Saturday 12 November 2022

What WIX SEO checklists does help me out to solve all WIX Website SEO?

WIX SEO Checklists

Complete Wix suggested all checklist tasks help your Wix site get found in the top search results, and this table of Wix SEO checklist for WIX Website SEO will help you to solve all WIX SEO Problems:

Step 1: Get your homepage ready for Google Search

Help get your site found online by completing these essential tasks.

Step 2: Optimize your site pages for search engines

Step 3: Keep building on your SEO progress

1.         Solve Wix SEO Checklists instantly getting found on Google

Get your homepage ready for Google Search following Wix SEO Checklists:

Set the homepage’s title for search results.

Add the homepage’s description for search results.

Update the text on your homepage.

Make your homepage visible in search results.

Optimize your site for mobile devices.

Connect your site to a custom domain (Premium feature).

Connect your site to Search Console.

WIX SEO checklists

1.     2. Optimize your site pages for search engines

Focus on onsite SEO, optimize pages, and blog for search engines:

Home, Or Home Page SEO:

Add alt text to all images on your homepage.

Add contact details to your homepage.

Connect social networks to your homepage.

Add links to your homepage.

About Page SEO:

Set the About page’s title for search results

Add the About page's meta description for search results

Update the text on your About page

Add links on the About page

Blog or Blog Page SEO:

Set the Blog page’s title for search results.

Add the Blog page's meta description for search results.

Add links to your Blog page.

Contact Page SEO:

Set the Contact page’s title for search results.

Add the Contact page's meta description for search results. Update the text on your Contact page.

Add contact details to your Contact page.

Add links to your Contact page.

Products page SEO:

Products title, description, URL, image optimization (meta title, meta description)

Accomplished Works Page SEO:

Set the Our Works page’s title for search results.

Add the Our Works page's meta description for search results.

Update the text on your Our Works page.

Add links to your Our Works page.

Service Page SEO:

Set the Services page’s title for search results.

Add the Services page's meta description for search results.

Update the text on your Services page.

Add links to your Services page.

2.     3. SEO is a work in progress, stay curious about SEO updates and act accordingly following the Wix updated version and SEO updates (search algorithm updates).

Also, do research keywords, publish quality content, optimize off-page SEO, optimize publishing elements, i.e., image, video, any graphics, fix URLs error (402), redirect (301), in layout and design on template keep eyes on UX, remove duplicate content to rank on the top of search engine result page alongside get found on Google and on any Search Engines.

So, guys to get found your Wix website, blog, eCommerce site, store, or shop on Google, practice this SEO strategist “Momenul Ahmad” suggested and result-driven Wix SEOSetup Checklists properly but be careful in handling these SEO Checklists, because SEO is glassware that needs to handle with care nevertheless a single SEO mistake can hamper the total SEO work process, i.e., the site discovered not indexed in google.

But, as an SEO generalist, I’ll suggest to you keep continue with these SEO checklists keeping data records in a datasheet (where you made changes), (where you integrated something new), and what impacts were made after changes or added new SEO elements.

And an SEO Strategist does Wix website SEO following these the top SEO Strategists suggested Search Engine Optimization (SEO) checklists because not the WIX site owner but all the site owners (WordPress websites, HubSpot Sites, TYPO3, Shopify, Blogger, Joomla, Drupal), especially who expect to stay ahead on the top of SERPs through Organic Marketing for long term Advanced SEO Benefits.

I recommend that Surely, These WIX SEO checklists will help you out to solve the WIX Website SEO and get found your Wix website on the top of Google SERPs.


Let's work together, let's grow together, and let me help you out to bite your business competitor with an unbeatable WIX SEO Gain, or hire us to develop and design your website/blog.

Thank you

Momenul Ahmad

wix seo professional

Momenul Ahmad: Helping businesses, brands, and professionals with ethical SEO, Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing Writer, Digital Marketing Blog (Founding) Owner at SEOSiri, Editor at LinkedIn Newsletter in Digital Marketing, SEO Copywriter (Remote) at Octoparse - Octopus Data Inc, Web Writer at Washington MORNING, Chief Marketing Strategist at Organic Agri Pro.

 Updated- 26/01/2023

Monday 10 October 2022

What content strategy best practice makes a great content flow?

Let's know about digital content handling before making great content flow, following the best content strategy best practices that are onboarding in this entire content.

Digital Content Handling:

Most probably, you don't care about your digital media profile and digital content maintenance and I must be sure that you don't have any ideas and Impacts about your inactive Digital Media Profile/Digital Content, i.e., Blog, websites, B2B Profile, Citational Business IDs, Marketplace Profile, Marketplace Portfolios, Community Profile, Academic Profile, Companies Business Profile on Business Platform, Social Media Profile IDs).

Also, I must say that you don't have any ideas about the inactivity surrounding your existing content's impacts, right?

Don't worry! Let's unveil the fullest of:

  • Impacts of Content Unnurture (Profiles and Posts).
  • Following serialized best practices for Content creation, curation, repurposing, and content scheduling to make great content flows from scratch, Or Content strategy best practices that make great content flow.

