Search Engine Becoming More Humanistic Than Social Media Search Engine

Search Engine can't read human brain but Most of Search Engines can read and interact with human trendy mind and that's the why for search engine (in and out of boundary) becoming more humanistic than social media search engine ( in a boundary) ,

Here I specified Search Result compression of Social Media Search Engine V/S Search Engine -

LinkedIn : Suggested keywords result and show result in category as People,Jobs,Content,Companies,Group,School,Locations,Connections and Current Companies.

Twitter : Relevant keywords result and keywords related post also display specific result as you may like,top,latest,people,photos,videos,news,broadcast and hashtags.

Facebook : As same as linkedin,twitter here from you will get relevant keywords result and something new in categories result than others social media platform as posts ( as match with page title or group name and relevant with hashtags), people,photos,videos,shop,pages,places,groups,apps,events and link.

Google : Trendy global keywords suggestions and as basis on your recent or previous search also show result as per local citation and with google search engine result of country or region ( search engine country suffix CCTLD) and under search bar in fixed categories search engine google show personal,images,news,videos,maps,books,flights and it's help you by showing "people also ask" and at the end of search friend google suggest related search and not just this, this humanistic search engine also notify you to subscribe an email alert above the all most interesting fact is human characters of search boots google and now search crawl engine google follows humanistic sense of human.

But the how?

As a human being, We make sentences in four way as -
1- Simple or Declarative Sentence.
2- Command or Imperative Sentence
3- Question or Interrogation Sentence.
4- Exclamatory Sentence.

Thus the same way, When search engines crawl an article or something else on a website than google search crawl boots follow the above methods and not only google algorithm just do this but also google search crawl boots follow all of  Grammatical Terms  whether it is for images,videos or articles that's mean you have to more careful, When you are writing something for search engine as:

1- Avoid Repetitive words in a sentences or sentence with repetitive word.
2 - Use as much as keywords but must separate each and every keyword from one another by using specific oral / face to face communication skill as a general human being.
3- Keep yourself in safe zone by NOT USING misguided anchor text in link.
4- Try to write descriptive content in a short way.
5- Use relevant and bright image ( here I used my optimized keywords " seo consultant " which suggested keywords by linkedin search engine)
Linkedin's search engine suggested keywords seo consultant Momenul Ahmad's Optimize image

(limited) and try to make a short video covering title topics.
Hopefully you to that I made this title topic for your better understand thereafter in any miss conception,

I invite you to share your thought with me.
"There are no confusion that Social Media are performing well whether it's in Social Media Marketing or In Personally for entertain but When the same topics are relevant than happen something different in search results "
Momenul Ahmad

Recommended Search Infographic to you:
Major dissimilarities in the search industry.

SEO Audit and SEO Service Proposal in Search Engine Optimization

Service charges are common in any kind of services and it's become more flourish when you are submitting SEO service proposal letter to optimize your client's website for Search Engine.
Now a days Specialist in SEOs are doing well in Search Engine Optimization thereafter I have tried to give up a direction for newbies , so that they can manage and handle their SEO Audit to happier their respective business in smoothly .

                             Premium Site Audit and SEO ServiceProposal 

SEO Siri
House No: B/116,Block-E,                                        Domain:
Road No/Name: Mir Kashem Road,                         User Agent: SEO Siri Desktop,Mobile
Shibrampur,                                                               Last Update: April 16,       


Dear Admin,

Thank you for considering SEO Siri for your online marketing needs! We’re excited to help you promote Service with the goal of reaching a wider audience and generate lead. We believe that the strategies outlined in this proposal are a great way to help prospective you to decide and choose our authentic Service to conquare competitors market and reaching out searchers . With some retouch in design, optimizing, outreach, and internet marketing , We’re confident that your brand will reach a greater audience. Digitalimit will accomplish this by implementing the following digital marketing strategies:
This is inform you to that,in reply of your asking demand, I am Momenul Ahmad as of a seo facilitator here enclosed a work frame and budgetary plan for you, Where all of point noted down (may very on working process) with duration and price for you kind acknowledgement acknowledgement .

