The secret of social media marketing & how to think about it?

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FYI: If you're wondering about social media marketing but don't know how to do it, here are some social media marketing secrets that can help you get started.

Social media is a mess for most people, but it is a hidden Gem for business owners. In our decade-long journey as a social media marketing service provider, we saw some small business owners frustrated for not understanding relevant content, not understanding ROI, not having engagement ideas, and not having a strong business focus.

Success requires a growth mindset and the ability to take risks. They are unsuccessful because they need some clarification about social media marketing. Such as:

1) I need a huge social media presence for a successful business.

You don't need it because everyone is not your customer. If your content is for everyone, then your content is for no one. Do deep research on your target audience& make content for them.

2) The more followers I have, the better.

When you post content (Optimal Posting best practices), social media shows it to a small group of people, and it observes how people react to it. Based on this result, social media algorithms choose how to distribute this piece of content on the internet.

That's why you don't need a massive follower to achieve success on social media.

3) I must be on every social media platform to be successful.

I said before that know your ideal customer avatar. What they like and don't like. All kinds of people are not available on all social media platforms. Suppose you want to sell your digital marketing course, then YouTube or LinkedIn may be a good fit rather than Instagram.

4) Everyone sees everything I post, so I can only post it once.

Everyone doesn't see everything. People like content that is relatable to them. Suppose you want to sell gym equipment. Now, only a person with overweight can find it relatable. Timing is also a big factor. At lunchtime noon most of the people are active on LinkedIn.

5) I can sell, sell, and sell on social media.

You should know 2 things. 1) People don't buy products from unknown people. They buy products from their friends or from the reputed brands. 2) People don't buy what they need. People buy what they want. Engaging content with problem-solving products will influence them to buy from you.

social media marketing & how to think about it

This is how you should think about social media marketing but diving deep, unfold the Strategic Social Media Marketing Plan, unfold the Strategic Social Media Marketing Plan, first. . .

The focus of a business is to earn a return that is higher than its cost of capital. We call it positive ROI (return on investment).

You should have a proper understanding of budget distribution in your business actions like making good quality products, distribution, sales and marketing, etc.

When you are given to sell a product, it is actually 2 products. One is a physical product car, glass, furniture, whatever it is, and the second product is – the emotion that people have with this product. Take this emotion and create a customer avatar.

Create content based on this data show them the customer avatar that you created for them. If you show them who they are and what their problem is, then they will find it relatable and they will consider you as their friend. It's helpful for sales.

Identify your customer data more preciously from this content& make your customer avatar more realistic with UGC (user-generated content). Now, create a new piece of content and target only those customers who show interest in your previous content. This is how you can turn more than 90% of your viewers into customers.

Putting your business on social media is not enough. Make sure your ideal customer sees it. For this, you need SEO (Search engine optimization) services. An amazing agency that provides this SEO service is SEOSiri.

To make sales on social media you must focus on 2 things SEO and social media marketing because Social Media Optimization is also a parameter of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). & Digital Marketing.  

Social Media Marketing the greatest things to be done with SEOSiri:

"Try to give the best, try to achieve the trust because these types of service quality make your clients/customers feel about you, you aren't just their service provider rather you are their service advocate too". -Momenul Ahmad

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