What is the legality of web scraping or, web scraping legal or illegal?

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Collecting data isn’t illegal rather data collection is the first stairs of the digital knowledge panel that helps us to forget the camel riding era and pushing us to the rocket riding era.

So, collecting data from the entire web whereas it’s manual or automated (web scraped), is 100% legal.

Web scraping is illegal:

Sometimes use cases (unethical and misusing the collected data) may banner web scraping is illegal (after judicial judgment between party A and party B).

If you are thirsty for web scraping is legal or not Then I would like to request you to read the descriptive context from my Quora answer link.

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My story behind discovering web data scraper: As a digital marketing professional, I am Momenul Ahmad as usually used to harvesting data regularly.

I scrape data manually, also used various types of data scraping tools but, the usability of that web scraper hooked up to search me for something more than a web scraper, that because I Googled and found these most useful data extraction tools.

Read my answer on Quora- What is the legality of web scraping

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