Audiences are growth hacking fuel of a content and performance metrics of a content as- page bounce rate, staying time on a page, page impressions, page CTR, page RPM, page views, page leaving sections,

All of metrics are a part of content analysis and understanding the audience behavior that's why we should follow this audiences impacts on content's growth hacking guide besides on industry leaders provided E-A-T SEO best practice to seeing the viral marketing level of a content also too, boosting content engagement ratio.

I delivered my perception of content experience is "Contents are effective, When it's matter for audiences" on LinkedIn considering the trendy behavior of web audiences and the quality web content, Actually, this predictive SEO quote was the part of SEO Prediction Checklist, Which one has already enjoyed over 20k+ web audiences.

So the ultimate choice is understanding the audience behavior. If you can't measure, care or feel your audience's expectation,trends, demand and interest, then there is no hacking option in content marketing or haven't any alternative of content promotion by that's you will dominate the content's growth.

Now, let's hack the audience growth hacking brainstorm, Whether an audience is parallel or non parallel doesn't matter, matter is how are you helping your audiences to reach the goal?       

If you can't explain (help audiences to reach the goal) then permit me to describe the answers at below:
Optimize contents for them, those are love to read-
Readability platforms are:
1- Blogs.
2- Websites.
3- PDF>E Paper> Issuu> SlideShare> Mediaspectrum> PageSuite> Virtualpaper.

"I call them the gap shooter SEOs, Who are completely SEO analyst in mind and skilled to play with competitors unlabeled keywords to rank a content on SERPs" SEO Consultant Momenul Ahmad.

SEO Analyst and SEO Content Quotes by SEO Consultant Momenul Ahmad, Founding Owner of

All of your audiences aren't a reader, some of your audience is listener that's because of you should consider your blog (text,video) post for hearing platform:

1- Audible.
2- Podcast.

Do you know that some of your audience is visual lover, Who like to play with your slide and photography so when creating a content then follow this step for the sake of content engagement:  

A blog post with a landing image (brand logo,URL, CTA button and 25 character headline) is a powerful weapon to attract an audience to stay on a site and to do so consider this image optimization SEO best practice and must input an image on a blog post (video thumbnail)  as well as considering image ads best practice:

1- Google Standard Image Ads.
2- Facebook Image Ads Guide.
3- Instagram Image Ads Best Practices.
4- Twitter Ads Creative.
5- Pinterest Ads.
6- Bing Ads Solution

The Ultimate Guide To CONTENT'S CTR GROWTH HACKING by seosiri

When you mix up audio with screenplay, then it became more twist for the listener and viewer so the brilliant Technic of content creation is implementing a complete video on text content or creating a well accomplished video with concept description for video platform is the best solution as well as overall this type of contents works alike a pure tonic for the reader,listener and viewers.

Here are the topmost Videography platform:
1- YouTube.
2- NetFlix.
3- Vimeo.
4- Yahoo! Screen.
5- DailyMotion.

Curious audiences are used to search for questionnaires and answering search terms, below platforms for them, who are fond of Q&A:
1- Quora.
2- Yahoo! Answers.
3- Stack Overflow.
4- Blurtit.
5- Askville.
6- Stack Exchange.
7- WikiHow.

Another popular audience group is love of getting solved and below mentioned web platforms are platform that helps all to to get the easiest and quick response:  

1- Forum.
2- Group.
3- Magazine Reviews.
4- Infographic. 

There are basically three types of audiences:

1- Neutral.
2- Appreciation.
3- Criticisms.
And all types of internet audiences help us to serve well, whether the web traffics either enjoying a single piece of content in silence or criticizing and even discussing in details  above the all main blessing point is "content engagement".

That's because of and with growth content's click through rate, creating an engaging content is a must, especially for those engaging audiences who are used to like,comments and share, also such types of fan base audiences, buyer persona are always attempting to joining on the live stream for live experience (On-site live streaming plugin) and (on-site conversation plugin).

Top rated contents plugin are-
1- Vuukle.
2- Facebook Comments,like,share(third party plugin).
3- Disqus.
4- IntenseDebate.
5- LiveFyre.
6- SolidOpinion.
7- Chat plugin (Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber).

Some types of audiences always love to share and bookmark an authentic content with their own circle and social channel by the way this hooking up audience trend helps with being a viral content of a single piece of content.

Content friendly sharing and bookmarking sites are:
1- AddThis.
2- ShareThis
3- Shareaholic
3- Top Social Media's single share button.
4- Social Apps.

Social media management, Content management, Content automation and Content delivery network (CDN) system works for audience targeting, audience re-targeting, audience retention, user experience, viewership, Social media marketing, Web analytics, Content managing, Content messaging, Content monitoring, Content creation, Content marketing and Post scheduling platform those has been serialized at below for your choice:  

1- buffer.
2- HubSpot.
3- Hootsuite.
4- Sprout Social.
5- Quark.
6- dlvrit.
7- CloudFlare.
8- Fastly.
9- KeyCDN.
10- MetaCDN.
11- StackPath.
12- MaxCDN.
13- Amazon CloudFront.
14- Microsoft Azure CDN.
15- Prezi.
16- StoryChief.
17- Outbrain.

Content growth hacking through leads generation tools:

Here, the market leading lead generation tools that's help Businesses and service Providers to generate sales, and marketing leads besides, and through the others content growth hacking tactics:

HubSpot Email Marketing.
Hello Bar. 
LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

There are differences in average time spent habits of audiences on a site script and it happen by the viewership reading tendency as a result, sometimes you see that in your CMS's post status show something different like referring URL's, referring site, different time zone, different OS, different browser even much more cause is web audiences are different:
"If you able to devote yourself in your own content at the time of content creation, then you will able to control audience's concentrate". #SEOConsultantMomenulAhmad
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1- Thirsty audiences are always passionate and they enjoy every part of a content from the beginning to last.
2- Busy audiences are like to save a great piece of content for future reading:

Read it later platforms are:
1- Pocket.
2- Instapaper.
3- Devices OS.
4- Browser Extensions.
5- Google Docs.
6- Dropbox.
7- iCloud.
8- OneDrive.
3- Bouncy or Misguided audiences are fully different in reading habits and this type of audience always left the station before coming a train (non discover).

Experts and thirsty audiences are like to travel within the content, beyond the content so as an expert content creator, You should help your audiences to reach the destiny.
Guiding to goalpost:
1- Internal link with perfect call to action (CTA).
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Noticing audiences are like to notify instantly by subscribing e-mail list (lead generation), allowing notification on-site and even over the social media channel.

Conclusion: If you want to see the skyrocket success of any kind of your content, whether it's writing, social media content or anything else in the web media, then this content CTR's growth hacking steps are ready to boost your content strategy in content marketing, most of the mastermind content specialist and content strategists are habituated with this so as a start up content marketer you must follow this content growth hacking best practice (my recommendation) to see the top most level of your content. On the other hand, if you can't optimize or unable to manage your online content then I would like to invite you to contact us for any kind of online marketing services.  


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