SEOSiri naming math

What is naming the math of SEO Siri?

SEE:- The image of SEO Siri Google SERPs via LinkedIn marked green circle from Google image.  #SEO Siri comes from SEO ( #searchengineoptimization) and Siri (help)a suffix of Apple Siri
I customized (mentioned ) the meaning of Siri as the help
SEO Siri in meaning "search engine optimization help", and finally the SEOSiri is standing with you to supporting you in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) also to cover up your complete digital marketing support.
  Please see SEOSiri meta title and description to understand the naming math also to know about What is SEOSiri?:

SEOSiri Meta Title:

SEOsiri | Optimizing Search Engines, Optimizing Social Media

SEOSiri Meta Description:

Serving SEO, SEM, SMM, SMO, Domain Name Reg, Web Hosting, Web Develop, Web Design, Digital Marketing Consultancy From Newbies to Tech-Savvy Websites.

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