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SEO a service ,Where unfortunately SEO gambling to be continuing by Cheap SEO services provider as a result counterfeiting issues are common factors in Search Engine Optimization and that's for always an unpolished (not familiar with SEO Services) Client's on the trapped by so called SEOs as ,Low Cost SEO Services,Affordable SEO Services, Cheap SEO Services,Agencies and sometimes dine  by non professional SEOs.

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As a service SEO ,Which work on the basis with honesty and it's a service that's at a time rewarded and hated by Search Engine.If you handle this with honesty than obviously you will get positive result which permanently visible on Search Engine upon depend on Keywords,Phrase Keywords ,Backlinks and If you choose dishonest way as Black Hat SEO in generally apply Link Spam,Keyword Stuffing,Cloaking,Hidden Text and Hidden Link (url redirection),Content Automation,Doorway Pages,Reporting a Competitor,Guest Post Networks,Link Manipulation,Article Spinning,Rich Snippet Markup Spam,Automated Queries to Google,Creating Duplicate Content,Malicious Behavioral Content.  In character Black Hat  SEO is Quick Unpredictable and Short Lasting  growth in rankings,Which influence google to upgrade Search Engine Algorithm and you got banned .

SEO Quote:-

"SEO at a time Visible and Measurable service"
 +SEO Consultant

If you not found Visible and Measurable named two essential materials in SEO Service than it's a counterfeit issue so be sure  
If you not found Visible and Measurable named two essential materials in SEO Service than it's a counterfeit issue so be sure and chose an SEO Agency wisely 

Negative Impacts of Black Hat SEO techniques:-

Just Unbelievable world's top 12 companies hit with Google Manual Penalty includes Google Chrome and Google AdWards see below another 10
9-The Home Depot.
8-JC Penny.
7-Over Stock.
1-The Washington Post.
Learn In Depth About Google Manually Penalty

How do I know that SEOs counterfeiting me to complete SEO services?

1-Promised to rank up within short time.
2-Committed to Specified Keywords positioning in permanently on SERPs.
3-Promised to boost up high DA types of Backlinks within in (somehow else).
4- Offer Generating Traffic in a day.
5-Offer Earning Money Opportunity selling link.

When you are hiring SEOs :-

Some common facts , You have too ask before hiring SEOs do this for your site health and safety . 
Your question relevancy terms should be related with SEO industrious as -
Ask them about content,link Building,Team Intro,Competitors ,Ranking,In House Support,Case Study,Analyze etc and learn in depth too clarify more 34 questions you should ask before hiring an SEO agency  and my suggestion is follow their activities all over the internet from personal blog -professional site-social media and try to find out the answer of two question -

1 What they say?
2-What they do?

When you are going to handover your Website for SEO then chose wisely a SEOs and never buy all of packages at a time -

SEO Packages or SEO Services-

1-Basic SEO.
2-Silver SEO.
3-Gold SEO.
4-Platinum SEO.

Extent SEO projects as basis on upon SEOs performance  that's mean buy only basic or basic and silver than checkup delivered SEO services performance when complete, in this way sure yourself  that you are satisfied than go for Gold and Platinum SEO services .

I am worshiper of Organic SEO and Online Marketing so I will request you to that , When you are seeking someone a SEO or Online Marketing Professional one, Who will able to grow ROI, investing his all of  Digital Marketing Expertise than Obviously you can offer me for buy my expertise.
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