The Ultimate Reasons To Be Succeed And For Failure In Freelancing Jobs

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As a freelancer, It's as much as not easy to earn money online that's you think, Whether this willingness of making online money from freelance marketplaces (Upwork, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, Guru, Quora, iWriter, LinkedIn, Behance, Guru, SEO Clerk, 99Degins, Freelancer) and the others freelancing jobs platform and even selling the freelancing services directly to a client. 

In other words, experienced freelancers (succeed) are making money online a lot of causes, they know the Ultimate Reasons To Succeed And For Failure In  Freelancing Jobs, If you are a startup freelancer then see details from the below list for the freelancer failure v/s succeeded reasons in the freelance profession.

Also, independent freelancing professionals (direct marketers, direct sellers), are searching for freelance jobs through the b2b platforms, social media, and even through their own freelancing marketing plan (blogging and social networking).

Though it's very much tougher to get a freelance job but not impossible, I would like to request you never leave the hope and expectations of making money online cause there have a lot of opportunities to earn money online for all types of freelancers.

Reasons for success and failure in freelancing jobs/professions

There have a lot of freelancing jobs in the freelancing marketplace, and the freelancers have enough expertise, but after having enough skills, Why does the freelancer fail to get their desired freelancing jobs?

Hey, the freelancers, here are the ultimate reasons for failure and success in freelancing jobs:

Freelancing Failures V/S Freelancing Success 22 reasons:

Freelancing Failure 1. Incomplete Freelancer Profile.     

Freelancing Success 1. Compete Freelancer Profile.

Freelancing Failure 2. Incomplete Social Media Profile. 

Freelancing Success 2. Complete Social Media Profile.

Freelancing Failure 3. Inactiveness in Marketplace.        

Freelancing Success 3. Activeness in the marketplace.

Freelancing Failure 4. Overacting and Oversmartness.    

Freelancing Success 4. Staying in Topics instead of showing the overacting, smartness.

Freelancing Failure 5. Lacking Personal Branding.         

Freelancing Success 5. Establishing Personal Brand Identity.

Freelancing Failure 6. Lacking Services Marketing. 

Freelancing Success 6. Following Services Marketing Best Practices.

Freelancing Failure 7. Business Communications Gap. 

Freelancing Success 7. Well Versed In Business Communication.


Freelancing Failure 8, Unskilled in Community Building & Networking.


Freelancing Success 8. Expert community and network builder.  

Freelancing Failure 9. Behind Far From The Industry Updates, 

Freelancing Success 9. Stay Tuned With Industry Updates.

Freelancing Failure 10. Never Try To Be Creative. 

Freelancing Success 10, Always Creative.

Freelancing Failure 11. Not Focused on A Goal. 

Freelancing Success 11, Goal-Oriented.  

Freelancing Failure 12. Unable to negotiate the prices. 

Freelancing Success 12, Experts know their price.

Freelancing Failure 13. Less idea about global pricing. 

Freelancing Success 13. Well-known for global pricing.

Freelancing Failure 14. Nonstratigical mindset. 

Freelancing Success 14. Strategical mindset.

Freelancing Failure 15. Haven't any idea about the competition. 

Freelancing Success 15. Serious about the competition.

Freelancing Failure 16. Not unique at all.  

Freelancing Success 16. Always unique.

Freelancing Failure 17. Unprofessionalism. 

Freelancing Success 17. Professionalism.

FreelancingFailure 18. Unskilled in used to the relevant technology, and platform. 

Freelancing Success 18. Jack of all trades.

Freelancing Failure 19. Lack of linguistic proficiency.

Freelancing Success 19. Proficient in linguistic communication (verbal + written).

Freelancing Failure 20. Insufficient training and knowledge.

Freelancing Success 20. Well trained also they are always thirsty for learning more.

Freelancing Failure 21. Either payment receiving or payment receiving platform unavailability.

Freelancing Success 21. No barrier to receiving the payments.

Freelancing Failure 22. Less patience.

Freelancing Success 22. Deep Patience. 

So, If you have any matched limitation with the mentioned reason for failure in freelancing then try to cover up those limitations just following the reason for success in freelancing also you may search for reach you in freelancing by searching the answers of:

What is a freelance guide?

How do I start freelancing?

What is the easiest freelance job?

Is freelancing easy?

How do I start a freelance job with no experience?

Why do freelancers fail?

Freelancers are not getting the desired freelancing job despite having a lot of relevant experience, so as a successful freelancer, what advice would you like to give freelancers to get the desired freelancing job?