                                                        SEO Goal -

.Specific — We want to increase leads from organic search by 50 percent.
.Measurable — Easily measurable through rankings, organic traffic and results.
.Achievable — Rankings can always be improved, so this is achievable.
.Realistic — This is an improvement to an existing lead source.
.Timeline — 12 months gives us a deadline.


Optimization Suggestions for Mobile and Web -

On Page SEO -

Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content

Reduce server response time

Optimize images

Leverage browser caching

Prioritize visible content

Minify JavaScript

Minify CSS

4xx errors 1

Duplicate title tags 89

Duplicate content 8

Broken internal links 90

Pages not crawled 1

Duplicate meta descriptions 89

Missing h1 87

Missing ALT attributes 432

Low text to HTML ratio 89
Doctype not declared 1
Underscores in URL 41
Sitemap.xml not specified in robots.txt 1
HTTP encryption not used 1

Multiple h1 tags 2

Work on Coding, Work On Plug-in, Work On Domain Submission, Verificatin on Major Search Engine

                                          Analytical -

Linking Website Analytica Properties within web poperty to Data Boots .
Social Media Business and Social Media Analytical Setup .
Own Data Base Analysis .
Competitors Analysis .

Social Media Profile Linking to each others, Profile Optimization, Business Pages Optimization, Social Media Time Line or Profile Embedding (on demand) , Content Syndication (Main Site and Social Media),

Off-page SEO

  • Creating amazing, relevant, engaging and localized site content
  • Social Media marketing encouraging sharing of your content
  • Genuine reviews Generating
  • Article sharing submitting interesting, high quality articles to well-regarded PR article/business submission directory
  • Image and/or video submission on image and video submission sites, including title, description tags and links
  • Document sharing — unique and valuable content in pdf or ppt format, on document sharing sites
  • Local Business Listing .
  • Keywords Research .
  • Social Media & Others Outreach Campaign

                                         SEO Writing / Articles -

Targeted keywords basis writing , Which help audiences in content journey to destiny .

                                        SEO Mission - 
Improve and Assuring Web presence on Search Engines and Social Media, in order to acquires new customer and assuring brand visibility online.

                                              One Yearly SEO Budget Plan for One Website

S.L Types of Service  Quantity Duration Price in Tk/$
1 On Page SEO Miscellaneous 4 Months 60000 tk / 750 $
2 Off Page SEO Miscellaneous 12 Months 30000  tk / 375 $
3 Analytical / Competitors Analysis SearchEngine/Social Media 12 Months 40000  tk / 500 $
4 SEO Article Writing / On Page SEO 80-100 Articles 9 Months 80000  tk / 1000 $
Total = 12 Months 2,10,000tk /2625$

                                                            Facilities -
1- Any Time Support.
2- Worry Free Site Status
3- Privacy Value 

We sure that , You will love to work with us also it will be the most pleasant opportunity for us that if you choice us for better serve .

SEOSiri's Owner, Founder, Developer and Marketing Strategist 
Momenul Ahmad 

Grow Search Rank on SERPs Hiring Partfull-Time Online Marketing Professional

Search Visibility,Search Position,Search Ranking,Search Score all keywords phrases are mostly exclusive SEO terms in search algorithm,Where content visible results are gather on Search Engine ,Social Media and Local Citation so as to secure rank one position of a content or part of a content on Search Engine Result Page ( SERPs).Companies should concentrate on content optimization and hiring online jobs workers as basis Partfull-Time either it's for SEO (search engine optimization ) or PPC ( pay per click ) or SMM ( social media marketing ) Individual and Full Time Digital Marketing Professional  providing quality digital marketing services, considering Client's ROI .


