
Such as, learn web programming if a web application is your choice.

The third step tries to solve 5 of your real-life problems through an application.
I have solved my problems by developing Pension Calculator BD and GPF Calculator BD

The fourth step knows all the steps of the Software Development Life Cycle.

The fifth step learns what work to be done in every step of the Software Development Life Cycle.

The sixth step to learn project planning to develop software. I have faced the following problems during learning about Web Development and tried to solve it through Learn Web Development Easily with a project planning

1. What should be learned to be a Web Developer?
2. Which language shall I need to learn after completing one language?
3. How much skilled am I in the language that I have learned?
4. Is there any mistake in my learning?
5. What should I do to increase my skill?
6. Am I skilled enough to learn a new language?
7. Have I become a Web Developer?

The seventh step creates a skilled team to give a real look to the project planning and be skilled to manage the team.
Such as- I have created a team to develop Learn Web Development Easily.

The eighth step after completing Software Engineering of a platform do the Software Development of other platforms to be a professional Software Engineer.

After reading this software development guidance, I felt happiness and starting trust on me that I can be a software developer without any computer degree.

What have I learned from this software development guideline (programming career guideline) by WDguideline (a site about software engineering and programming languages)?

I learned from there:

1. The guideline for the beginners
2. The importance of programming language
3. Can I build my Career by Learning Programming Languages?
4. How can I Acquire knowledge of Computer Technology?
5. Programming Career
6. What is the Internet?
7. What is Server, IP Address?
8. What are Domain, DNS Server and Web Hosting?
9. How Many Kinds of Domain are there?
10. What is Website?
11. What are WWW and HTTP?
12. Can a website be called Software?
13. What is Web Development?
14. Importance of Web Development
15. How's Web Development as a Profession?
16. Who is Called Web Developer?
17. Types of Web Development.
18. Can I Learn So Many Languages?
19. What is Front-End and Back-End of Website?
20. What is Web Design?
21. Where to learn Web Development?
22. What's My Duty before Learning Web Development?
23. How long will it take to learn Web Development?
25. How to become a Front-End Developer without a degree?
26. How to become a Back-End Developer without a degree?
27. Can't Solve Some Problems and Errors in Programming?
28. How to become a Full Stack Developer without a degree?
29. How to become a Webmaster?
building career in programming without any programming degree
30. How to Help Learn Web Development Easily to Learn Web Development?
31. What's My Benefit if Skill is tested at Learn Web Development Easily?
32. What is Freelancing?
33. What is Outsourcing?
34. What is Freelance Marketplace?
35. How Does Freelancing Marketplace Make A Profit?
36. How Does Freelancing Marketplace Work?
37. How do I get the freelance marketplace dollars?
38. How to Become a Freelancer?
39. What Should I Know to be a Skilled Freelancer?
40. How to Establish a Company?
41. How to Establish a Web Development Company?
42. What is a Programming Language?
43. What is a Program?
44. How does Programming Language Work?
45. What is Software?
46. How Many Kinds of Software?
47. Who is called a Programmer?
48. How to become a Programmer without a degree?
49. How to Learn Programming Language?
50. Who is Called Software Developer?
51. How to Become a Software Developer without a degree?
52. How to Learn Software Development?
53. Who is called a Software Engineer?
54. Who is called a Computer Scientist?
55. What is Software Engineering?
56. What is the Importance of Software Engineering?
57. How to Become a Software Engineer without a degree?
58. What is the Software Development Life Cycle?
59. To be a skilled Software Engineer, what issues should be emphasized?
60. Software Engineering Seems Difficult
61. What is Hacking?
62. How Does Hacker Hack?
63. Type of Hacker?
64. How Much a Hacker is Skilled?
65. Wrong Idea about Hacker
66. Career of Hackers
67. Advice
All the above 67 chapters have described in details under the nine sections as:
1. For beginners.
2. About web technology.
3. Guideline for the beginner web developer.
4. Freelance career guide.
5. How companies made.
6. About programming.
7. About programming career.
8. Software engineering guideline.
9. About hacking.

Is this site about programming career and programming language was helpful to a degree less developer, especially those are willing to learn and want to be a software developer without any degree in computer science?

Of course, It's resourceful and helpful to me cause and I have learned a lot in programming and web development over the above 67 chapters those have helped me to become a complete software developer that's because of I would like to invite you to visit- if you have any thirstiness in software programming.

content marketing quote by seo consultant momenul ahmad
SEO Consultant Momenul Ahmad
SEO Consultant Momenul Ahmad founding the owner of The SEO Siri
Momenul Ahmad is the owner of The SEOSiri. SEO, SEO copywriting, SMM, SEM, SMO, Marketing, Content Marketer @seosiri, the one who help biz's To Gen Lead & Love Social Networking.Online marketing and advertising expertise famed and named him as an SEO Consultant Momenul Ahmad.
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What is the best way to Facebook ads boosting best practices?

Facebook Ads strategists provided a strategy for the Facebook Ads failing always is an intelligent method in Facebook paid marketing and I agree with them too, besides my definite and the best strategic way to Facebook Ads boosting best practices, Which I define in this context step by step at below.

Why should you start your social network adverting campaign on Facebook?

1.56 billion active users counted on 04/07/2019 and it's increasing 8% year over year (Facebook), Facebook Messenger users (18-29 years) were 126.3 million and projected users will be 138.1 million by 2022, and in May 2019 users age group was 25–34-year-old, (Statista). Whether it's questioners to local ads or international ad campaigns as a part of Social Media Marketing (SMM) then four things come out as answers: 

Answer 1: Active Status.
Answer 2: Growth.  
Answer 3: Available ad format.
Answer 4: Ads cost.

