The sophisticated brand competition analysis to win over the competitors, steps?

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If a competitor's tremendous business growth makes you feel jealous then your competitor is a gainer over you, any doubt!

And, if a competitor's business growth hooks you to analyze the Brand Competition between the competitor (you) and the competitor, also makes you feel inspired and influenced then you must go to do better than your brand competitor.

Definitely, if you monitor your brand competitor with a strategic approach such as using the competition analytical tools and the Sophisticated Brand Competition Analysis Steps following my (Momenul Ahmad) blog post.

Also, the other brand competition strategies guide them, once your Brand competitor feels jealous to see your competitive Brand/Business growth.

"Do something different (whereas it's in business competition, or in practical life) that has enough reason for people to be jealous, interested, inspired and influenced. -Momenul Ahmad

Let's know first, how many types of competitors are before rolling the converse on competition analytical tools and Brand Competition Monitoring Steps?

As per HubSpot published and updated on January 20, 2022. post, HubSpot Author "Erin Rodrigue" described three 3 Types of Competitors in Business,: 

1. Direct competitors.

2. Indirect competitors.

3. Replacement competitors, and besides, also, in addition, I added an exclusive type of competitor, called Unseen Competitor.

Who are unseen competitors in digital marketing?

Unseen competitors are a type of competitor, who either do not follow a brand or analyze a specific group of brand's content knowingly but produce relevant and similar on-topics content unknowingly.

May unseen competitors downgrade a relevant niche marketing campaign's effort?

Indeed, an unseen competitor is only sometimes, better ever than a brand competitor in competition monitoring, and competition analysis.

Rather, the Unseen competitors produce, publish, syndicate, and repurpose the best content staying on market niche topics that may perform better on the top SERPs than your content.

So! The king of the ring is, who is ahead on your content niche/keywords. Unseen competitors are marketing winners and losers if you overlook or evaluate an unseen competitor's marketing effort.

Why does an unskilled competition analyst as an unseen brand competitor stay ahead in SERP rather than me?

An unskilled competition analyst stays on top of Search Results rather than you because he/she remains to update and repurpose quality content and relevant content on their marketing niches with high ratioed engaging content.

“In competitive marketing, strategies should be chosen based on merit and effectiveness, not nepotism or unconstructive criticism. -Momenul Ahmad

“In competitive marketing, strategies should be chosen based on merit and effectiveness, not nepotism or unconstructive criticism. -Momenul Ahmad

How do I monitor the unseen competitors to overcome the competitive market over unseen or brand competitors?

There are plenty of digital marketing tools/social media marketing tools/competitor monitoring tools (web/app), and competition analytical tools that can analyze everything about the brand's competitors.

But except using these types of web competition analysis/monitor tools, you can analyze the competition manually by following these The Sophisticated Brand Competition Analysis 22 Steps:

brand competition analysis
Competitors analysis steps

Step 1. Keywords data sorting:
Sort your own branded and niche keywords that are the most competitive analysis.

Step 2. Arrange keywords set one by one:
Arrange keyword data by high volume, medium, and low volume.

Step 3. SERPs ranked data sorting: Sort data by per top search query

Step 4. Defining the top SERPs: Find out who is at the top by search terms

Step 5.  Create a competition monitoring table, following the Brand Competition Analysis Table Chart format:

competitor analysis/competition monitoring

Step 6. Create an alert: to monitor a brand competitor closely use Google Alert and other online alert tools.

Step 7. Feed Subscription: Directly subscribe on the brand competitor's products page, a weblog/website, blog post feed, and join in a webinar/event (anomalously.

Step 8. Hashtags, Tags, Brand Mention: To monitor these engaging features for any business competitors use hashtags and brand mention monitoring tools for hassle-free competitor analysis.

Step 9. Mystery shoppers, service seekers, email communicators, press release subscriptions, Reviews data collection and analysis, forums and group posts, social share, comments monitoring, mystery call: Use these techniques to unfold the hidden economic competition of an unseen, direct, and indirect competitor.