Here, I have tried to answer the best in freelancing job and the freelancer career thereafter I asked the above question on my Quora Profile today aiming to help you more by getting the answer from freelance strategists like Mark Mehling, Sal Virk also as well as others experts freelancers, Read the top answer by Mark Mehling-

Sal Virk answered- As a freelancer, I am always aware of the fact that there will be other equally good candidates no matter what the job is. 

It’s all about making sure that you have covered all the bases, i.e. a good proposal, engaging profile, proof of competence (samples and/or reviews), etc.

As a freelance Online Writing Profesional, and SEO Copywriter, I feel I have some responsibilities to the beginner freelancer to guide them, Because of that, here in this blog post, I have shared my learned lessons from my long way freelance career.

 I hope this The Ultimate Reasons To Succeed And For Failure In Freelancing Jobs titled post will help you a lot furthermore, If you have any ask, then please share your opinion in the below comments box or Ask Me on My Quora Space

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Best Wishes and cheers to all having patience on these Succeed And For Failure 
In the Freelancing Jobs/professional career building article.
        Thank you


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Worldwide top online sites to buy women's apparel online | Independent Research

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If you are searching for top sites (worldwide) to buy women's apparel online, buy your desired clothes from top online sites, Where virtual reality (product image) carries the same values as real reality.

So, Right now, You are thinking for:

What are the top online women's clothing sites?

What are the top sites to buy women's dresses online? 

What is the best place to buy dresses online?

Which is the best website to buy clothes?

What are good websites for dresses?

What are the best online clothing stores?

What is the best online dress store?

Just don't be tense and never try for wasting time finding the answers to the above questions that are relevant with the top online sites to buy women's dresses online cause your expected answer at the below those I serialized from my independent research in worldwide top online sites/brands to buy women's clothing as a luxury, fashionable, boutiques, contemporary, young women's dresses, traditional, party wear, reading wear, office wear, occasional wear, seasonal wears, nightwear, outfits, handicrafts, innovative designing, young adults, trendy dresses, unique styles, original prints, urban outfitters, bohemian fashion, streetwear, going out fashion, unique design, latest styles, latest collections, casual, formal, elegant dresses and many more types of women's apparels.

Worldwide top online sites to buy women's apparel online

Worldwide top online sites to buy women's apparel online:

  • Nasty Gal: Super affordable and you get what you pay for. Comes pretty quickly especially given certain circumstances. Loving the graphic tee trend and will buy more from them! Loving the loungewear too super cute and trendy! by Jennifer O on influenster

  • Boohoo: I am very pleased with my skinny jeans from Boohoo, they are a good fit and good quality for the price paid. On order, it stated the delivery would be within 5 working days and they were delivered quickly on the third day with emails confirming tracking and delivery and the time they predicted for the delivery day. I am very happy with my purchase and will definitely be shopping with Boohoo again by Anonymous on

  • ASOS: The customer service adviser Jeraly was excellent. They answered all of my queries really clearly and arranged for a refund. I will definitely use ASOS again for myself and not just to buy my daughter's clothes! Thank you. by Clare Gage on Trustpilot.

  • Forever 21: “They have such cute clothes and in so many different styles, there is something for everyone, and they don't forget plus size.” in reviews from influenster. 

  • H&M: H&M home offers a great range of products with loads of different styles. The prices are pretty reasonable and although the quality isn't amazing, they offer good value for the money. I got free standard delivery with my H&M account and products arrived quickly and in good condition. by Lady May on

  • ModCloth: Mod clothes have a plus-size section. They have great decor stuff. The prices are great. I love the vintage-inspired and the boho section. in reviews on influenster.

  • Urban Outfitters: I love Urban Outfitters because you can find fairly unique pieces to blend in my "cool mom" vibe I've been trying to pull off 😜 by Marina V. on influenster.

  • Free People:  "If I could give 10 states I would. In the 10 years I've lived in Colorado I do most of my shopping here. IT'S always worth the drive. Between dancing, ranch work, riding, my fault work not and clothes I get at least one pair off…" by High Country Western Wear on yelp.

  • Topshop: “Their clothes are so unique and high quality, their shipping/returns policy is great, only thing is their sizing is weird bc its a London brand that runs a bit smaller.” in reviews on influenster.

  •  Net-a-porter: I have been a NET-A-PORTER client for years. Their customer service has always been amazing, but they still manage to continuously improve it all the time. Some clients here have unreasonable complaints. by Cathleen Mcgarry on Trustpilot.