The average CPC for all the industries in Facebook ads is $1.72 so if you compare this ad relevant answer for the Social Media Ads then hopeful that you will find your answer to Why should I participate in Facebook Advertising?

Now, let's know the types of Facebook Ads before overcoming the best practices for Facebook Ads growth.

What is the best way to Facebook ads boosting best practices?

Types of Facebook Ads:
Type 1: Boosted Page Posts.
Type 2: Video Ads.
Type 3: Lead Ads.
Type 4: Messenger Ads.
Type 5: Multi-Product (Carousel Ads).
Type 6: Dynamic Product Ads.
Type 7: Canvas Ads.
Type 8: Collection Ads.
Type 9: Mobile App Install Ads.
Type 10: Event Ads.
Type 11: Offer Claim Ads.
Type 12: Local Awareness Ads.
Type 1: Link Click Ads.
All Facebook Ads currently serve under three types of Ads format:
#1. Text
#2. Image
#3. Video
To succeed in a Facebook advertisement campaign, follow these dynamic Facebook Ads boosting steps to maximize your Facebook Ads ROI:
Step 1: Lacking audience insights, research:
Before running a Facebook ad research your fan and follower's countries, Age, Cities, Gender, and online presence time.
Step 2: Landing page redirection or heavyweight.
Another important matter is the landing page so never redirect an audience to a hidden link instead the landing page must be a user-friendly page or site so that after visiting a link they feel happy and hook up themselves to buy or interact with something within your site. 
Step 3: Not appropriate ads image.
Using a proper ad image is one of the best practices in Facebook marketing, here is the design recommendation:

book Feed

* File type: jpg or ping* Image ratio: 9:16 to 16:9* Recommended resolution" Upload the heights resolution image available.

With Link

* Image ratio: 1.91:1 to 1:1* Recommended resolution: at least 1,080 * 1,080pxRead more to know more about Facebook Ad Image

Step 4: Not descriptive ads copy (text).

Except for boosted page posts and Messenger Ads 90 characters Ads copy are the best practice for all types of Facebook Ads so here are the Ad boosting tactics for you that are economy and optimize descriptive Ads copy accurately.

Step 5: Inaccurate Call to Action (CTA) button in Facebook Leads Ads.
Implementing an accurate CTA button such as Subscribe, Submit, and Sign Up helps you a lot to succeed in the Facebook Ads campaign that means you shouldn't place a download button instead of a signing up CTA button.
Popular CTA button for Facebook Lead Ads:
 * Book now
 * Contact us
 * Use app
 * Play game
 * Shop now
 * Watch video
 * Learn more
 * Download
Apply buzz words
 * Contact us
 * Use app
 * Play game
 * Shop now
 * Watch video
 * Learn more
 * Download
Apply buzz words
Step 6: Not much info for the prospective products with a link.
Audiences redirect themselves through your ads on the product description and product reviews page, but if you won't provide much information about the products, services, and goods, then there has a possibility of losing the leads so beware and take care of this part to grow the ads success ratios.
Step 7: Split Testing.

Test different advertising strategies on mutually exclusive audiences to see what works. The API automates audience division, ensures no overlap between groups, and helps you to test different variables. Test the impact of different audience types, delivery optimization techniques, ad placements, ad creative, budgets, and more. You or your marketing partner can create, initiate and view test results in one place. Source about Split Testing.

Step 8: Using the Marketing API with Facebook Pixel.

Facebook Pixel is the main tool you can use to track events on a website. You can then use data from the pixel with Marketing API to:

  • Build custom audiences based on activity on your website
  • Measure conversion activity and determine which ads lead to results such as purchases
The conversion tracking pixel is no longer available for ad creation. Learn how to use the new Facebook pixel.

Steps to Create a Facebook Ad:

 Step 1: Choose your objective.
 Step 2: Select your audience.
 Step 3: Decide where to run your ad.
 Step 4:
Set your budget.
 Step 5: Pick a format.
 Step 6: Place your order.
 Step 7: Measure and manage your ad.
 Step 2: Select your audience.
 Step 3: Decide where to run your ad.
 Step 4: Set your budget.
 Step 5: Pick a format.
 Step 6: Place your order.
 Step 7: Measure and manage your ad.

Facebook Pixel, Facebook Ads certificate of completion for Momenul Ahmad

I am sure above the dynamic Facebook Ad best practices and strategies are bound to help you a lot in return for your Facebook ads investment which means successful lead ads will help you to convert an audience towards a lead. 

Who will ring the bell?

You or We? If you got this Facebook ad best practice well then you are a perfect one otherwise, I will suggest you hire us to run your Facebook Ads Campaign (ring the bell) because we boost your Facebook Ads with our achieved best practices for Facebook advertising, Read our Facebook Ads Service Features.

Contact us- at for any kind of Digital Marketing services Or- visit Client Registration to get in touch.

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momenul ahmad the founding owner of seosiri and SEO specialist

SEO Consultant Momenul Ahmad founding the owner of The
Momenul Ahmad is the owner of SEOSiri. SEO, SEO copywriting, SMM, SEM, SMO, Marketing, Content Marketer @seosiri, the one who helps businesses To Gen Lead & Love Social Networking. Online marketing and advertising expertise famed and named him as an SEO Consultant Momenul Ahmad.

Update: 17/08/2023