Step 10. Analyze Brand competitor's business pages (LinkedIn, Google Page), shopping sites/stores, and service features: I.e. Privacy, Terms, and Conditions, Coupon, Voucher Gift, Shipping, Refund, Loyalty,

Step 11. Social Media Channels, and Social Media Posts: Analyze Social Media Profile/Page, and analyze a specific Social Media Post (engaging, upcoming, promotional, product launch), in case of a large business competitor get help from data scraping tools (arrange data by pre-command) as well as competition monitoring and social media monitoring tools.

Step 12. Competitors Benchmarking: In this stage collect the competitor's data from the various data paths, i.e.:  by platform, by-products or service, types of products, types of content, types of demography, types of gender, purchasing habits, age group, and audience interest. 

Step 13. Paid Campaign Monitor: To monitor the competitor's paid campaigns (PPC, SEM, Influencer marketing, Social Media Ads) following their Ads campaign and Influencers' Marketing Efforts.

Step 14. Checking Technology Use Cases: I.e. Website built-in with, eCommerce shop or store hosted on.

Step 15. Monitor Apps on App Store: Apps rank by keywords, app conversations, and competitor apps rating.

Step 16. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Check brand competitor site health, rank, backlinks, content quality, DA, and PA for a competitor's brand blog, and website.

Step 17. Tagline: In that case to know a competitor analytical plugin use tag assistant (a Google Chrome extension).

Step 18. CRM and Customer/Audience/Buyers Conversations: In this stage try the Customer relationship management (CRM) tools and direct responding system (Chatbot) of your business competitor.

Step 19. Discover Web Activities: Try to define competition through the competitor's daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly published posts on the blog and website, posts share counts (direct and repurpose), monitor published posts editing/re-editing or re-writing history, and monitor posh scheduling time.

Step 20. Follow International Media Coverage: What the other Iconic site, print media, or Broadcasting media does say about your business's competitor (anything positive or negative), i.e. business reviews, financial disgraced or progress, YOY Plans, etc.

Step 21. Be Influenced: To be influenced, measure competitor's web growth (followers growth, engagement) and business growth (assets, employees or staff, and business partner involvement).

Step 22. International Research Firms Insights: What do the International Research Firms about your business competitor, especially try to unveil the descriptive, and perspective business insights.

In addition, must take support from digital marketing tools, let's see what can do a digital marketing tool to improve your competitive analysis:

The Digital Marketing Tools: "You may call it a magic and logic tool, where a competitor magically monitors and tracks your business.

Also, you practice the same as your competitors do.

Fact astonished: In this competition, one wins and logically stays ahead, one who does better in monitoring, tracking, planning, implementing, and executing the whole business competition and business process?

All the competition monitoring better works for SMEs, Startups, and SMBs but, indeed, the above-described competitor analysis or competition monitoring (22) steps will be more efficient if the large businesses practice these steps besides using the competition analytical software:

As, Sprout Social. Phlanx. Social Blade. SEMRush. Ahrefs. MozBar. Buzzsumo. Similarweb, Ubersuggest, SE Ranking. Web CEO, Hootsuite. Hootsuite Insights, powered by Brandwatch. Talkwalker. Nexalogy. Mentionlytics. Reputology. Tweepsmap. Reddit Keyword Monitor Pro, Awario, Social Mention, Talkwalker Alerts, Mention, TweetDeck

"Competition (ethical) delivers best, and competitive competition makes a business more perfect than a business competitor. -Momenul Ahmad

Summarize Brief of competition analysis:

Business competition analysis by a brand competitor the significant ways to improve the overall business goals (branding, marketing, sales, customer or buyers happiness), But, Mind it! competition monitoring and analysis aren't easy tasks and even not a single man shows rather a brand competitor's competition monitoring and analysis a strategic team works.

So, my recommendation is besides applying these Sophisticated Brand Competition Monitoring Steps, also must use any of the business competition analytical tools to save time and to get the competitive data in good format/visual for the brand competitors ("Direct competitors", "Indirect competitors", "Unseen competitors", and "Replacement competitors").