  • Uniqlo: This Uniqlo location in SoHo on Broadway is one that I visit very often. It's a three-level store with the women's section at the top, men's at the bottom, and a mix of both on the ground level. There's a free phone charging station to charge your phone while shopping. This time, I finally decided to splurge on a winter coat only to find that not much splurging was needed. I purchased a Seamless Down Coat for $79 (normally $159). Maybe it was good timing to buy these in late January? Anyhow, the coat fit me perfectly and covered down to almost my knees. It's water-repellent, windproof, and has a removable hood. No scarf is needed. Very convenient. So far, it kept me warm in 30-degree temperatures. Overall, Uniqlo has some really nice options for almost any type of weather. High-quality clothing at fairly low prices. For me, I find a consistently perfect fit almost every time. I love the clothes here. Also, this location has good customer service in my experience. by Neil C. on yelp.

  • Coggles: I read a lot of poor reviews and was reluctant to order. My experience was amazing! Product as described, beautiful package, and very fast delivery, considering it was posted from the UK to Australia during COVID delays. Will definitely order again!!! by Natasha Lima on Trustpilot.

Recommended Article:

  • SSENSE: The SSENSE is giving the best chance to buy awesome products for everyone. And it is for me also. I frequently visit the site and sometimes find out good deals. They always try to prepare to provide good quality and a nice price to us. I will visit the site ever. Thx for ssense's person by sperica on trustpilot

  • Matchesfashion: First time I have purchased through Matches. Great packaging and arrived ahead of time. A very simple and happy transaction!! by Bec on trustpilot.

  • Luisa Via Roma: Great customer service! The item we ordered was shipped quickly and was delivered ahead of schedule. The quality and price are both outstanding! Great luxury shop! by Roye Varghese on Luisa Via Roma's Facebook Page.

  • Nordstrom: I've been a loyal customer since I was a child, this was my grandmother's favorite place to shop. I can see why, Nordstrom always has the best, with many deals. They always have an amazing team on staff, to help with hard decisions. I love shopping here helps me relax and remembering my grandmother at her best! by Elizabeth D on influenster.

  • Miss Selfridge: Absolutely love MissSelfridge, although it can be hit and miss for clothes sometimes (but many shops are like that) I cannot fault them at all! Great quality and lots of different styles to choose from by Niamh M on Sitejabber

  • The Outnet: Easy to order exactly what I was looking for online. The designer dress arrived as pictured and there were many others to choose from with that designer. Quality was perfect and arrived boxed and wrapped in tissue paper. Will be definitely be ordering from again by on product review. 

  • Farfetch: I had a bit of jitter at first coz of that part in the app that says reviewing order after you've already paid. But I realize now I had nothing to worry about! I got the item fast! Dhl was very smooth and efficient! The item was really nice! I'm super satisfied. Definitely buying from farfetch again! by Paula G on Sitejabber.

  • Neiman Marcus: Evachic is an addiction my wallet is still reeling from, but this site has fantastic goods and even better service. Customer service is well trained and knowledgeable- the pricing is the best during sales. Just wonderful! by Jason f on Sitejabber. 
  • Missguided: I've gone to the Missguided team twice now and every time the service has been really excellent and super-efficient. The girls are always lovely and make any query easy to rectify by Eden Eddolls on Trustpilot.
  • Mark and Spencer: From the beginning, when Marks and Spencer sold its first bra in 1926, the brand became a byword for British-made quality goods, reviews on BBC by Tom Espiner & Emma Atkinson.
  • Zara: I had a very large package stolen from the building lobby as I was out of town when it was delivered so the delivery person never rang my specific apartment to be allowed into the building. Zara worked with me and understand that the package was stolen and out of my control. They gave me a full refund and every person I worked with was so understanding and nice! by Hannah of San Francisco, CA on consumer affairs.
  • Cos: "Honored to be the first to review Lunya's New York location. This store is my favorite for so many reasons. My bf took me on a shopping spree here after I purchased a few items and told him the items were the best quality and most by Lunya on yelp.
  • River Island: The title says it all! I love everything I buy from River Island. I like to keep my son fashionable and dressed a little differently from his classmates. RI makes it super easy. I’ve shopped the App and website with the same flawless experience, by m8kmuvz on Apple App Store.

Disclaimer:  Neither these the top listed online women's apparel sites are associated with SEOsiri nor these the women's apparel top chart listed and serialized by their sales volume rather these the top women's apparel sites (serialized to maintain the serial) has been listed upon on their positive reviews that's they have received from their respective customers/buyers.

"Unnecessary reviews (tit for tat) are written only for the unethical business competition that's aimed to ruin the competitor's reputation in the open market.
-Momenul Ahmad

Note: As a women's dresses shopper, If you have any exception, any fascination, satisfaction, expectations about your favorite clothing brands or want to say something about others clothing brands i.e., any objections, dissatisfactions, bad memories that's a conflict with this top chart for worldwide top online sites to buy women's apparel online then simply show your reaction to the below comments box.

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