Which is the most strategic step to drive more engaging traffic to websites and blogs?

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Except for auto trafficking (useless traffic), it’s difficult to drive more traffic to a website but not impossible to drive real traffic, I mean engaged (organic web traffic).

seosiri: blogging strategy

So, if you want to convert the impossible to possible then consider these steps to drive the engaged traffic to your website very easily.

Content Creation Quotes

And, when you're moving forward to aging the attention of Search Engines and Audiences then mind this quote too:

"Each of readers is unique, each of content creators is unique, each of content platforms is unique, each of content ranking algorithms is unique, so be Unique to be Unique than the others unique one. -Momenul Ahmad

The most Strategic Steps to drive the engaged traffic to the website/blog:

Step 1. Harvest blog niches properly.

Step 2. Stay up to date with niche industry.

Step 3. Create authentic niche content (eye-catchy and search bots-friendly blog post images


Step 4. Optimize content keywords for niche communities.

Step 5. Create content for search bots and humans.

Step 6. Syndicate and re-purpose content on the relevant platforms.

Step 7. Try to build a loyal community.

Step 8. Try to grow relationships with the community.

Step 9. Try to be the advocate and friend.

Step 10. Keep a cool approach and avoid a selling attitude while cross-posting.

Step 11. SEOSiri: blogging search operators

 (Search on Google).

Step 12. SEOSiri: keywords rank

 (Search on any Search Engines).

Step 13. Write SEO Copy

 for blog.

Step 14. Write e-commerce copy

 for eCommerce sites.

Step 15. Try to drive traffic

 organically not by booting traffic.

Step 16. Make blog post platform search and human friendly (fast index blog, website).

Step 17. Strategy to increase DA and PA also grow to content engagement and driving traffic to a website through Social Media Marketing, Google for SEOSiri: strategic social media marketing steps to get out the most (follow image):

seosiri strategy for social media traffic

Step 18. Re-write and update content, when getting an update on industry topics and rewrite content when the content is ranked down or add something on written content to make it more attractive.

“The real traffic is equivalent to normal heart rates, so if your web traffic growth rate is equivalent to an abnormal rate then, must diagnosis that website traffic” Momenul Ahmad

Step 19. Create blog-categorized content to hint to the search engines what the site is about and also to chain content links between the old one and newly published content and build your own blog/website search operator, like SEOSiri Search Operators:

  • SEOSiri
  • SEOSiri: About
  • SEOSiri: Team
  • SEOSiri: Contact
  • SEOSiri: Services
  • SEOSiri: Products
  • SEOSiri: Hire
  • SEOSiri: Jobs
  • SEOSiri: Recommendations
  • SEOSiri: Reviews
  • SEOSiri: SEO
  • SEOSiri: SEO service
  • SEOSiri: SEO copywriting
  • SEOSiri: Digital Marketing
  • SEOSiri: e-Commerce copywriting
  • SEOSiri: Web development
  • SEOSiri: SEO cost
  • SEOSiri: SEO pricing
  • SEOSiri: SEO service lists
  • SEOSiri: Digital marketing
  • SEOSiri: social media
  • SEOSiri: Client registration
  • SEOSiri: Enquiry
  • SEOSiri: Sponsored
  • SEOSiri: Guest Posts
  • SEOSiri: Founder
  • SEOSiri: Location
  • SEOSiri: Latitude
  • SEOSiri: Year in founded
  • SEOSiri: Hashtags
  • SEOSiri: Citations
  • SEOSiri: Service Page
  • SEOSiri: Latitude and Longitude
  • SEOSiri:

Step 20: Always stay on topic, and discuss the topics.

"Always follow the latest updates rather than following the backdated top SERPs cause technology updating, changing and shaping the entire web several times a day". - Momenul Ahmad

Hope these Strategic Steps to drive traffic to the website help.

Furthermore, apply this SEOSiri: blogging strategy on Google Search You'll get more info about blogging, blog traffic, etc. also overcome the common SEO battle.

Thank you

Momenul Ahmad

Momenul Ahmad: Helping businesses, brands, and professionals in ethical SEO and digital Marketing. Digital Marketing Writer and Digital Marketing Blog (Founding) Owner at SEOSiri.


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