What FAQs are on your mind about web data scraping, data scraping tools?

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Either you are a data enthusiast, data scientist, simply a data scraping professional or, a data researcher/data analyst, as a business professional while monitoring, analyzing, scrap data, arranging data, filtering data, importing extracted data for business purposes also being a data scraper enthusiast while seeking answers on web data scraping, data scraping, data scraping tools/software FAQ.

Then, the most common questions get you stuck in your mind about the web data scraping and data scraping tools.

Questions and answers on Quora in reply to your frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the web data scraping, and data scraping tools:

What is a good Mac web scraper?

We are here to find the best web scraper that’s not only a good Mac web scraper but also works on any device and, fully effective data scraping solution for any OS, i.e.:

Mac Os, Windows OS, incorporate with any business size, business category, i.e. eCommerce, Shopify, Facebook focusing, the legal data collections ethic.

FYN, Octoparse scrape, whatever data (any website, any operating system supported, OS) that’s most desirable to you for Mac OS, Windows OS, and other Operating Systems (OS).

I hope already you got the hints for Mac OS Supported Web Scraper. Now let’s try to define:

How do searchers engaging with these search terms, search topics by business category from Google Trends for scraping, Mac OS, eCommerce data, Data Scraping?

Google Trends Compared breakdown for web scraper, data scraping, macOS, Read more from the original answer on Quora for not only good but also the best Mac web scraper

Is there any way to extract data from Facebook?

Yes, there is a lot of data extractor to scrape Facebook data but before knowing them, let's try to know about Facebook Data Market Share,  Facebook Data Mining, Facebook data research, data analysis, Facebook market monitor, Facebook market analysis:

  1. How do I start Facebook data collecting, mining data, shorting data from Facebook groups, Facebook profiles, Facebook pages?
  2. In this case, Do I do extract Facebook Data manually?
  3. Is it impossible to extract Facebook data?
  4. Is there any technique/way for extracting large amounts of Facebook data automatically?

Since Facebook belongs to large amounts of active data, So is it possible to (extract) collecting, mining, shorting, and arranging large amounts of data manually?

No, it's impossible, but not hard cause there are multiple ways to extract Facebook data, Learn more from my answer on Quora.

Which of the best web scraping software have the top 10 software quality attributes?

If you feel the reality for the best web data scraping software have the top 10 software quality attributes, then you have to focus on that web scraping software’s pre-qualification, post qualifications, and random adaptability along with above mentioned the 6Q parameters, web data scraping FAQs, and the top 10 Software Quality Attributes.

The 6Q parameters of the web data scraping software, also for any type of software: and even for a product or any services, i.e.,

  1. Quality planning.
  2. Quality assurance.
  3. Quality control.
  4. Quality improvement.
  5. Quality productions.
  6. Quality feedback.

All goodies in a web data scraping software that have the top 10 software quality attribute ensure that this is the best e best web data scraping tool, i.e., Octoparse, and the other best web data scraping tool founds on MarketWatch as:

Top players covered in this Web Scraping Software Market research report:

● Import.io.

● Octopus Data.

● Mozenda.

● Diffbot.

● Scrapinghub.

Read more from Momenul Ahmad's parent answers on Quora the best web scraping software have the top 10 software quality attributes

What are some of the best web data scraping tools?

Before declaring a web data scraping tool as the best web data scraping tool, we should first look upon the 6Q parameters of a web data scraping tool, and even for a product or any services, i.e., quality planning, quality assurance, quality control, quality improvement, quality productions, and the quality feedback.

Also, give proper feedback for the accurate e-commerce data scraping and the overall web data scraping FAQs, I.E.,

How do the best web scrapers reach their clients, customers, and audiences?

How do web scrapers provide the best support to their clients?

Do web scraping service providers listen to their clients properly?

Do they have the best service features that suit a single user, SMEs, Mid-level businesses, large business groups also meet the data scraping needs of any business?

Does a web scraping tool work with any business category?

How much do web scrapers adapt to trending technology?

So to be the best web data scraping tools, to achieve customer/clients satisfaction and the growth of customer retention, web scraping tools/software have the proper answers for the above FAQs.

Also, have to ensure the 6Q software quality parameters, e-commerce data scraping FAQs.

Wait! Just film roll rolling so it’s not the end, that means If there has obtained the above mentioned the all question's answer theater you can not declare or think a web scraping tool as the best web scraping tools.

The best web data scraping tools

To declare, to decide, to choose the best web data scraping tools???

If you want to declare, decide, and choose any of the web scraping tools as the best web data scraping tools then, you have to consider these the top 10 software quality attributes, whether it’s a web scraper or any upcoming and existing software on this planet.

The top 10 Software Quality Attributes:

  1. Reliability Engineering: This software attribute refers to the human interface rather than the technical interface.
  2. Usability: This quality attribute assures outcomes of software, customers/software user’s overall satisfaction. Also, this attribute helps to grow the web scraping software market share, and the users retention and positive reaction on the best web scraper or whichever surrounding the best software in the software market.
  3. Maintainability: This attribute refers to a software repair that happens for a specific time from the server end, maintains and updates, or can be maintained instantly by recommended action from the server-side, and interaction that is complete from the user’s end by that means smooth software maintainability equals users satisfaction.
  4. Portability: The Software portability attribute refers to how OS-friendly the software is? How hassle-free software is that assures software compatibility with one another devices by that software components adaptability?
  5. Software testability: Software testability attributes exam to fit a software user UI for more productivity over a software simplicity, controllability, stability, availability, controllability, and observability.
Read more on parent answers on Quora, the best web data scraping tool by Momenul Ahmad.

What are some good tools for interactive web scraping and automation?

