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We the SEOs are usually run SEO Audit to analyze the websites SEO status so that we can complete the whole Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process accurately considering the client's expectations for skyrocketing of their digital content on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) and Pages (SERPs).

"SEO Audit a very first step of next-level SEO". - Momenul Ahmad

SEO Audit Checklist

I listed below an initial SEO Audit checklist when I audited one of my fellow friend's website SEO then I found these sterilized gaps that clearly indicating for a way forward to completing the SEO tasks ASAP:  

* Probelemtic Page Speed.

* Urgent needs of Sitemap creation.

* Need to implement Google's Tags and other Social Media Tags, I.e. Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels.

* Insufficient Backlinks (almost zero backlinks), Steps to creating backlinks from authority sites.

* Huge amounts of Keywords Gap.

* Issues With Content: Duplicate=40%, Common = 21% (Content Growth Hacking Guide). 

* Problem with Broken Link, Uncrawlable Link.

* Less Textual Content rather than HTML= 59% average up.

* Need to develop a blog.

* Onsite CTA Gap, i.e. Email Subscription Box/Button, Notification Bell, Share Button, etc. 

* On-Page & Off-Page SEO Gap.

* Less Web Traffic.

* No DA & PA (domain authority and page authority).

* Indexing Issues obtained.

* Issues with keywords ranking also image, and video rank.

* Problem with Robots.txt.

* Reach Results not supported.

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SEO Audit Tools and Web Portals that's I used for completing these the above checked out SEO Audit checklists (Technical and on-page SEO):

Lighthouse Chrome Extension 
Google Tag Assistant Chrome Extension
And other popular SEO Tools.  

Since these SEO Checklists is an initial SEO Audit checklist so when you are thinking to prepare a complete SEO Audit (Technical SEO, On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO) then I'll suggest you check these articles those are defined the growth hacked techniques to preparing SEO Audit Checklists:

I hope, I helped you to get the ideas and guide for preparing an SEO Audit Checklists so that you can solve all of having SEO issues to Skyrocket the SEO Campaign by following these the growth hacking SEO Audit Checklist.

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