That will (combine work with competition analytical tools, and Brand Competition Monitoring Steps) to help you to win over your business competitor).

You must need:

 As we know competitor monitoring, competition analysis, or competitor analysis is a sensitive and crucial, large-scale strategy in digital marketing so it's (competitor research) to be done 100% accurately you must set up a full-stack digital marketing team with a high-end competition analyst.

Wishing you to win over your brand competitors by following these sophisticated brand competition analysis steps (well-researched and free).

Wana, to cover something on it? DM me.

Need Help with Competitor's Insights, Copywriting, SEO Copywriting, E-commerce Copywriting, and Marketing Analytics that work both magically, and strategically too?

Contact me with your specific competition analysis questions, concerns, or needs. The Team SEOSiri and I would be happy to see how our competition analysis and competition monitoring Services can help drive your business’s performance.

Service Invitation To Businesses, Brands, and Professionals:

Request a quote and Schedule an Appointment or go through to get help in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) also on any digital marketing service-related issues please reach me/us through my/our Customer Enquiry Page.


Momenul Ahmad

Founder at SEOSiri. Editor at Digital Marketing Newsletter on LinkedIn

Momenul Ahmad: Helping businesses, brands, and professionals with ethical SEO and digital Marketing. Digital Marketing Writer, Digital Marketing Blog (Founding) Owner at SEOSiri, Editor at LinkedIn Newsletter in Digital Marketing, and SEO Copywriter (Remote) at Octoparse - Octopus Data Inc.

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Exclusive guest post opportunity to enhance the next move in guest blogging

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During the last couple of months, due to enhanced Guest Posts requests on SEOSiri from marketers, guest bloggers, and digital marketing apprentices. Finally, I came to a closer decision to open up an exclusive guest posts opportunity on SEOSiri.

But, unfortunately, SEOSiri isn't accepting any paid guest post submission so being a link-building campaigner if you come up intentionally here for link building (paid), then I would like to request you to nonsubmission.

Note for Sponsored Posts: Visit Sponsor posts to promote your content on/with SEOSiri.

Fortunately, SEOSiri offers guest posting facilities for digital marketing apprentices, struggling marketers (those who are seeking a platform to make an identity as a digital marketing content writer, Copywriter, SEO Copywriter, eCommerce Copywriter, Blog Writer, Marketing Copywriters, Article Writers) for free.

So, If you want to take this exclusive guest posts opportunity to roll to the next level! Also to establish your career and brand yourself as a prominent web content writer, then SEOSiri is the right place to prove you through your guest blogging.

Guys! I hope you are ready to take this win-win guest blogging opportunity, as it is your own. So do hurry to submit your guest posts on SEOSiri through this Guest Blogging From.

But, Before starting your guest blogger (contributional gust blogger) journey with SEOSiri, Please see the Submitted Guest Post Grants and Accepted Rules on SEOSiri that's I published on SEOSiri Quora Space, Yesterday:

★ 100% unique posts (quality content in English).

★ No shortened link in anchor link.

★ URLs multiple redirections.

★ DA & PA would be 10+ or higher Domain Authority and Page Authority (site+10 da + high pa =guest blogging) with good UX, also bounce rate should be below 30%

★ Posts length 900 to 1000 words.

★ Fresh copy (SEO Copy).

★ Content matched with SEOSiri Niches.

★ Per copy link count maximum 1 (unpaid), and two links should be from SEOSiri's existing content (internal link).

★ Professional quality in writing.

★ Grammatical error-free content. 

★ SEO optimized image in the content.

★ Promoting the promotional content is strictly discouraged to those. Who are directly or indirectly involved with link buying and selling over guest blogging). 

Nothing flattered ethics and norms, I considered the up-above mentioned 12 "SEOSiri Guest Posts Rules" and to be honest, I would like to request you to think of this opportunity as learning and skill development in article writing/web content writing. 

Guest posting Opportunity

Before, being taken this awesome guest posting chance (limited guest posts opportunity) by someone else, open your eyes and grab this fabulous guest post opportunity.

