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Understanding the economic shock of COVID-19 pandemic and thinking of the world economic crisis after and now on due to Coronavirus Diseases, We the SEOsiri declaring 30% (percentage) off on all of our digital marketing service charge for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME) so that they can recover as early as soon by investing 30% less (service charge) in their Digital Marketing Campaign.

Who and Which region is eligible for COVID-19 Pandemic 30% off on all of their digital marketing campaign? 

During this COVID-19 pandemic period, Specially SEOsiri offering 30% off on all of their digital marketing service charge for mostly Coronavirus diseases affected region and to whom those Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME) owners are earning range is $30,000 - $182,00 per year, those are eligible for COVID-19 Pandemic 30% off in Digital Marketing Services.

Listed Digital Marketing Services of SEOsiri:

List 1: Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
List 2: SEO Consultancy.
List 3: Digital Marketing.
List 4: Digital Marketing Consultancy.

SEOsiri's Digital Marketing Services are included in this COVID-19 Pandemic 30% off packages:

Digital Marketing Service Package 1:
Red Belt SEO | Leadership = Single Project $1000-$1999 (±)
Black Belt SEO | Mastery = Monthly Retainer $1000- $1500 (±) 
Brown Belt SEO | Stability = Hourly Rate $50-$150 (±
Purple Belt SEO | Strength = You Choice $50-$5000 (Counselling)

Go to know the cost and price (WorldWide and SEOSiri) of SEOSEO Charges or visit- The Ultimate Deal On ECONOMY SEO BUDGET.

"Free SEO facilities never help you to accomplish the goal just those facilities, hook up you on dynamic SEO pricing" Momenul Ahmad

Digital Marketing Service Package 2:

SEOsiri's Digital Marketing Service Package 2 included- Digital Marketing Consultancy, Digital Marketing Plan, Digital Marketing Budget Plan, Digital Marketing Cost Calculation, Traffic Growth, etc. Visit to know the one-year budget plan of a digital marketing campaign (medium level businesses), Visit to know our service packages in digital marketing (the role of digital marketing specialist).

Hope you got the gists of SEOsiri's 30% off on all of digital marketing service charge in this COVID-19 Pandemic period so be hurry and order us to serve you but before submitting your work order to us please have a look on our digital marketing service process, includes SEO, SEM and Social Media.

How long the SEOsiri take to rank up your website?

Please find the perfect answer to this question- Takeoff Level of A Website.

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A Message for COVID-19 Global Socio-Economical loss: 

Being a digital marketer I cut off 30% of my digital marketing service charge as a part of my social responsibilities to the Coronavirus effected Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME) so that they can continue, they can turn over their business smoothly. I know "it's not enough alongside I feel it's not less"

Coronavirus disease centric a special dedication of mine:
I developed this Maps for- WorldWide COVID-19 Pandemic and Bangladesh Coronavirus (COVID-19) Diseases Updates (pls visit and share).

            Thank you


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