SEO Audit and SEO Service Proposal in Search Engine Optimization

Service charges are common in any kind of services and it's become more flourish when you are submitting SEO service proposal letter to optimize your client's website for Search Engine.
Now a days Specialist in SEOs are doing well in Search Engine Optimization thereafter I have tried to give up a direction for newbies , so that they can manage and handle their SEO Audit to happier their respective business in smoothly .

                             Premium Site Audit and SEO ServiceProposal 

SEO Siri
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Dear Admin,

Thank you for considering SEO Siri for your online marketing needs! We’re excited to help you promote Service with the goal of reaching a wider audience and generate lead. We believe that the strategies outlined in this proposal are a great way to help prospective you to decide and choose our authentic Service to conquare competitors market and reaching out searchers . With some retouch in design, optimizing, outreach, and internet marketing , We’re confident that your brand will reach a greater audience. Digitalimit will accomplish this by implementing the following digital marketing strategies:
This is inform you to that,in reply of your asking demand, I am Momenul Ahmad as of a seo facilitator here enclosed a work frame and budgetary plan for you, Where all of point noted down (may very on working process) with duration and price for you kind acknowledgement acknowledgement .

                                                        SEO Goal -

.Specific — We want to increase leads from organic search by 50 percent.
.Measurable — Easily measurable through rankings, organic traffic and results.
.Achievable — Rankings can always be improved, so this is achievable.
.Realistic — This is an improvement to an existing lead source.
.Timeline — 12 months gives us a deadline.


Optimization Suggestions for Mobile and Web -

On Page SEO -

Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content

Reduce server response time

Optimize images

Leverage browser caching

Prioritize visible content

Minify JavaScript

Minify CSS

4xx errors 1

Duplicate title tags 89

Duplicate content 8

Broken internal links 90

Pages not crawled 1

Duplicate meta descriptions 89

Missing h1 87

Missing ALT attributes 432

Low text to HTML ratio 89
Doctype not declared 1
Underscores in URL 41
Sitemap.xml not specified in robots.txt 1
HTTP encryption not used 1

Multiple h1 tags 2

Work on Coding, Work On Plug-in, Work On Domain Submission, Verificatin on Major Search Engine

                                          Analytical -

Linking Website Analytica Properties within web poperty to Data Boots .
Social Media Business and Social Media Analytical Setup .
Own Data Base Analysis .
Competitors Analysis .

Social Media Profile Linking to each others, Profile Optimization, Business Pages Optimization, Social Media Time Line or Profile Embedding (on demand) , Content Syndication (Main Site and Social Media),

Off-page SEO

  • Creating amazing, relevant, engaging and localized site content
  • Social Media marketing encouraging sharing of your content
  • Genuine reviews Generating
  • Article sharing submitting interesting, high quality articles to well-regarded PR article/business submission directory
  • Image and/or video submission on image and video submission sites, including title, description tags and links
  • Document sharing — unique and valuable content in pdf or ppt format, on document sharing sites
  • Local Business Listing .
  • Keywords Research .
  • Social Media & Others Outreach Campaign

                                         SEO Writing / Articles -

Targeted keywords basis writing , Which help audiences in content journey to destiny .

                                        SEO Mission - 
Improve and Assuring Web presence on Search Engines and Social Media, in order to acquires new customer and assuring brand visibility online.

                                              One Yearly SEO Budget Plan for One Website

S.L Types of Service  Quantity Duration Price in Tk/$
1 On Page SEO Miscellaneous 4 Months 60000 tk / 750 $
2 Off Page SEO Miscellaneous 12 Months 30000  tk / 375 $
3 Analytical / Competitors Analysis SearchEngine/Social Media 12 Months 40000  tk / 500 $
4 SEO Article Writing / On Page SEO 80-100 Articles 9 Months 80000  tk / 1000 $
Total = 12 Months 2,10,000tk /2625$

                                                            Facilities -
1- Any Time Support.
2- Worry Free Site Status
3- Privacy Value 

We sure that , You will love to work with us also it will be the most pleasant opportunity for us that if you choice us for better serve .

SEOSiri's Owner, Founder, Developer and Marketing Strategist 
Momenul Ahmad