What is the legality of web scraping or, do web scraping legal or illegal?

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Collecting data isn’t illegal rather data collection is the first stairs of the digital knowledge panel that helps us to forget the camel riding era and pushing us to the rocket riding era.

So, collecting data from the entire web whereas it’s manual or automated (web scraped), is 100% legal.

Web scraping is illegal:

Sometimes use cases (unethical and misusing the collected data) may banner web scraping is illegal (after judicial judgment between party A and party B).

If you are thirsty for web scraping is legal or not Then I would like to request you to read the descriptive context from my Quora answer link.

web scraping

My story behind discovering web data scraper: As a digital marketing professional, I am Momenul Ahmad as usually used to harvesting data regularly.

“Web Scraping Legal that’s why “Wayback Machine” is still alive”. and Search Engine’s most top features, i.e., Web Content Crawl, Data Filter, Indexing, Ranking are combined factors of the Scrapped Web Data (Machine Learning). - Momenul Ahmad

I scrape data manually, also used various types of data scraping tools but, the usability of that web scraper hooked up to search me for something more than a web scraper, that because I Googled and found these most useful data extraction tools.

Read my answer on Quora- What is the legality of web scraping

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Momenul Ahmad: Helping businesses, brands, and professionals on ethical SEO, Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing Writer, Digital Marketing Blog (Founding) Owner at SEOSiri, and SEO Copywriter (Remote) at Octoparse - Octopus Data Inc.

Updates: 06/10/2021

How do I help Google to index my content in a few minutes?

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Oh really! Do you want to index your content in a few minutes or any way?

Okay, do not be tense cause I made it easy for you and set up strategic and Google Friendly content index guidelines that must be in a level of content indexing best practice.

So, let’s create smart content and help Google to index that content in a few minutes.

“Yahoo, Bing may show a piece of content on SERPs within a minute but, it’s not the total cause Googlebot is smarter than anyone.

-Momenul Ahmad

You, I, and even no one can have the capability to index their content, i.e. a single blog post and even any piece of content on Google and other Search Engines because it belongs to Google.

Core facts to index the contents, firstly and finally Googlebot will decide:

What types of content?

I, E. Articles, Blog posts, Infographics, Images, PDF files, DOC files, Podcasts, webinars, Events, Social Media Posts, Whitepapers, audio, Videos, Games, Animations, and anything in digital media.

What should crawl among those, what should filter by search algorithm, what should be finalized for content indexing, and what content should be indexed?

What should re-crawl, what should re-filter, what should be re-finalized, what should be blocked, what should Re-index, what should rank on the top search engine result page (SERP), what content should be serialized rank on search engine results page (SERPs), what contents should deindex, what should Re-index?

Content Index Guidelines and Best Practices

We have to consider and follow these 13 content indexing guidelines and best practices that will help Google index the content on Google, including all Search Engines immediately,

Googlebot Friendly 13 Content Index Guidelines:

Content Index Guideline 1. Use Search Engines Friendly Content Platform.

Content Index Guideline 2. Create SEO-friendly content.

Content Index Guideline 3. Avoid any unethical content development practices.

Content Index Guideline 4. Build human-friendly content.

Content Index Guideline 5. Stay up to date with the latest search algorithm.

Content Index Guideline 6. Stop doing over-optimized and repeated content optimization.

Content Index Guideline 7. After publishing content stop inputting spam, or malware-related content on any published content.

Content Index Guideline 8. Try to produce, and publish your niche-related content.

Content Index Guideline 9. Build a correlation between a website, a blog, and all of your Social Media Profiles, Pages, etc.

Content Index Guideline 10. Check regularly or twice a week in Google Search Console, and if any problematic content is found or checked by search console features then take immediate action to correct it.

Content Index Guideline 11. Follow content creation guidelines/best practices by each of the different CMS and Content Publishing Platforms.

Content pre-arrangement 12. Content must be crawlable, I meant content should be discoverable and exist with a live and well-structured URL format.  

Content Indexation Guideline 13. Balance protocol URL and Apex Domain so that it doesn't question Does domain URL variants or structures matter in SEO.

As, if 302 or 301 redirection and permanent removal of a URL, just to be done so that the Search Engine Algorithm has not been hesitant to crawl and index, I mean a URL with SSL, without SSL, and even a necked domain should be crawlable and indexable.

