LinkedIn Recommendations for the SEOSiri owner, "Momenul Ahmad"

LinkedIn 9 Recommendation for the SEOsiri owner Momenul Ahmad: 

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November 16, 2021, February 16, 2022, Bill was Momenul’s client
February 16, 2022, Bill was Momenul’s client
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Momenul is a very good team player. He knows his JD and roles very well and work accordingly. He is highly self motivated and energetic person with good sales amd service knowledge. His most strong point is read customer mind so fast.

Momenul has collaborated with Octoparse team for 2 months. He is an excellent copywriter active on Quora and other social media platforms. He helped us a lot in content marketing and made contribution to the traffic growth.

I had the honor of working on a project with Momenul recently. His vast knowledge of SEO and Digital Marketing is quite impressive. Factor in his consummate professionalism and you’ve got one of the best specialists in the industry. 
Good Team Player..Self motivated and energetic team Member..
Momenul is a great when it comes to ranking webpages. He knows the meta behind every single page and use stats to  deliver the best results possible. as you know if you want to assign projects to Momenul, you should know that SEO is like a tree. you put the seed and expect the fruits in 6+ months. howe


It was efficient and punctual and met our last minute requests. In addition, it demonstrates a concern for the work of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media, Social Media Optimization, which meet customer requirements. I'm sure Mr. Ahmad will be an asset to your company.


Momenul is a very dedicated and goal oriented person. Who loves his work (SEO & SMO )and also makes effort to keep his clients happy by giving the best of his time and surely by giving the best project to them.