How mobile friendliness help to grow Your UX, user experience ?

Now a day user experience and mobile friendliness an important issue and if you haven't any idea about benefits of mobile friendliness then you are bathing yourself on a sand bowl.
If your site isn't mobile friendly then it's time to complete your site mobile friendliness and UX design is the only one way which flourish your site user experience. In user experience UX, Benefits of mobile friendliness is sometimes an unknown facts,Here in below I describe some key points about benefits of mobile friendliness and user experience :-

1-Mobile friendliness UX designed based on user experience site influence others to surf your site.
2-UX/User Experience designed sites collect attention from marketer.
3-It's easy to crawlable.

4-It's give you satisfaction.
5-it's inspire competitors.
6-It's browser friendly.
7-It's reduce bounce rate etc-

8-Mobile friendliness help to increase ads impression .

9- Mobile Friendly UX Design support you by saving money.

10- UX Mobile Friendly site publishers are earn more then from non UX site publishers , causes that it's achieve much attention from Ads network,agency,media buyer rather then non UX site,

11- It's lite in weight and well designed so you should not redesign your mobile friendly UX site again and again.
& there are many positive effects of a mobile friendly site.
page speed insights of mobile friendliness

UX designed site mobile friendliness suggestion

SEE #MobileFriendly #Analyze Report of this site Mobile Friendliness Image from my LinkedIn Mobile Friendly Test Report by bing webmaster tools

Mobile Friendliness Testing Tools

TestMySite by thinkwithgoogle

Mobile Friendly Test by Search Google

PageSpeed Tools by Google Developers

Mobile Friendliness Test Tool by bing

Caution- If you are not a developer or optimizer then Don't try this tools at home , it's may damage your site structure .

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"User experience (UX) design focuses on enhancing user satisfaction by improving how we interact with the websites, applications and devices in our lives. In other words, UX makes complex things easy to use" Article - Good UX Is Good Business: How To Reap Its Benefits by Andrew Kucheriavy - Founder and CEO of Intechnic

10 benefits of a mobile website to share with clients are-  

1-Most people have chosen mobile.

2-Most's of a site's web traffic comes from a mobile device .

3-Mobile users behave differently  .
4-Mobile Users are bigger buyers.
5-Mobile users have lots on the go.
6-Mobile landing pages require different strategies .
7-Google favors mobile responsiveness.
8-Social Media shares are huge on mobile.
9-Mobile advertising is less obtrusive .
10-Having a good mobile site makes you more memorable .  

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