Note: My SEO enablement has helped me to index my content within 8 hours, 10 hours, 24 hours, and 72 hours on Google Search, and I make it happen just by following the above content indexing guidelines and best practices.

So, if you want to index your content ASAP on Google Search and other Search Engines as well as then I would like to request you to follow these 12-content index best practices and guidelines by mixing up with your own contact publishing strategy and the content strategists provided the content growth hack techniques, that will help Google to understand your content what about? and content index in a few minutes too.

I hope this piece of content in the content index helps, and really if you found this piece of content helpful then be open-minded to share it with your dearest and nearest one.

URL isn't on Google Solved;

Content okay, URL okay but due to the site URL version compatibilities difference like .html?m=1 and .html a huge of published URLs were undiscoverable, not crawlable, and unindexable.

Here is the below Google Search Console (GSC) panel screenshot (7 days compressional SEO works up) of my client showing, how to strategically increase the performances on the Google SERPs after solving the URL is not on Google: 

URL is not on Google

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Relevant Content:



Worthy reading in SEO and Content:





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         Momenul Ahmad

Momenul Ahmad

Momenul Ahmad: Helping businesses, brands, and professionals with ethical SEO, Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing Writer and Digital Marketing Blog (Founding) Owner at SEOSiri.

Update history: Last updated on 10/05/2023, 14/05/2023

Update status: Content index guide N#12 added, URL isn't on Google image added, added, Content Indexation Guideline 13 on 15/01/2024 

Personal Branding & Guest Posts Opportunity in Digital Marketing

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Publish the guest posts in digital marketing on SEOSiri cause it's an equal opportunity to promote yourself on SEOSiri, and Personal Branding (free promotions) opportunities across the entire web for you.

We (SEOSiri Team) are requesting you to visit SEOSiri (https://www.seosiri.com) and suggest to us, What topics go better with your writing that will help others to understand that you are perfect in your niches in digital marketing?

"I can't give you a job, but I can help you get a job. - Momenul Ahmad

Digital Marketing Guest Posts

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Momenul Ahmad

Momenul Ahmad: Helping businesses, brands, and professionals on ethical SEO, Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing Writer and Digital Marketing Blog (Founding) Owner at SEOSiri.

How do I succeed as a digital marketer, The succeed Digital Marketers QAs on Quora?

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Note-  Learn more from the authentic source for Soft and Hard Skills: Soft and Hard Skills: Soft Skills v/s Hard Skills (type on search engines).

Blog Post History:

Being a prominent digital marketer, I'm abide reader in digital marketing, and in this sense also to sharpen my digital marketing expertise, I asked the titled Question on Quora include my Quora Space on SEOSiri and got a lot of tips, guides, techniques, and the suggestive answers to become the successful digital marketer that has helped to find and recover my digital marketing learning gap also hope, you will find it helpful.

This the story of this blog post.

Now, let's dive deep and learn from the Succeed Digital Marketers those are shared their achievements and learned lessons on these QAs on Quora about How do I succeed as a digital marketer?

How do I succeed as a digital marketer in my digital marketing career?

The succeed Digital Marketers Answers on Question (QAs) on Quora, How do I succeed as a digital marketer:

  1. A strategic mindset. ...
  2. Finance and budget savvy. ...
  3. Killer data and analytics skills. ...
  4. Strong leadership skills. ...
  5. An expansive network.
, Digital Marketing, Google Ads, Facebook Ads

Learn Digital Marketing & Master on it. Learn from Youtube

Make sure do practically not focus only on learning. Implementation is also important.

There are many ways to become a successful digital marketer. Even though I would like to share few tips to become a successful digital marketer in any field. I am sure this will help you to understand the concept. Let's go and discuss.

1. The path to success.

2. Follow it back with these tips from industry experts.

(I) The path to success.

This is a question I often get asked. How do I succeed as a digital marketer? The short answer to that question is: it’s not as easy as you think. It’s not just something you can learn in a course or read in a book. There’s no quick and easy path to success.

It’s more than just hard work. The path to success is a never-ending learning process that will continue throughout your entire career.

