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What should be followed while scraping data from local citations?

What should be followed while scraping data from local citations like Foursquare, GMB, Bing Page, Yelp, Yellow Page, Apple Maps, Superpages, and Facebook for competitive analysis and business opportunities?

Scraping data from local citations is pivotal for competitive analysis and identifying business opportunities. It presents a great opportunity for businesses, brands, professionals, academics, companies, and organizations that cater to your needs.

Apart from citations, even verified pages or locations can be valuable when you’re seeking business opportunities, aiming to rank above competitors on the Search Engine Results Page, and conducting product, market, and content analysis for collective insights that help you rethink and reshape your needs.

However, it’s common that when you think big, problems may arise or seem larger than anticipated. So, keep this in mind! Don’t anchor yourself in the deep sea.

You are wrong, and the right choice is chasing the toughest situation with the calm and coolest mindsets through a strategic approach that team SEOSiri does following an aggregation process that fosters the unstructured data into the structured data format for us.

By that means, we never fear to cheese any minor and major competitive analysis and seek business opportunities and data insights because our strategic approach over manually is Automated Data Scraping.

Why do we prefer the Data Scraping Tool not just because of collecting data from local citations but for the entire needs of data insights and technical use cases?

We, along with the experts, prefer to collect data through scraping tools and software due to their efficiency, accuracy, time-saving nature, and cost-effectiveness.

Choose a scraping tool that offers features such as asynchronous and parallel scraping, importing of various data formats, extensibility, robust error handling, and retry mechanisms, handling of complex data importing websites and sessions, IP rotation, scheduled collection, regular expressions, a code-less drag-and-drop interface, and the ability to track and monitor pricing data.

As we know, the data scraping tool is a feature promoted by commands. So, here are the focal points you should consider while seeking filtered data from local citations:

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In SEO, Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP) are common tier data in local citations. However, other crucial data could play a vital role in brand promotion, branding, and brand awareness (considering both crawl bots and the human eye). These include:

GMB Page citation and local citations

  • Keywords: Find single keywords/phrase keywords and long-tail keywords.
  • Tags: Monitor the most prominent business taglines.
  • Reviews and Ratings: Find the voices of audiences or customers.
  • Business Category: Identify industries by business categories.
  • Business Description: Find the meta title and description in the business title and description.
  • Operating Hours: Detect special hours, high traffic hours, and regular operational hours.
  • Photos and Videos: Find anchor text from visuals, analyze visual content qualities, and measure the visual qualities of products.
  • Website URL: Find the website link.
  • Social Media Links: Find social media links and posts.
  • Order and Booking URL: Help detect the order and booking URL.
  • Other sources: Citation filtering can also assist with other sources while filtering a local citation source on a specific search term, which also provides great hints for finding opportunities.

These are the major focal points that we use to collect, scale, and gather data from various sources. We do this through a highly trusted, locally cited data scraping solution that, also significantly boosts our professional productivity.

So, when you’re scraping data from local citations like Foursquare, GMB, Bing page, Yelp, Yellow Page, Apple Maps, Superpages, Facebook, and several other cited sources, get it done smartly through the intelligent data scraping tool.

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