How do I increase Google SERPs Click-through rate (CTR)

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I'm sure you know what Google ranks content on the SERP as the basis on content health and the web audience's intent and a searcher's interaction surrounding your published content that helps to grow the content's CTR in Search Engine Results Page (SERPs)?

Unveiled maths to increase the Content Click-Through Rate (CTR) through the Search Engine Results Page, includes Google SERPs, Bing SERPs, Yandex SERPs, Yahoo SERPs, also as well as the others SERPs:

Two and two make a four, thus the same way, When a content builder builds the content, then the content developer firstly focuses on the audience's expectations besides focusing on the search algorithm for:

  1. Search Indexing.
  2. Search Crawling.
  3. Indexed SERPs.
  4. Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs),

Aiming gets the audience's attention one his content on SERPs rank.

So, A well-optimized content is when a searcher discovers in Google and matches with his search intent, then, the searcher moves forward to a specific destiny clicking on a particular link.


Ultimately, on that time, on that site, when a searcher (web audience) reached, then the audience browsed, read, search on-site, and take decisions to complete an action, like purchase, booking, order, download, subscribe.

But, If a destinate site structure, not UX friendly, then ultimately CTR goes down, content and site bounce rate goes high that's why consistency is to balance content building and search experience (search optimized content) for strategic impacts to grow Google SERPs CTR.

Following steps to increase the Contents CTR in Google Search, Helps to write an engaging SEO Copy, and grow Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO):

  • Write A headline that's emphasized curiosity
  • Title with clear hints for asking, solving, and answering
  • Visually feel you're A guide that can read the audience's mind and can reply instantly
  • (write a descriptive context) so that the audience feels all things natural
  • Always writeup the following Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Avoid Inertia and over-expertise in writing (blogging, writing),
  • and voicing (vlogs, podcasts).
  • Remember it, Concentrating on humor, fun, strategy in writing is best practice.
  • Let the audience in thinking through the entire context.
  • Take breaks between pre-description, description and to take breaks, add authentic and relevant Quotes or a gif.
  • Tell the story that refreshes the audience's brain, and return their psychology to your title. 
  • Help to make decisions and conversational in writing
  • Avoid entirely selling pitches, but "promote without feelings like promotional"
  • Make it enjoyable, avoid unnecessary Expansion in a written context.
  • Write clear copy following keywords placements, link anchoring, backlinking, and backlinks guide.
  • Avoid unnecessary branding, apply less colorful content, Optimize page speed, and over-sponsored content (Ads) helps reduce bounce rate.
  • Being a website owner needs to focus on content optimization for human intent, and search algorithms.
  • Consider the technical issues fixing for (UX) surrounding the website/blog's content.

Follow the above-mentioned best SEO Copywriting practices in writing to Increase CTR in Google search and roll on the buyer's journey through a conversational approach (in some cases follow the expert's Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) guide) that helps a buyer to take action to make the decision.

WWW disclaimer:

If you are familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), then ready, steady, go for optimization to increase the Click-through rate (CTR) on Google SERP.


Alongside, If you can't optimize your content, then hire SEOs nevertheless, you may pay off a lot for doing misguided SEO cause SEO is a Big Deal.

So beware before doing anything wrong in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Let's practice this simple, but the authentic guide to increasing Google's SERP's ranked Search Engine Result's CTR that's fairly meet the audience's need (a satisfied buyer or customer's journey) from the beginning to last (decide the decisions).


So if a website, a blog owner follows the above described best practices (this blog post context), then the websites/blog owners can balance to increase the Google SERPs CTR comprising with the user intent and Google Search and Content Ranking Algorithm.

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I hope it's answered.

Thank you


Momenul Ahmad

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