The need for change

As digital marketers, we have to adapt quickly as the market changes and the demands of our clients change. No longer can we just do what we did yesterday;

we must show our value today so that we can continue to do this tomorrow.

When our clients are looking for a digital marketing agency then they’re evaluating many different factors. They want to see how well you understand their business. They want to see your creativity and your passion for the project.

But most importantly they want to see that you can deliver results and that you can charge a fair price for it.

But how do you demonstrate all of this? You need to be able to show your work and tell your story in an interesting, impactful way, as well as being able to track its overall success. You need to stand out in a very competitive market.

Providing value

As a digital marketer, you need to be able to provide value for your clients. To do this, you must have a clear understanding of their business and how exactly you can help to improve it.

By providing value you will also have developed yourself as a professional. You will understand how a business works and how to work with both internal staff and external partners.

This is what makes the difference between good and great digital marketers. It is what enables them to stand out from the crowd.

Building a brand

Over time, your clients will begin to recognize you as an expert in the industry. They will see you as someone who can provide value so they will want to work with you. You will have built yourself a name for reliability, passion, and expertise.

So how do you maintain this level of success? The answer lies not in one single step but rather through consistently delivering high-quality results over time. There is no magic bullet and success is not a destination. Success is a journey and the path to success is long and winding.

The path to success

So where do you begin? There are several steps that you should take to achieve your career goals:

1. Understand the fundamentals of digital marketing

Don’t worry, I’m not talking about reading another textbook or going back to school for another degree! I mean learning the essentials so that you can understand what makes a good digital marketer.

If you don’t know how to properly do the steps of keyword research, PPC management, or social media marketing then you will never be able to lead your clients down the right path.

Read as much as you can on the subject of digital marketing. Talk with other professionals and when you’re ready ask them for feedback. Your clients will appreciate hearing from expert practitioners who can give them a clear picture of what is possible.

2. Build your own business

As I said earlier, it’s not enough to simply build a reputation for yourself. You must begin to build your business. You can make money in the digital marketing sphere but you must never forget that it is a business.

You need to develop a clear set of goals and figure out how you are going to achieve them. You should also review the way your business is currently structured so that you can see areas where you can improve.

This is often a difficult step for people because it requires them to get out of their comfort zones and focus on developing themselves.

If you are thinking about becoming a digital marketing freelancer then you must have enough confidence in yourself to tell your clients that their business goals are legitimate and worthy of investment.

(II) Follow it back with these tips from industry experts.

1) Get analytics set up for your website.

2) Develop a blog and social media presence.

3) Provide quality content across channels.

4) Tell a story.

5) Don't be afraid to try new channels and ideas.

6) Engage your audience.

7) Don't be afraid to experiment. If it doesn't work, fix it.

8) Don't be worry to fail. Fix what didn't work and learn from it.

9) Ask for help when you need it (you will!).

10) Keep trying new things. Challenge yourself and grow.

  1. Attend Networking Events. ...
  2. Learn from Digital Marketing Brands and Entrepreneurs. ...
  3. Connect with Like-Minded Individuals. ...
  4. Find a Digital Marketing Internship. ...
  5. Become a Member of a Professional Body. ...
  6. Stay Up to Date on the State of Digital Marketing. ...
  7. Practice Continuous Learning.

  1. Attend Networking Events. TravelBee
  2. Learn from Digital Marketing Brands and Entrepreneurs.
  3. Connect with Like-Minded Individuals.
  4. Find a Digital Marketing Internship.
  5. Become a Member of a Professional Body.
  6. Stay Up to Date on the State of Digital Marketing.
  7. Practice Continuous Learning

Almost daily, the online marketing community is joined by a few
hundred more individuals looking for the golden egg or the pot of gold. Most of them don't know how to be successful digital marketers they are just normally driven to
this lifestyle after watching someone sitting on the beach with their laptop sipping on  Mai Tai.

