How to write a writing rate bargaining letter to write a 100-word social media post?

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Depending on the professional writing skills (including social media, blog posts, and web content), influential potentialities, and activities, the rates for writing and promotion might vary. They could start from $0.05 to $1.5 per word.

If the writing service involves more technical and influential efficiencies, the rates could potentially increase.

“Before promoting your professional skills, understand your worth in the marketplace. -Momenul Ahmad

Why do I need to have to write a bargain rate letter to write 100-word social media posts?

The proposed "social media post writing" offer from the marketing manager:

Working responsibility is quite similar to what you have done in the past. We would like you to write some short paragraphs related to big data or SMBs operations, among which you need to insert "Company" into your insight and how this tool can help address problems for SMBs. The word "Company" will need to be added as a hyperlink (which will be your affiliate tracking link back to our website).

Your income consists of a 30% recurring commission as well as $20 per post! if the performance is good, we can give more bonus. So the first 10 posts will be test posts. Also, we will upgrade your "Company" plan to standard so you can use all the premium functions inside our product.

If the performance is great, for example, at least 5 people click and register, then we will increase the fee to 2–5 times. The rewards you get are in direct proportion to the people you refer. So 20$ will only be the beginning.

And don't forget the 30% recurring commission. Every customer you bring will bring you at least 30$ and as long as he subscribes to the plan, which is very likely, you will get paid the same amount every month. Imagine you bring 50 customers and that’s 1500$ every month and 18,000$ a year, totally passive income.

You have great influence in this area, so I believe the stats are underestimated.

rate bargaining letter to write a 100-word social media post

As for my
Professional Writing Capabilities and Skillsets, the level of Quora Influence hooks me up to bargain on the mentioned post rate and facilities because I write this writing rate bargaining letter.

Writing rate bargaining letter template to write a 100-word social media post:

Subject: Negotiation of Writing Rate for Social Media Post

Hi Hiring Manager,

It’s a pleasure to meet you. I received your message and have a few points to discuss.

Tracking Referrals: How can I keep track of someone I referred? I understand that monitoring may be possible through UTM parameters.

Content Quality: I have a proven track record, so I don’t agree with the concept of ‘test posts’. I believe each post should start as a ‘paid polished copy’ from the outset. If necessary, I’m open to suggestions for re-editing.

Commission Rate: I would like to propose a reduction in the commission rate from 30% to 20%. Please consider this request, especially if there are any issues with the current rate.

Rate per Copy: I would, also request to increase the rate per copy from $20 to $25 for a 100-word Quora Post with Promotion of the content on Quora.

Please see the previous recommendation regarding "Company" for reference.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Momenul Ahmad

Finally, the Bargained rate is accepted at $25 per 100-word post with 20% product/service selling commissions from the Company end.

N.B: The company is a recurring client so I had previous work experience and a handsome recommendation from a previous marketing manager.

FYI, You may attach another portfolio in this writing rate bargaining letter template, See email SEO Proposal Template.

N.B: As an independent digital marketing professional, I work based on the B to P (business to professional) formula. I don't offer or service my/our services through the freelancing platform.

Thank you

Momenul Ahmad

Website design and web development service provider

Momenul Ahmad: Helping businesses, brands, and professionals with ethical SEO and digital Marketing. Digital Marketing Writer, Digital Marketing Blog (Founding) Owner at SEOSiriSEO Copywriter (Remote) at Octoparse - Octopus Data Inc, SE Ranking AI Writer Reviewer, Web Writer at Washington MORNING, CMO at Organic Agri Pro, Web Developer and Digital Marketing Strategist at a parental concern of Sangeet Bidya Bithi, (Gopalpur Shishu Shikkha Niketon), Pabna.

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