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During the last couple of months, due to enhanced Guest Posts requests on SEOSiri from marketers, guest bloggers, and digital marketing apprentices. Finally, I came to a closer decision to open up an exclusive guest posts opportunity on SEOSiri.

But, unfortunately, SEOSiri isn't accepting any paid guest post submission so being a link-building campaigner if you come up intentionally here for link building (paid), then I would like to request you to nonsubmission.

Note for Sponsored Posts: Visit Sponsor posts to promote your content on/with SEOSiri.

Fortunately, SEOSiri offers guest posting facilities for digital marketing apprentices, struggling marketers (those who are seeking a platform to make an identity as a digital marketing content writer, Copywriter, SEO Copywriter, eCommerce Copywriter, Blog Writer, Marketing Copywriters, Article Writers) for free.

So, If you want to take this exclusive guest posts opportunity to roll to the next level! Also to establish your career and brand yourself as a prominent web content writer, then SEOSiri is the right place to prove you through your guest blogging.

Guys! I hope you are ready to take this win-win guest blogging opportunity, as it is your own. So do hurry to submit your guest posts on SEOSiri through this Guest Blogging From.

But, Before starting your guest blogger (contributional gust blogger) journey with SEOSiri, Please see the Submitted Guest Post Grants and Accepted Rules on SEOSiri that's I published on SEOSiri Quora Space, Yesterday:

★ 100% unique posts (quality content in English).

★ No shortened link in anchor link.

★ URLs multiple redirections.

★ DA & PA would be 10+ or higher Domain Authority and Page Authority (site+10 da + high pa =guest blogging) with good UX, also bounce rate should be below 30%

★ Posts length 900 to 1000 words.

★ Fresh copy (SEO Copy).

★ Content matched with SEOSiri Niches.

★ Per copy link count maximum 1 (unpaid), and two links should be from SEOSiri's existing content (internal link).

★ Professional quality in writing.

★ Grammatical error-free content. 

★ SEO optimized image in the content.

★ Promoting the promotional content is strictly discouraged to those. Who are directly or indirectly involved with link buying and selling over guest blogging). 

Nothing flattered ethics and norms, I considered the up-above mentioned 12 "SEOSiri Guest Posts Rules" and to be honest, I would like to request you to think of this opportunity as learning and skill development in article writing/web content writing. 

Guest posting Opportunity

Before, being taken this awesome guest posting chance (limited guest posts opportunity) by someone else, open your eyes and grab this fabulous guest post opportunity.

SEOSiri Guest Posting facilities to be facilitated for Guest Author:

  • Free mentoring.
  • Free consultancy.
  • Free social media profile promotion.
  • Introducing yourselves internationally to the SEOSiri audiences as the SEOSiri's Guest Author.
  • Contribution opportunity on SEOSiri Quora Spaces- VOICE OF BRAND, Social Branding, Online Marketing Professionals, Freelance Marketplace, Corporate Leaders, Bangladesh, Blog Pages, SEOs (to eligible minimum blog posts contribution should be 8).
  • The most skilled guest authors have the chance to contribute to SEOSiri's Digital Marketing Newsletter on LinkedIn (to be eligible minimum blog posts contribution should be 15).
  • LinkedIn Profile highlighting opportunity through SEOSiri LinkedIn Company Page (to eligible minimum blog posts contribution should be 20).
  • In feature paid freelance writing opportunity (upon projects availability) for the highest guest post contributor (to eligible minimum blog posts contribution should be 50).
  • A short guest author bio under each of the published posts. 

So, do you want to take this lucrative guest posting chance as it is your's own? Then let's introduce ourselves on LinkedIn or Quora (inbox me for both) for the next move in the guest posting career.

Best wishes


Momenul Ahmad

Founder at SEOSiri. Editor at Digital Marketing Newsletter on LinkedIn

Momenul Ahmad: Helping businesses, brands, and professionals with ethical SEO, Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing Writer, Digital Marketing Blog (Founding) Owner at SEOSiri, Editor at LinkedIn Newsletter in Digital Marketing, SEO Copywriter (Remote) at Octoparse - Octopus Data Inc, and Web Content Writer at Washington Morning.

Updated: 09/06/2022, 11/06/2022

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