Is it possible for me to become a software developer without any programming degree?

Now becoming a software developer is my challenge cause, last night my mom threw me a challenge and told me that you couldn't be a software developer without programming degree after hearing my mom's reproach, I ask myself and start searching with software development relevant question and answers :

1. How do I become a Software Developer? :

2. How do others are becoming a software developer without any degree?

3. Why isn't possible for me to become a software developer without knowing any programming language?

4. How is it possible to become a software developer without any programming degree?

5. What's the ultimate guide to learn software development?

Here is the interesting fact is my first search term was the ultimate guide to learn software development for zero coders and I found a properly optimized SEO content in programming and thereafter I drive myself towards to the Software Developers through to becoming a successful web developer  after that I completely entered myself into the software developers world, Where the developer cum author recorded his learned lessons as:

I said that it needs proper planning to learn anything. Thus I will try to provide you with advice from my real-life experience. I think to learn Software Engineering it is better if it is learnt in eight steps:

The first step is to select a platform of your own choice.
Such as, learn web application development to build a web application.
Learn android application development to build an android application.
The majority of the Software Developers are Web Application Developers as there is a great demand for a web application. I think Web Application Developer can build their career easily and quickly.

Second Step is to learn programming in a platform of your own choice.
Such as, learn web programming if a web application is your choice.

The third step tries to solve 5 of your real-life problems through an application.
I have solved my problems by developing Pension Calculator BD and GPF Calculator BD

The fourth step knows all the steps of the Software Development Life Cycle.

The fifth step learns what work to be done in every step of the Software Development Life Cycle.

The sixth step to learn project planning to develop software. I have faced the following problems during learning about Web Development and tried to solve it through Learn Web Development Easily with a project planning

1. What should be learned to be a Web Developer?
2. Which language shall I need to learn after completing one language?
3. How much skilled am I in the language that I have learned?
4. Is there any mistake in my learning?
5. What should I do to increase my skill?
6. Am I skilled enough to learn a new language?
7. Have I become a Web Developer?

The seventh step creates a skilled team to give a real look to the project planning and be skilled to manage the team.
Such as- I have created a team to develop Learn Web Development Easily.

The eighth step after completing Software Engineering of a platform do the Software Development of other platforms to be a professional Software Engineer.

After reading this software development guidance, I felt happiness and starting trust on me that I can be a software developer without any computer degree.

What have I learned from this software development guideline (programming career guideline) by WDguideline (a site about software engineering and programming languages)?

I learned from there:

1. The guideline for the beginners
2. The importance of programming language
3. Can I build my Career by Learning Programming Languages?
4. How can I Acquire knowledge of Computer Technology?
5. Programming Career
6. What is the Internet?
7. What is Server, IP Address?
8. What are Domain, DNS Server and Web Hosting?
9. How Many Kinds of Domain are there?
10. What is Website?
11. What are WWW and HTTP?
12. Can a website be called Software?
13. What is Web Development?
14. Importance of Web Development
15. How's Web Development as a Profession?
16. Who is Called Web Developer?
17. Types of Web Development.
18. Can I Learn So Many Languages?
19. What is Front-End and Back-End of Website?
20. What is Web Design?
21. Where to learn Web Development?
22. What's My Duty before Learning Web Development?
23. How long will it take to learn Web Development?
25. How to become a Front-End Developer without a degree?
26. How to become a Back-End Developer without a degree?
27. Can't Solve Some Problems and Errors in Programming?
28. How to become a Full Stack Developer without a degree?
29. How to become a Webmaster?
building career in programming without any programming degree
30. How to Help Learn Web Development Easily to Learn Web Development?
31. What's My Benefit if Skill is tested at Learn Web Development Easily?
32. What is Freelancing?
33. What is Outsourcing?
34. What is Freelance Marketplace?
35. How Does Freelancing Marketplace Make A Profit?
36. How Does Freelancing Marketplace Work?
37. How do I get the freelance marketplace dollars?
38. How to Become a Freelancer?
39. What Should I Know to be a Skilled Freelancer?
40. How to Establish a Company?
41. How to Establish a Web Development Company?
42. What is a Programming Language?
43. What is a Program?
44. How does Programming Language Work?
45. What is Software?
46. How Many Kinds of Software?
47. Who is called a Programmer?
48. How to become a Programmer without a degree?
49. How to Learn Programming Language?
50. Who is Called Software Developer?
51. How to Become a Software Developer without a degree?
52. How to Learn Software Development?
53. Who is called a Software Engineer?
54. Who is called a Computer Scientist?
55. What is Software Engineering?
56. What is the Importance of Software Engineering?
57. How to Become a Software Engineer without a degree?
58. What is the Software Development Life Cycle?
59. To be a skilled Software Engineer, what issues should be emphasized?
60. Software Engineering Seems Difficult
61. What is Hacking?
62. How Does Hacker Hack?
63. Type of Hacker?
64. How Much a Hacker is Skilled?
65. Wrong Idea about Hacker
66. Career of Hackers
67. Advice
All the above 67 chapters have described in details under the nine sections as:
1. For beginners.
2. About web technology.
3. Guideline for the beginner web developer.
4. Freelance career guide.
5. How companies made.
6. About programming.
7. About programming career.
8. Software engineering guideline.
9. About hacking.

Is this site about programming career and programming language was helpful to a degree less developer, especially those are willing to learn and want to be a software developer without any degree in computer science?

Of course, It's resourceful and helpful to me cause and I have learned a lot in programming and web development over the above 67 chapters those have helped me to become a complete software developer that's because of I would like to invite you to visit- if you have any thirstiness in software programming.

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