If you're seeking interactive and automated web scraping tools, then you know the first, What are interactive web scraping and scraping data automation tools?

Interactive web scrape and scraping data automation tool that interacts equally with the human data scraping intention, features of web scrape tools, and web scraping technology

Features of web scraping tools will help you to get an idea about the serviceability and service delivery of a web data scraper that will let you know:

What quality does it obtain in a web scraper?

How effective are web data scraping tools?

Good, and interactive web scraping tools must obtain these features:

  1. Tech friendly: Interactive web scraping tools should be built with the most popular programming that is compatible with all OS, Devices, and human brains.
  2. User-friendly: Easy to use, easy to scrap, work on any device, save time, fulfill exact web data scraping demands and provide more linguistic support.
  3. Industry friendly: Broad match with industry category whereas the data scraping aspects for e-commerce industry or hospitality.
  4. Budget-friendly: Do more with fewer spends with interactive and automated web scraper that delivers more but charges a little of amounts.
  5. Deliver what: Interactive web scraper delivers the exact, i.e, automated, versatility in data scraping format, scrape large amounts data, cloud storage, filtered data, well-arranged data, and more that meet any kinds of business level’s data scraping needs instantly.
  6. Trust and security: Whatever, web scraping tools are interactive or not, automated or manual but the core points of view and purpose of trust and security of the web data scraping tools would be the same for all users, and user interactions will be the same for an interactive web data scraper?
  7. Up to date: The interactive web scraping service provider stays focus on technology trends, and that for they update web scraping tools/software versions with recent tech-changes and even compiling also considering the legal issues, i.e., GDPR and EU Data Uses Policy to show off the functionality and adaptability.
interactive web scraping tools
Read more from the original answer on Quora: Interactive web scraping and data scraping automation tools.

What is the future of web scraping?

Web Scraping Future:

Though web data scraping market share is rising anyway, web scraping is at a co-industry level in digital marketing.

But, the desired day is not so far that the data scraping growth, scrapped web data productivity, data usability, and the necessity of web data scraping technology will be recognized in the future as the web data scraping industry.

What will happen in the future Data Scraping will lose the Data Scraping Market Share?

Someone may estimate that in the future, the web data scraper will vanish forever.

Attention, Please!!!

I don’t think that, in the future, the web data scraping technique, tools will no longer exist.

I don’t think that the web data scraper will be listed as an unethical data collection technique and will vanish forever.

Rather than the web data scraping technology (algorithm, tools, software, apps, web apps) will be more modern by following the adaptive and upcoming web technologies as per the future digital marketing demands.

Future of Web Scraping and Future Pattern of The Web Data Scraper, (future web data scraping software design infographic), Read more for future data scraping and future web data scraping tools.

Do the web scraping tools the ultimate source for e-commerce business development?

Yes, obviously it is the ultimate source to develop an e-commerce business.

Web Scraper The Ultimate source to e-commerce business development:

The definite way to choose a data scraping tool that meets all the e-commerce data scraping needs whereas it's for the individual eCommerce site, SMEs, LTD, PLC, LLC, and Inc level of businesses.

So, to get the Ultimate success in e-commerce development, step forward to the latest web scraping technology integrated sites like Octoparse and scrap e-commerce data in the most popular data scraping format as per your requirement.

And then monitor, analyze, read more for the 

ultimate source for e-commerce business development?

How does web scraping help your e-commerce development?

Web scraping software not only helps to collect e-commerce development data but also helps to know about the e-commerce Business type, e-commerce business category, e-commerce business features, e-commerce business segments, e-commerce business strategy, e-commerce business policies (return, refund, adjustment), e-commerce business trends, e-commerce business channels (partner, affiliate, supplier, logistics), e-commerce marketplace trends, e-commerce marketplaces updates and Practical Uses of eCommerce Data Scraping Tools

All the Legal Data Scraping Software that helps you find insightful information about web scraping and e-commerce development.

What is the legality of web scraping?

Collecting data isn’t illegal rather data collection is the first stairs of the digital knowledge panel that helps us to forget the camel riding era and pushing us to the rocket riding era.

So, collecting data from the entire web whereas it’s manual or automated (web scraped), is 100% legal.

Web scraping is illegal:

Sometimes use cases (unethical and misusing the collected data) may banner web scraping is illegal (after judicial judgment between party A and party B).

If you are thirsty for Then I would like to request you to read the descriptive context, right here- is web scraping legal or not, read more- Web data scraping legal or illegal

What is the best web data extractor?

Quora Question Bot Comments on this QA:

This question previously had an answer wiki which has been included below. For more information on answers, wikis see Quora and see there from the top web scraping providers (see Quora Question Bot Comments).

Besides these top Web Data Extractors (Quora Question Bot Suggested), I have discovered another Web Data Extractor that’s not an alternative but a definite and Top Web Data Extractor.


Is there a scraper that can scrape e-commerce sites like Shopify?

Yes, Octoparse the web data scraper that scrapes Shopify e-commerce data very effectively

Scrap Data Ethics:

Yes, Octoparse the web data scraper that scrapes Shopify e-commerce data very effectively, So “Analyze competitors data and implement the set of filtered data from scraped data on your campaign to serve better than the competitor, but not aiming to heart a single of competitors not to imbalance the whole of e-commerce industries, and even any marketplace” - Momenul Ahmad

But, before analyzing Shopify ECommerce Data

Top e-commerce features to consider when analyzing Shopify e-commerce competition by Shopify Data Scraper, (Read More).

I have coverup the answers to the above questions on Quora in web data scrape and the web data scraping tools. Also, I will cover more in the future and requesting you to submit relevant questions to comments.

Thank you


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