Use hCard As A Local and International SEO Weapon

In SEO Search Engine Result Page or Pages SERP or SERPs visibility either in local SEO or International SEO is must . There are verious way to improve Search Engine Ranking on 
Search Engine among of them hCard (vCard) is superb and it's work alike SEO weapon.hCard 
in (X)HTML,Atom,RSS,arbitrary XML now a days to generate business or any leads Search 
Engine Optimization , Social Media Optimization is must necessary point

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When we SEOs serve SEO services in locally or internationally than

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" If you help Search Engine providing Local Business Info than in reply Search Engine help your Local Business showing relevant Search Engine Result in front of Searcher" 
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- We consider a Web content page named Contact Us,
Where we implement N=Name, A=Address, P=Phone (NAP) and NAP should be Search Engine and Audience friendly . In local SEO or International SEO if your Contact page optimized properly than this properly SEO optimized contact page carry on lots of SEO value and you can do this tough SEO Dev works without any Web Development skill ,To do so Copy hCard simple code snippet  from below box and paste it on your contact page (where it perfect) than replace your character with LARGE BOLD CHARACTERS Which I made easy for you .

SEO friendly hCard (vCard) Code Sample with NAP

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