Complete auditing site SEO Audit mixing robotic and humanistic sense

Site SEO Audits Report


This site SEO Audit result is combination effect of robotic & humanistic and When I auditing On Page SEO and Off Page SEO Audit of a company  , Which business category relevancy with Freight both Air & Sea and Logistics that time I found large  number of misguided ,misplaced ,uncompleted content from tittle to content footer and large number of content in coding (CSS,JAVA,HTML) place there improperly and images are without alt text and not optimized .In SERPs there is no keywords or phrase keywords nither visible nor ranked along with they made another mistake that, they have uncountable chance of using high volume keywords, keywords phrases in content but either they ignore or passed them instead of proper using long tail keywords. I seem this one alike bonded book which never been read.
Priority Keywords
Ocean Freight
Effective Midum Keywords
lowest cost logitics service provider,best routing,

marking, l
import/export regulations,
transit cargo insurance,
cargo survey & claim procedure,
finding alternative routings emergencies,
cost savings and warehousing and distribution.

Keywords Research

Keywords Placment , Anchor Link, Anchor Tex

Link Section Improvment (backlink generate,dynamic ,broken and http status error code fixing ).
Tag section improvement.
Content writing, Content re-writing basis on keywords.
Images Optimization.
Page spped
In coding- CSS,Java,HTML modification and correction
High Authority Backlink Creation,Sitemap Creation, RSS Feed Generation

Page level SEO and Page level speed score

Search Engine and Social Media Analytical profile setup
Social Media Plugin (like,comment, share,page,profile etc)

Site submission on major search engine ,directory,forum,local listings

Site Social Bookmarking , Local Businesss Listing etc.

Site verifecation on leading search engine and Webmaster profile setting .

Note – All of working areas are not mentioned here causes every and each terms carry on multifunctional activites just some of trigger points be noted here for better understand I attatched images .