SEOSiri Guest Posting facilities to be facilitated for Guest Author:

  • Free mentoring.
  • Free consultancy.
  • Free social media profile promotion.
  • Introducing yourselves internationally to the SEOSiri audiences as the SEOSiri's Guest Author.
  • Contribution opportunity on SEOSiri Quora Spaces- VOICE OF BRAND, Social Branding, Online Marketing Professionals, Freelance Marketplace, Corporate Leaders, Bangladesh, Blog Pages, SEOs (to eligible minimum blog posts contribution should be 8).
  • The most skilled guest authors have the chance to contribute to SEOSiri's Digital Marketing Newsletter on LinkedIn (to be eligible minimum blog posts contribution should be 15).
  • LinkedIn Profile highlighting opportunity through SEOSiri LinkedIn Company Page (to eligible minimum blog posts contribution should be 20).
  • In feature paid freelance writing opportunity (upon projects availability) for the highest guest post contributor (to eligible minimum blog posts contribution should be 50).
  • A short guest author bio under each of the published posts. 

So, do you want to take this lucrative guest posting chance as it is your's own? Then let's introduce ourselves on LinkedIn or Quora (inbox me for both) for the next move in the guest posting career.

Best wishes


Momenul Ahmad

Founder at SEOSiri. Editor at Digital Marketing Newsletter on LinkedIn

Momenul Ahmad: Helping businesses, brands, and professionals with ethical SEO, Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing Writer, Digital Marketing Blog (Founding) Owner at SEOSiri, Editor at LinkedIn Newsletter in Digital Marketing, SEO Copywriter (Remote) at Octoparse - Octopus Data Inc, and Web Content Writer at Washington Morning.

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What are the best Optimal Posting best practices?

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I know. You have different techniques, practices, strategy for optimal posting. Also, I follow some practices that I technically use as the optimal posting techniques.

Cause I want more through my optimal posting, through my post scheduling.

Could you answer me!:

My content, my media, my time, so! Why do I count the other time?

Why do I post content on Social Media considering a timeline?

Why do I schedule the Social Media Posts to grab their attention following their (audiences) interactional time?

If publishers are vein and content is king. So what are the audiences?

Audiences are an umbrella, and I, you all the editors, publishers, bloggers, content creators, are just a sheltered fellow under the umbrella.

So, care umbrella to be protected enough and keep yourself in good condition (increase conversations, engagement, CTR) under an umbrella.

Okay, gotta "Nothing is mine except my strategy, Everything is an audience, and they are a reflection of my content strategy"



But, How do I grab the audience's attention on Social Media at the right time? I'm busy. I have a few of the stuff to do so (content creation, content re-purpose, publishing scheduled content, managed Social Media Posts, analyzing Social Media Insights).

Optimal post scheduling best practices and techniques for social media

Okay, Dude, let me explain.

Do you know, there have plenty of Social Media Marketing Tools/Social Media Post Scheduler that can do everything in favor of you, so it does not matter with your time shortage, and Social Media Stuffs lacks.

optimal posting best practice

So, don't worry just, follow these the best (9) Optimal posting best practices for social media:

Optimal posting best practices  1. Choose the best Social Media Posts Scheduler/Social Media Tools (Social Media Management Tools).

Optimal posting best practices  2. Consider the best package of a social media posts scheduler.

Optimal posting best practices  3. Collect data (when audiences interact/online) from authentic analytical tools/digital marketing tools.

Optimal posting best practices  4. Schedule posts following your audience response time and follow the platform.

Optimal posting best practices 5. Optimize Your Posting Frequency following the Social Media Platforms posting guidelines,

Optimal posting best practices  6. Get help from reminder tools, i.e., Calander, Events Tools, etc.

Optimal posting best practices  7. Reminder tools may help correct and add an extra texture in a pre-scheduled content in need.

Optimal post scheduling best practices  8. Schedule different posts for different media.

Optimal post scheduling best practices  9. Sort the most engaging posts data, make a list, and re-schedule those posts following twice a week. cation, increasing click-through rate (CTR), real-time organic traffic, likewise traffic, on-time branding, onboarding teamwork process, multiple sites management facilities, etc.