"Telecommuters ( a.k.a remote workers ) are 13 % more efficient than office employee" 


Why Companies Chose Online Jobs Worker ?
SEOSiri - A Digital Marketing Blog search  insights from google my business

There are multiple reason to chose an online worker as -

1- Multi Talented .
2- Professional .
3- Honest and Verified .
4- Dedicated.
5- Up to Dated .
6- Delivering more than of expectation .
7- Qualified In Social Media and Search Engine Tested .
8 - Skilled in Digital Marketing Tools .
9- Productiveness  .
10 - Less Charged .
11- Quality Work .
12- Social Media Profile Strengthens .
13- Social Media Statistics 

How to chose an Online Marketing Expert ?

At the time of choosing an "Online Professional" Companies , Individual and Business should follow some core tactics as -

1-  Freelancer's / Online Marketing Professional's Owned Content Performance .
2- Productivity and Interest .
3- Online Visibility, Availability and Maturity .
4- Look Up Online Activities .
5- Followers Strength ( Industry Relevant )
6- Blog or Website's position ( SERPs, Social Media, Citation, Directory, Forum)
7- Posted Content Engagement , Recommendation , Reviews , Slack,Comments,Reply,Like,Share,Retweet, Answer View , Pin,Insta Activities  , Flip etc .
8- Social Media Profile .

Freelancing at a glance -

* 2020 freelance workforce predicted to rise to 43% .
* Remote employees are 13% more efficient than employees in an office .  
* Less sick leave .
* Freelancers work , When they want .
* Interest base workflow .
* Freelancers work , Where they want .
* Be your own boss.
* Spend less time , Where American worker spends 26 minutes to travel to work each day.
* Earn as much as you want .
* Invest where you want .

Most probably Companies,Business and all of online marketing professional already got the gist throw this article thereafter If I unable to reach your intelligence about Whom to hire as an Online Marketing Patfull-Time Professional than , I will request to Contact Me . 

In any lacking of misguided info , You may consider me providing sufficient information to improve healthy readership and have a request if you like this one than never forget to take action as like , comments, share , tweet , your each and every share influence me to ride on the Mount Everest.

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                                         Thanks for Inspiring 

Are you helping local competitors in digitally to increase local market sales?

In Mobile Local Search Google Serving Local 3 pack instead of 7 pack that's mean showing your own local business, in front of your local targeted buyers or audiences has been tough and impacts of this your buyers or local searchers are not being noticed as a result you are losing local market sales and your local competitors are doubling income by selling local products to local people and they are doing well figure sales in digital marketing by taking advantages from Search Engine , Google My Business , Bing Places for Business , Facebook Business Listing, Yelp,Foursquare,Yell, Apple Maps, Yahoo Directory , Yellow Pages and with others local citation , Social Media etc.

MOMENUL AHMAD                                      

                                      " Nearly 2/3 of Smartphone users more likely to purchase from companies whose mobile site or apps customize information to their location" #thinkwithGoogle 

Who are going ahead in Local Panels ?

In local panels Google displaying overviews and reviews tab and here on those who have complete listing ( NAP ) with associated or linked website contact us section , Real Reviews ( GMB and Social Media ) only they are reaching their targeted audience by optimizing content SEO in proper way. Now local listing more smarter than ever causes are now have asking and answering option that's mean more interact and more engagement opportunity with local product searchers, also in Google My Business When a local business owner post something new then that's post help his goods to grow search engine visibility by this way local shop owner help customers to reach,know,test or see,bargaining and influence to buy his product .  

                                     "3in4 Smartphone owners turn to search first to address their immediate needs" #thinkwithGoogle 

Who are walking back from local market competition ?

Those are whom have't any idea about Local Digital Marketplaces, Local Competitors ,Local Searchers and Local Shopper by that's mean either they are ignoring Digital Marketing or have't idea of Digital Market but now a day local eCommerce,non eCommerce product searchers and smart searchers getting direction from local listing or calling business by clicking on call button, getting ideas about product from reviews section, asking business product related question  ( before visiting local store , booking, order ) , visiting website for more and also local smart shoppers helping you providing precious feedback of your products and all can be positive if you transform your business traditional to digital otherwise you are walking back from digital marketplace and helping your competitors to grow their local business.
SEOSiri's Live Images of Native and Abroad listing result from Google My Business and Google Maps 
smart Google My Business insights of

SERPs of SEOSiri's

strong phrase keywords " seo specialist " local result from Google Maps

international targeted keywords phrase " international seo " top local 3 packs result on Google Maps

all the above images are for your better understand and here I attached just a few phrase keywords images except this there are lots of keywords and phrases keywords of SEOSiri's (this site) with long tail , that's mean my local and international clients are engaging with my content and as of their interaction I am helping them providing my professional digital marketing services 

Business Ask !

