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Nowadays in digital marketing buyers outreaching neither the luxury rather buyer outreach is the ultimate neuron of the digital marketing campaign but you as the business owner, how do you make a strategical buyers outreach plan or someone specialist in digital marketing campaigns have agreed to help you to find the potential buyers and submitted the ultimate buyer outreaching project proposal to you so now, What should you do before approve that the ultimate buyer outreach project proposal for your digital marketing campaign that's the result-driven?

Wait, wait and listen to me if anyone submits something similar to this the ultimate buyer outreach project proposal that's on I guaranteed to reach out to the target audience with a limited budget then I would like to request you to approve such types of buyer outreach project proposal without any doubt.

"Digital Marketing Campaigns rolling costs in Digital Marketing isn't just the costs rather these types of costs are the lucrative investments in Digital Marketing, Which refer to analytics, Which refer to data, Which strategically help to set up the next marketing and selling plan" - Momenul Ahmad


Priority listing for buyers outreaching project proposal: 

As a business owner, When you settled your brainstorm on a digital marketing campaign to reach serious buyers and thinking of approving a pre-submitted buyer outreach project proposal then prior to:

Prior to 1. Company/Agency/Digital Marketing Professional's digital identity (web presence).

Prior to 2. Company/Agency/Digital Marketing professional's area of business or professions.

Prior to 3. Company/Agency/Digital Marketing Professional's online reputation/recommendations/reviews.

Prior to 4. Company/Agency/Digital Marketing Professional's live Portfolio.

Prior to 5. Company/Agency/Digital Marketing Professional's Professionalism.

Prior to 6. Company/Agency/Digital Marketing Professional's submitted project proposals quality checking.

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Here is the ultimate buyer outreaching project proposal template that's I made for medium and large medium businesses and the businesses prior to approving these buyers outreach project proposals to roll on their digital marketing campaign:

buyer outreaching project proposal in digital marketing campaign

Buyer outreach project proposal for the digital marketing campaign:

Project Proposal: Digital Marketing outreach campaign for the potential buyer

Prepared for: Client's Name, Designation (Owner or Something Relevant) at Client's Company

Prepared by: Momenul Ahmad (input your name instead of me), Founder of SEOsiri (your identity instead of mine one)

July 1, 2020

Proposal Number: 000-X569

Executive Summary


Approach to getting the potential buyer, one who is interested to buy (Client's Business / Brand / Company Name).


The ultimate solution is reaching out to 10K (each month) target oriented high-value buyers.

Project Outline:

This is an outreach campaign for 3 months which will run through digital marketing platform aiming to reach out similarly interested people (look like audiences) those are willing to buy xyz business (replace by business category) and to do so we the SEOsiri will roll on 3 months digital marketing campaign using the relevant and topmost digital marketing platform and digital media as:




Craigslist cum Local Host.

Influencer marketing.

Email marketing, etc.


Approx cost for one month:

This buyer outreach campaign in digital marketing will cost you $1,900 in a month (may vary) but you may it continue for three months to get the perfect buyer if need to continue then please consider this budget by multiplied one month's cost * two months or one month * three months equal the total budget and cost of Digital Marketing outreach campaign to reach out the potential buyer:

Description Quantity Unit Price Cost

Facebook Ads cost 30 $10 $300

Craigslist Marketing 30 $5 $150

Email Marketing 5 $50 $250

Influencer Marketing 5 $80 $400

Digital Marketing Consultancy 1 $500 $500

Content Creation and Publishing 20 $15 $300


Total $1,900

Ex: One month = $1,900, Two months = $3,800, Three months = (US$ 1900) * 3 =

5700 US$

Approved by Approver's Signature

Date signed

Buyer Outreach Project Proposal Template: PDF DOWNLOAD

Note1: You as a digital marketer, When you are preparing a buyer outreach project proposal then you may include other Social Media Platforms and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services in the description (if need) upon discussing with your respective clients

Note2: This budget for buyer outreach project proposal obviously prior to the business but not limit in cost and not mandated by service area and service units cause it may differ by the business's business assets price and the property selling value, company size, and depend on types of business and business category.

Hope, you got the gist for Why businesses prior to this ultimate buyers outreach project proposal to roll on and be the rock on in Digital Marketing Campaign thereafter if this buyer outreach project proposal template still now confusing you then I would like to request you to let me know the having issues.

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