Now, I am sure you got the total about the Social Media Optimal Posting Best Practices and techniques that's almost enhanced and appreciated also proven methods by Social Media/Digital Marketing Strategists, like me (Momenul Ahmad) and you for Social Media Optimal Posting.


Momenul Ahmad

Founder at SEOSiri. Editor at Digital Marketing Newsletter on LinkedIn

Momenul Ahmad: Helping businesses, brands, and professionals on ethical SEO, Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing Writer, Digital Marketing Blog (Founding) Owner at SEOSiri, Editor at LinkedIn Newsletter in Digital Marketing, and SEO Copywriter (Remote) at Octoparse - Octopus Data Inc.

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Appeal to integrate LinkedIn appointment on LinkedIn service page

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Being a prominent digital marketer and the largest b2b platform LinkedIn user, I "Momenul Ahmad" felt to expect a LinkedIn appointment feature on the LinkedIn service page from LinkedIn.

But, I don't know, How do LinkedIn products, and the marketing development team acknowledge my expectation for implementing LinkedIn Appointment Link on my brand SEOSiri's Google My Business Page?

Whatever is my marketing expectations surrounding LinkedIn Appointments but the Upfront demand is integrating the Appointment link on the LinkedIn service page a productive and productivity-loaded barrel.

Momenul Ahmad's appeal for a LinkedIn appointment feature on the LinkedIn service page integrate to Google My Business Page:


LinkedIn Marketing Solutions,

I had a strategic demand for implementing the LinkedIn Appointments Link instead of my current Facebook Appointment URL on my Google My Business (GMB) Panel- that's should be linked with my Linkedin Service Page-

Behind key strategy of LinkedIn appointment feature:

  • Co-search rank to Co-intent Utilizational hookup.
  • Finding/giving solutions under one platform.
  • 100% utilizing the largest b2b platform (LinkedIn).
  • Completing onsite actions (without leaving LinkedIn to other appointments site.
  • Add a payment button (drop-down menu with other top payments getaway) on the service page to do all jobs (I prefer Payoneer cause it's a very easy solution to receive payments for me).
  • Increasing LinkedIn's connection loyalty.
  • Expand networking on LinkedIn.
  • To give a clear relation hints to search engines between my/us websites/blog, websites content, search terms and search rank, LinkedIn Company Page, LinkedIn Service Page, an integrated LinkedIn Appointment Link on Google Page (, Google My Business (GMB).

So, Could you please design your LinkedIn Service Page for the communities like me that will smooth the buyer journey and help us to gain more leads and also will help LinkedIn to be more productive?

But, I/We the professionals demanding this productive feature through your own integrated solutions for appointment scheduling, professional service booking, hiring marketers/freelancers/professionals, reservation, etc. relevant.


Dearest Product & Market Development team, May you make me/us feel proud to be a proud LinkedIn (LinkedIn User/Users) by facilitating this most demanding productive service feature as the LinkedIn appointment on the LinkedIn service page?

Thank you


Momenul Ahmad

Momenul Ahmad: Helping businesses, brands, and professionals with ethical SEO, Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing Writer, Digital Marketing Blog (Founding) Owner at SEOSiri, and SEO Copywriter (Remote) at Octoparse - Octopus Data Inc.

Brand SERPs Competitions in SSL Certificate, SSL Management UK

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Brand SERPs Competitions  in “SSL Certificate UK” Only fulltime Digital Marketing is the way to overcome.