How may I defeat my local competitors ?

"To conquer in digital market war  on local competition there are no others alternative except local listing of business on local citation" #MomenulAhmad

Is it mandatory to listed a multinational brand on local citation? 

Yes of course you need to Opt In your business on local citations . Think you are Nike and you operate your business in Bangladesh and here you have a sole distributor one who distribute all of Nike products across the country via sub distributors,dealers and agency's and when Nike brand visible on local market that time Nike is local brand so you should list and highlights your business on local search .

#LocalGuide and Business success Image of SEOSiri's local clients 
SEOSiri's #LetsGuide success SEO work view

Who can help us to establish our brand visibility in locally ? 

 can help you to grow your content visibility on SERPs and Local Digital Marketing sector and along with this am cordially inviting to contact  here or via Social Media to serve you.

                                   "Maximum local consumers journey drive by smartphones searches" #MomenulAhmad

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Serve SEO by The Quality, Not In Quantity | Cheap SEO services

Quality SEO Service by SEO Siri 
Unfortunatly some of Cheap SEOs serve  cheap rated SEO In quantity and thus the same ways some of business belive in quantity SEO Services,Which almostly oposite site of the real Search Engine Optimization math and the main SEO fact is serving quality SEO is the best policy and as a business owner always you should consider quality SEO Services not Quantity SEO Services,When you are completing your content SEO by someone or yourself.

What is Quality SEO?

In quality SEO,Search Engine Algorithm are the main pillar and it's alwayas saluted by professional and skilled SEOs even trusted by business owner, Who already have been benefited and beneficiaries.
"SEO Is An Art Which Done By Patience"
SEO Consultant Momenul Ahmad
What is Quantity SEO?

In quantity SEO, Search Engine Algorithm ignore by unskilled,so called and cheap reated SEOs.

Bad impacts of quantity SEO services :-
1- Neglect by Search Engine.
2- Less user experience in content.
3- Possibility of getting baned by Search Engine.
4- Grow ignorance lavel on Directory,Social Bookmarking,Web Forum,Questioners platform.
5- Incrase Site Bounce Rate.
6- Blocked by Social Media Boots.
7- Increase disappearace level on local search even local citation listening removal posibility 100%.
8- Zero Acceptance on Social Media by Social Media followers as a result loosing Social Media followers are common facts.
9- Ignored by Ads boots as a result CPM,CPC,CPA,CPV getting minus and Marketer going out to competitors.
and there are lots of facts, Which well known impact  in SEO as black hats,gray hats SEO technic result.

Here on above I attached an image to understand that,  What is quality SEO work? Where will see imdex coverage status of this blog and this status by Google Search Console,Where you are seeing that 47 valid page and "0" zero pages with errors. It happens only for perfect SEO tasks.

Suggestion :- Content is king so please take care on content health and remmber that SEO isn't service of one time, SEO is a continues process so be care, When someon offer you to complete SEO in a few days.
" I believe in quality SEO, Not in quantity SEO"

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When Top Digital Marketing Blog Is Your Top Organic Competitors | SEO, Keywords, SEM, PPC

Now  a days in the Digital Marketing arena business success fully depend on competitive analysis of Top Organic Competitors , Which I have learnt from world's leading top Digital Marketing Blog.However Either it's Organic Competitors analysis or Paid Competitors analysis in SEO or  SEM under organic keywords and in paid keywords on PPC segment but analysis is must to calculate ROI


Organic SEO Status At A Glance of SEOSiri's  Top Organic Competitors :-

Crunchbase on SEO Siri as an Organic Competitors
1. Crunchbase - SEO Rank 114
                        - Paid Rank 9,701
                        - Link Rank - 147
                        - Social Rank- 9,697
                        - SEO Visibility - 636,739 (0.86%up)
                        - Organic Keywords - 610,080
                        - Strongest Keywords - Craigslist .