Impacts of Content Unnurture (Profiles and Posts):

If you don't take care (regular or periodically nurturing) of your digital media profile activities (posting, existing post updating, Content Sharing) for a longer time, then Search Crawler thinks about those profile and profile activities as inactive profile activity.

As an impact, Search Console Deindex those digital media assets, especially those having aggressive link buying intent (once and then no activity) as a result, backdated (not updated for a longer time), digital media profile lost SERPs rank, DR, and PR.

Also, the web panel admin removes any inactive profile without any notice, Or prior deactivating notice.

Content strategy flows

As promised in the entrance intro, Now, let's know the best practices for Content Flow, Also try to define the answer What Content Strategy makes great Content Flow?

Follow these Content creation, curation, repurposing, and content scheduling best practices to make great content flow from scratch:

1. Content Scheduling Best Practice:

Content scheduler (self-hosted service), Social Media Post Scheduler, Digital/Content Marketing Tools.

CMS Hosted Content Scheduling Facilities.

Try a manual Content Posting Plan as per your own workflows.

But before continuing with this Content Scheduled Posting Practice, try to know first What time is the best for optimal content posting?

2. Content Creation Best Practise:

Map Content, Research content, Design content, and Optimize content (after publishing, not optimize content randomly).

3. Content Curation Best Practise:

Analyze content, Choose a content curation platform, select methods, e-mail, infographics, newsletter, etc., and get help from the Content scheduler for time-consuming.

4. Content repurposing Best Practise: To repurpose content, analyze your own and competitor's content, and before repurposing re-edit the content and give a shape (reformate) that is the best suit for you, i.e., blog post to podcasts/PDF/Newsletter/e-Book, etc.

5. Content Monitor, Research, Analysis: Closely observe content performance, research as the basis on content performance, and take action like modification, degradation, or any changes depending on content analysis, based on the content researched performances.

Now, I hope you have been prepared enough to make great content strategy flows, following the above-mentioned 5 serialized best practices to shape your content flow as a great one.

So, It's time to create, repurpose, update, schedule, and nurture the existing content. 

Also, it's better to publish new content on an old digital media platform (old digital content) to avoid the silence penalty, Or any Content Removal actions. 

And if you're stuck with the above-mentioned, 5 Content Strategy Flows, then I would like to request you to hire someone (individual, Or Company) who is ready to grow your content's market share and keep you safe from Search Crawl Action and Individual Action👇

Enjoy yourself either like Hip hop, Or the Rockstar✅
Surly, I would like to support you establish your Standout Brand Presence (business branding through content marketing) on the entire web.

Also, I'll help you with content engagement and content management services surrounding all your digital content channels.

I'm asides you to show your business to your niche searcher as a mirror face, Wana utilizes my Content's Strategy Skillsets!

DM Me, because I🖖and balance your aspect v/s your researcher's expectations through my effective, longer-learned content strategy, SEO, SEM, Content Marketing, SEO Copywriting, Digital Marketing, and Social Media Ads Skillsets.

No doubt! Obviously, your content competitors must be jealous of you😅

Are you ready to buy my content-centric skillets, i.e., Content Marketing, Content Reporpouse, Or the overall Content Strategy?

I and my team are open but serve limits with quality content (service provide).

So in a generic way, only serious buyers (content service seekers) Submit the Content Services Need, those who are willing to invest only in a great content strategist.

Content Quotes:

"You may not get less or enough appreciation for a delivered 
content just not because of your production lacking but rather the unwillingness of a type of unappreciated people.

So, never crack down on you, and never hesitate about your content quality.

Just deliver, what you like, what you love, what you are an expert in because, you know! Who you are.

And mind it! Your dedication will assure your existence, not someone.

Focus on creativity in content creation, Stay blessed, and stay ahead. -Momenul Ahmad

Let's work together, let's grow together, and let me help you out to bit your business competitor with a unbitable content competition game.

Thank you 

Momenul Ahmad

Content strategist

Momenul Ahmad: Helping businesses, brands, and professionals with ethical SEO, Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing Writer, Digital Marketing Blog (Founding) Owner at SEOSiri, Editor at LinkedIn Newsletter in Digital Marketing, SEO Copywriter (Remote) at Octoparse - Octopus Data Inc, Web Writer at Washington Morning. 

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Sunday 25 September 2022

How do I write a great cover letter for a content editor post?

When you are trying to write a great cover letter for digital marketing jobs, I.E., Content Editor, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Content Marketing, Content Writing, Digital Marketing, SEO Copywriting then strategically your Cover Letter should be a strategic, and stunning looked Cover Letter.

But in a generic sense, you may ask yourself, What makes a Cover Letter great and stunning that will impress the employer and help me to secure the Content Editor Job Spot?

Before preparing the Content Editor's Cover Letter from scratch, Let's know first what's the content editor's overall responsibilities.

Content editor roles and responsibilities:

Editing, proofreading, re-writing, guiding the team to produce the best content, content writing, research, content strategy development, Spelling checking, Grammar correction, Content Design, and monitoring the entire team activities, I.e., Content's Performance Analysis, Content Scheduling, Content Repurpose, and Content Analysis.