SERPs Rank Table Chart in SSL Certificate UK, and SSL Certificates Management UK:

Key phrases                           Competitors Rank                            Level                                  Competitors type

Top Search Term's SERPs Competition besides the others long tail and short tail Search Phrase, Phrases in SSL Certificate UK :

ssl certificate uk                                                                       1                                      Brand Competitor

ssl certificate buy uk                                                  1                                      Brand Competitor

ssl certificate integration service uk                                   1                                      Brand Competitor

Cloud Servers uk                                                                        1                                      Brand Competitor

Cloud Service Provider uk                        back4app                                              1                                      Brand Competitor

Cloud Private Network Facilities uk                   1/2                                     Brand Competitor

Cloud Firewall uk                                1/2                                      Brand Competitor

Managed Cloud service uk                     1/2                                      Brand Competitor

hosting service uk                                     Hostinger UK/HostPapa/HostGator 1/2/3                                   Brand Competitor

SSL Certificates Management UK competitive)                       5                                       Brand Competition

The SERPs volume on the above Table chart in SSL Certificate Service and SSL Certificates Management Providers UK clearly shows where the actual competitions per SSL Certificate UK is?

And, the fact is if you overcome the base keyword SSL Certificate UK then it’s obviously overcome to be through the fulltime digital marketing process.

As, I prepared the below audit for the prospective client where the main keyword SSL Certificate UK, and SSL Marketplace UK.

The interesting fact is only last table charts 8th RAW's top 4 SERPs are paid rank keywords and key phrases and 5th Search Keywords are organic ranked SERPs.

So, means the competition much bigger but surely I can defeat the SSL Certificate UK and SSL Certificates Management Service Provider UK, Whereas it’s paid or organic SERP's rank that's doesn’t matter for me.

Now, let's see the others rank for my UK based prospective client (social media, b2b sites, QA Platforms and local SERPs, SEO positions:

Social Media, directory, local search, forum includes b2b site position:


 No No No


 WHMCS 1 Keywords Competitors

Facebook:ssl-marketplace cornetinfotech Others Keywords Competitors

Page Speed Insights Metrics (Performance):


First Contentful Paint

5.6 s

Time to Interactive

16.9 s

Speed Index

18.1 s

Total Blocking Time

880 ms

Largest Contentful Paint

9.9 s

Cumulative Layout Shift


Page Speed Insights Metrics (SEO):


Tap targets are not sized appropriately

Links are not crawlable.

Links do not have descriptive text.

E-A-T Issues.

Plagiarized content.

Keywords not optimized.

Insufficient contents.

*** Lots of SEO relevant issues need to fix.

**** May have fix the others errors as per Search Console detected errors.


These checks ensure that your page is following basic search engine optimization advice. There are many additional factors Lighthouse does not score here that may affect your search ranking, including performance on Core Web Vitals. - Google Page Speed Insights

Estimated Website Traffic:

Zero or Low.


A few 4 or 6

Site Rankings:


Site Visibility:

A few and not all content optimized for SEO.

Social Media Visibility:

Less position.

Top Competitors - Similar Sites:

Bunch of Top Competitors and Similar Sites.

Site Optimization, Keywords Rank, Channels/Social Media Profile Optimization and community building campaign time period, digital marketing duration and prices:

Digital Marketing Campaign  Duration for SSL Certificate Service and SSL Certificates Management Providers UK:

6 months or 12 months.

Digital Marketing Campaign Pricing for SSL Certificate Service and SSL Certificates Management Providers UK:

 6 months cost= £10,000.00 (workflow first aid).

: 12 months cost= £10,000.00 (workflow regular aid).

Service Lists includes under this Digital Marketing Campaign:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Technical SEO and nontechnical SEO issues) and optimize (On page SEO & Off page SEO) all of the SEO tasks.

Social Media:

Optimize all of the major Social Media Channels.

Digital Branding:

Develop your brand digitally across the entire web (forum, directory, group).

Content creation:

100% SEO-optimized content.

Content repurpose:

I'll syndicate and repurpose content through all the major relevant channels.

Other sensational and essential workload includes in this digital marketing campaign:

Link building (authority & site), unlimited keywords ranking (organic), image ranking, domain authority (DA), and page rank (PA) increase (DA & PA increase cases need to long-run efforts), Driving Traffic (organic), Search Volume increase,


100% Search Engines, Social Media Algorithm friendly work processes, and workflows.


300 to 500% traffic growth, 100% web trustability (reputations), Social Engagement, and Followers growth 10 to 20%.

Note: Article is ongoing. 

Thank you

Momenul Ahmad 

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