The question arises many times from people on how to be a successful digital marketer. There are many ways you can be a successful digital marketer but many don't succeed, at the alarming rate of 97%, most fail miserably and feel it's a scam or a hoax. Let's look into some of the reasons why many don't succeed, some of it's a strong mentor but there could be other reason like:

  • They really don't spend the time to understand why they are getting into online marketing
  • They don't have the proper education or invest in one to realize what they need to do to be successful
  • They don't develop a business funnel
  • They try to promote their business or service to everyone - they try the shotgun approach
  • They are too quick to jump from one program to the next not really evaluating if what they are doing is working or not, while money is a good form of measurement so is a foundation to build upon. Stability is key to any successful business, brick, and mortar or online.
  • They don't set Goals whether it is learning, teaching, marketing, or networking - they just jump right in without any rhyme or reason
  • They don't use all marketing avenues, they try to focus too much on one avenue, marketing on three platforms or avenues diversifies your message, once you master those three take on one more to master, but do not allow the other three to diminish.

Here are a few things to consider on how to be a successful internet marketer

  • Change your mindset - don't wait for someone to tell you to read a book, write an article, learn something new about your line of business, or network with like-minded people, you are an Entrepreneur now and not an employee, you work for yourself
  • Network with successful people in the market you are in, what do they do daily, weekly, monthly, and mimic their actions. They aren't flying to the moon so you can do what they are!
  • Don't believe you can make millions by selling peanuts or toothpicks, high dollar ticket items are the way to go, people do believe " you get what you pay for"
  • Have daily, weekly, monthly goals and tell your closest positive people around you, they will keep you on track
  • Learn something new like social media, even the beta programs. Huge programs are normally saturated and realize that all programs started in a beta stage.

Here are a few steps I have found that allowed me to figure out how to be a successful internet marketer.

  1. Know why you are doing what you do - for me it's teaching, I love to teach people which makes them more valuable
  2. Know how much you are willing to part with when it comes to time and money to grow your business
  3. Do not give up! Think of the willpower of a child and learning to walk, their first steps, they are walking today. Why? They DIDN'T GIVE UP!
  4. Develop a business funnel, determining who you are going to attract to your product or service, how are you going to attract them. Also what type of support are you going to give them once they make an investment in what you are offering them?
  5. Determine what big-ticket item or service you are going to market, while there is only one I can personally endorse, there are others available.
  6. Complete your homework and your due diligence on which you will be joining ranks, what type of company will you be keeping? How successful is your mentor, and how will he or she help you make your business prosperous?

Finally one last thought on how to be a successful internet marketer:

Educate yourself with books, videos, training webinars, and network with other successful internet marketers. Ask the questions of what books they have read, what teachings or information can they recommend, as with many other companies we cannot be successful without helping others become successful. You may feel like a fool asking the simplest question but a fool for a moment is better than being a fool for a lifetime

Next, create a blog with good content and post it in place that your potential clients are spending their time. Next drive traffic. Social media sites are magnetic for potential clients, join them Facebook Instagram TIKTOK Craigslist to name a few make friends introduce your business opportunity to them and see if you can make potential clients into customers.

Need Fresh Leads? New Push-Button System Spits Out 67 Leads Daily.

Be patient but most of all are consistent. Affiliate Marketing is a business for the person who is willing to develop a skill set. This means staying the course .learn the niche that you feel you would be good at, and working on it.

Digital Marketing Intern at Gryffindor Academy (2021-present)

A key to succeeding in a digital marketing career is to pick up the right skills and tactics. It’s not a matter of cup of tea as we all know digital marketing is a vast domain concluding SEO, Pay-per-Click, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile MarketingMarketing Analytics much more.

The first step is to learn the skills-set of all these areas. It’s very important to have knowledge of all these digital aspects to apply in this practical scenario.

We should start the first step by enrolling in Digital marketing courses as it is the beginning part, where you can learn every digital aspect along with enhancing your skillset in the digital marketing domain.

If you want to share your answer to this Quora Question then please join in the conversation and share that on parent question on Quora- How do I succeed as a digital marketer?

So, Hopefully, it's very clear to you what steps you should follow to become a successful digital marketer? 

Follow the succeeded digital marketer suggested above steps to increase the digital marketing expertise level also to be successful in the digital marketing profession so that you can step ahead from your professional competitors in this competitive digital marketing.

Somewhere, If there have any rest answers about the titled post that I not clarified on this QA Session, then I would like to invite you to reach Me on Quora.

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Momenul Ahmad

Momenul Ahmad: Helping businesses, brands, and professionals on ethical SEO,

Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing Writer and Digital Marketing Blog (Founding) Owner at SEOSiri.