Now, let's know, What component makes a Cover Letter Great and stunning, whether it's for the Content Editor Role Or any other Jobs in Digital Marketing?

cover letter writing

Whatever, for the Content Editor Post Or any Digital Marketing job, follow this Cover Letter Writing Template to make a great and stunning Cover Letter:

  • Company name- Brand name or website/blog.
  • Title- That for you are the candidate.
  • Job Mark up- Describe the job relevant description with proficient nack.
  • Highlight you- Showcase your job expertise including a glimpse of the portfolio with power words.
  • Promising- As a prominent digital marketing professional promises to deliver, what can you do for them?
  • Over smartness- Avoid showoff (don't input something that doesn’t represent you) yourself in the cover letter.
  • Keeps it short- Never bound to feel the employers that your cover letter is easy for them.
  • Adaptive employee- Highlights job concept and ethics, I.e., team player, goal-oriented.
  • Highlight interests- Show interest in the applied post and in the company.

Also, Read Cover Letter Writing Tips for margin and convert your cover letter writing thoughts because the above serialized 9 Cover Letter Writing steps (nine) are my learned lessons (my own cover letter writing analysis).

Now let's define. What exact look a Content Editor Cover Letter would like to be?

Great and accomplished Content Editor Covel Letter's proven template, and formate by SEOSiri Content Editor, "Momenul Ahmad (live example):


Mobile Number:



Dear Hiring Manager,

It is with great pleasure that to being invited to apply for Content Editor at your Company.

I am habituated to writing clear, engaging, and effective copy for clients, like you both in a corporate b2b and b2c audience, and press releases for the internet folks, FYI: I’m adaptive with any niches because I know, what to write, how to write, whom to write, I.e., search engine bots! Humans! Or for both off?

I look forward to writing 100% organic copy that will bloom up your company image,  according to the compelling copy to Your Niches/Site that generates leads.

No doubt, I thrive on a busy schedule, and I love focusing my energy on completing assignments before the deadline.

In my previous role as an SEO Copywriter at Octoparse, I was directly managed by Liz Zhang. Global Marketing Operations at Shenzhen Skieer Information and Technology Co.Ltd.

I delivered what for them as per Liz Zhan Voice, “Momenul has collaborated with Octoparse team for 2 months. He is an excellent copywriter active on Quora and other social media platforms. He helped us a lot in content marketing and contributed to traffic growth.

Besides that I’m a hired Copywriter at Washington Morning, fellow Editor, SEOs at Serena Prince 375 Media, also accomplished a Search Engine Optimization Specialist role at Bill Hunt Public Relations · Freelance (Nov 2021 - Feb 2022), Web Content Writer at Washington Morning, and more can be found on my SEO Copywriting and Digital Marketing Recommendation on LinkedIn Profile. 

Being a Content Marketing Writer, I never bounce off other ideas when I am in a team, then I always ready to accept challenges.

Also, I am habituated to filling my pen with criticism ink, which has influenced me to write great content (SEO Optimized any formatted content, where it’s the long, medium-large, and short content).

I am the kin hunter for finding ideas, researching, analyzing, implementing, and having enough ability to deliver quality content as your need.

Being an SEO and Digital Marketing/Content Marketing Strategist, My experience in SEO-friendly Web Content Writing is varied and adjective with topics (specialist in writing tone switching).

I'm proficient in creating (both for the search and human intent) headlines, ad copy, blog posts, webpage copy, email copy, white papers, social media posts, Infographics, and newsletters, and professionally tactical personality in handling media relations in both Print Media, Electronics Media, etc.

I love writing pithy, short taglines that will grab a potential customer's attention quickly. I'm also skilled at creating persuasive Newsletters that convert a reader into a buyer.

Also capable of planning, managing, and executing events, vendors, stakeholders, and digital media platforms.

Example Copies: What is the legality of web scraping? What is the future of web scraping? Is there a scraper that can scrape e-commerce sites like Shopify?

More, About me, and Regular Content Writer at SEOSiri.

I appreciate the time for taking to consider me as a Content Editor. I look forward to learning more about your business, and not just beside that I am excited to drive engaging traffic to your site through my excellent Content Editing, Content Marketing, Content moderation, content development expertise, and digital marketing expertise.

I eagerly expect to be a vital part of your growth team.


Momenul Ahmad

Cover Letter Editing: Edit the orange marked section as your correction needs when writing a cover letter for your digital marketing niche category, i.e., for the "Social Media Manager" replace your job tile with the content editor and highlight your job expertise and niche experience, promises, link content as a reference, and interest. 

I hope this greatest content editor cover letter going to support premium cover letter writing because you're getting it absolutely free.

So, why do it late, get set ready, and submit this great content editor cover letter with this best digital marketing resume to secure, and the next move to a Content Editor Career.

Best wishes to you.

Thank you

Content Marketing Professional

Momenul Ahmad: Helping businesses, brands, and professionals with ethical SEO, Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing Writer, Digital Marketing Blog (Founding) Owner at SEOSiri, Editor at LinkedIn Newsletter in Digital Marketing, and SEO Copywriter (Remote) at Octoparse - Octopus Data Inc, Web Writer at Washington Morning.