The ultimate SEO progress reports | SERP?

Do you know that Why have I focused on search engine result pages (SERPs)? 

At the time of preparing this ultimate SEO progress report? 
Cause I made this Search Engine Optimization (SEO) progress report inorganically as a basis of targeted keywords feedback from the Google search results considering the client's off-page SEO expectations and the SEO budget.

Client's Off-Page SEO Expectations:

#1. Five to six keywords ranking.
#2. New released web programming career guideline e-book promotion.
#3. Acquiring high authority backlinks.
#4. Social Media reach.
#5. Increasing domain authority (DA)
#6. Traffic accusation.
<img source="pic.png" alt="SEO progress reports."</img>.

Feature of this SEO report:

No need to steal our SEO reports cause it's an open and fully prepared SEO templates thereafter I would like to invite you on a conversation over the Facebook Messenger so that you as an SEO agency or as an SEO professional you can overcome you're all of the obstacles about SEO reporting.
Social Media post reaches pie chart for the 15 days

About the client's WDguideline:

The WDguideline is a software company, the leading Bangladeshi web development learning website, Which assisting developers in programming.

 WDguideline's keywords in search rank:

#1. PHP tester
search query feedback for the targeted keywords
#2. web technology for beginners
#3. web developer types
#4. javascript skill test
#5. link as submit
#6. do programmers know how to hack
#7. Computer coding expertise
#8. testing programming language skill
#9. computer programming language skill test
#10. the best computer programming language
#11. the best computer programming language test
#12. testing computer programming expertise
#13. the best programming test platform
#14. where do I test my computer coding expertise
#15. what are the activities of three types of hackers
#14. three types of hackers, software company near me
#17. where do I test computer coding skill pdf
#18. web programmer, a software company in Sunamganj
#19. programmer and web developer
#20. front end and back end web developer.

All the above keywords are ranking in the first pages of Google search position #1 and I made it possible by the 15 days.

Latest Backlinks:

organic backlinks of wdguideline

Backlinks Achieved= 200+
Domain Authority Increased 10+

Local Citation: the best web development company in Bangladesh
WDguideline's local citation currently under review for google verified page

Site created:

Social Media Post reaches for the 15 days:

LinkedIn =                   2600 view
Facebook =                 7000 view
Twitter =                       9500 view
Quora =                         2100  view
Pinterest =                   2000 view

Please follow the above pie chart to better understand the social media audience insights.

SERPs increase= 700+
Image SEO = 10+

   Next steps to SEO progress:

#1. Working on keywords ranking internationally.
#2. Increasing Search Engine Result Page (SERP) search results.
#3. Generating more backlinks.
#4. Driving traffic over image SEO.
#5. Keywords ranking in local search.
#6. Driving traffic over search engines and social media channels.

   Asking for this SEO progress report:

Is this off-page SEO progress report fully completed?

Ans: Not at all cause I haven't shared every visual SEO pitch on this SEO progress report due to the site's SEO issue, but never break the hopes here is an alternative solution, where I included all of the ranked search results by target keywords.   

    SEO voice for business:

When taking over an SEO progress report from the SEOs, whether it's off-page SEO or on-page SEO then measure this progress for the SEO services with previously shared SEO service proposal (complete SEO proposal letter) with hired SEOs.

     SEO commends to SEOs:

To secure your position in the SEO marketplace and to be happier the clients please serve SEO, focusing on client's expectations and fulfill all subjects as per your SEO work-frame along with them never try to redirect anyone and always keep in mind that honesty is the best policy. 

   SEO progress reports overview:

Aiming to educate the businesses in SEO improvement reports and guiding SEO professionals that, How to make an SEO progress report? And answer to the question of what is SEO progress report?

   Site health: 

As a white hat SEO specialist, We habituated to white hat SEO techniques that's because we the SEOSiri used to serve SEO from the safe side (search engine friendly content)  as a result there is no risk of getting banned or any kind of plenty of search engines.


Neither this Off-page SEO progress report is an automated nor this SEO progress data is temporary results rather than this the best off-page SEO progress report is an organic and permanent result.

  The end:

Stay with us to buzzing on the SERPs also contact us- to grow your business digitally and measure success.

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