2. Forbes -      - SEO Rank 28
                       - Paid Rank 1,378
                       - Link Rank 34
                       - Social Rank 33
                       - SEO Visibility 1,919,754 (-2.52%)
                       - Organic Keywords 4,349,611
                       - Strongest Keywords Snapchat .
Search Engine Land On SEO Siri as an Organic Competitor

3. Search Engine Land - SEO Rank 700
                                     - Paid Rank 0
                                     - Link Rank 623
                                     - Social Rank 1,203
                                     - SEO Visibility 108,660 (-0.81%)
                                     - Organic Keywords 113,792
                                     - Strongest Keyword Bing .

Search Engine Watch On SEO Siri as an Organic Competitor

4. Search Engine Watch - SEO Rank 2,469
                                       - Paid Rank 0
                                       - Link Rank 4,030
                                       - Social Rank 12,745
                                       - SEO Visibility 29,062 ( -32%)
                                       - Organic Keywords 56,214
                                       - Strongest Keyword Duck Duck Go .

Search Engine Journall On SEO Siri as an organic competitor

5. Search Engine Journal - SEO Rank 4,443
                                         - Paid Rank 0
                                         - Link Rank 2,737
                                         - Social Rank 6.020
                                         - SEO Visibility 15,596(-4.82%)
                                         - Organic Keyword 58,774
                                         - Strongest Keyword Twitter Search .

I am abide reader of above mentioned top Digital Marketing Blog but today I discover them as my Organic Search Competitors , Which surprisingly surprised me and I found this when I was researching my content that's time world's top Competitors Analytical Tools Search Metrics indicate them as my Top Organic Search Competitors as basis on some precious long tail keywords of my blog , Which I mentioned below. 

"To be succeed in Organic,Paid and Owned media there are no others alternative except keywords analysis " #MomenulAhmad 

There are several ways to analysis competitors keywords among of them competitors analytical software or competitors analytical tools some of theme are free and some of are paid as usual to find matching tools  apply below attached  showing long tail phrases keywords. 

free competitors analysis tools SEOSiri's image

SEO Siri's Organic Competitors Image by Search Metrics Suite  

Top Organic Competitors of seosiri

SEOSiri's Ranking 4 Keywords In U.S

1 - siri online  - Position - 46 -CPC - 0.13 - Search Volume - 1,638 

2 - seo services cheap - Position - 34 - CPC - 7.69 - Search Volume -  472

3 - - Position - 48 - CPC- 1.27 - Search Volume - 274

4 - cheap seo service - Position - 32 - CPC - 18.67 - Search Volume - 73 

See live scenario at below image provided by  searchmetrics suite

SEO Siri's long tail keywords position against organic search competitors
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What Services Proposal I offer in Digital Marketing ?

As an independent and full time International Digital Marketer, I serve and solve various types of Digital Marketing terms in favor of my client's,Companies and I do this as basis
on my Services Proposal , Which I actually offer on Digital Marketing.
SERPs of SEO Siri

Proposed services of mine:-
Traditional Business Transformation Consultancy
Curating Digitally Transformed Business
Public Speaking , Training
Domain Name Suggestion
* Domain Name Registration
* Website Building
* Website Design  
* Website Troubleshooting
* eCommerce Site Building and Maintenance
* Content Creation
* Content Monetization
* Webmaster Services
* Search Engine Optimization
* Search Engine Marketing
* Social Media Services
* Social Media Marketing
* Local Citation Listings .

All the above pointed services are't in descriptive just in keywords so see herein details of my Services Proposal .


All of my services are open for all and being as an individual or by professional,company,business,industrialist, organization,official and media professional,You can buy my expertise or include me on your team.

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