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How do I increase Google SERPs Click-through rate (CTR)

I'm sure you know what Google ranks content on the SERP as the basis on content health and the web audience's intent and a searcher's interaction surrounding your published content that helps to grow the content's CTR in Search Engine Results Page (SERPs)?

Unveiled maths to increase the Content Click-Through Rate (CTR) through the Search Engine Results Page, includes Google SERPs, Bing SERPs, Yandex SERPs, Yahoo SERPs, also as well as the others SERPs:

Two and two make a four, thus the same way, When a content builder builds the content, then the content developer firstly focuses on the audience's expectations besides focusing on the search algorithm for:

  1. Search Indexing.
  2. Search Crawling.
  3. Indexed SERPs.
  4. Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs),

Aiming gets the audience's attention one his content on SERPs rank.

So, A well-optimized content is when a searcher discovers in Google and matches with his search intent, then, the searcher moves forward to a specific destiny clicking on a particular link.


Ultimately, on that time, on that site, when a searcher (web audience) reached, then the audience browsed, read, search on-site, and take decisions to complete an action, like purchase, booking, order, download, subscribe.

But, If a destinate site structure, not UX friendly, then ultimately CTR goes down, content and site bounce rate goes high that's why consistency is to balance content building and search experience (search optimized content) for strategic impacts to grow Google SERPs CTR.

Following steps to increase the Contents CTR in Google Search, Helps to write an engaging SEO Copy, and grow Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO):

  • Write A headline that's emphasized curiosity
  • Title with clear hints for asking, solving, and answering
  • Visually feel you're A guide that can read the audience's mind and can reply instantly
  • (write a descriptive context) so that the audience feels all things natural
  • Always writeup the following Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Avoid Inertia and over-expertise in writing (blogging, writing),
  • and voicing (vlogs, podcasts).
  • Remember it, Concentrating on humor, fun, strategy in writing is best practice.
  • Let the audience in thinking through the entire context.
  • Take breaks between pre-description, description and to take breaks, add authentic and relevant Quotes or a gif.
  • Tell the story that refreshes the audience's brain, and return their psychology to your title. 
  • Help to make decisions and conversational in writing
  • Avoid entirely selling pitches, but "promote without feelings like promotional"
  • Make it enjoyable, avoid unnecessary Expansion in a written context.
  • Write clear copy following keywords placements, link anchoring, backlinking, and backlinks guide.
  • Avoid unnecessary branding, apply less colorful content, Optimize page speed, and over-sponsored content (Ads) helps reduce bounce rate.
  • Being a website owner needs to focus on content optimization for human intent, and search algorithms.
  • Consider the technical issues fixing for (UX) surrounding the website/blog's content.

Follow the above-mentioned best SEO Copywriting practices in writing to Increase CTR in Google search and roll on the buyer's journey through a conversational approach (in some cases follow the expert's Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) guide) that helps a buyer to take action to make the decision.

WWW disclaimer:

If you are familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), then ready, steady, go for optimization to increase the Click-through rate (CTR) on Google SERP.


Alongside, If you can't optimize your content, then hire SEOs nevertheless, you may pay off a lot for doing misguided SEO cause SEO is a Big Deal.

So beware before doing anything wrong in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Let's practice this simple, but the authentic guide to increasing Google's SERP's ranked Search Engine Result's CTR that's fairly meet the audience's need (a satisfied buyer or customer's journey) from the beginning to last (decide the decisions).


So if a website, a blog owner follows the above described best practices (this blog post context), then the websites/blog owners can balance to increase the Google SERPs CTR comprising with the user intent and Google Search and Content Ranking Algorithm.

Invitation Note:

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I hope it's answered.

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Momenul Ahmad

Momenul Ahmad: Helping businesses, brands, and professionals on ethical SEO, Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing Writer, Digital Marketing Blog (Founding) Owner at SEOSiri, and SEO Copywriter (Remote) at Octoparse - Octopus Data Inc.

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Saturday, 20 November 2021

How do I hire a pro eCommerce SEO Copywriter

It's easy to hire a pro, e-commerce SEO Copywriter cause Momenul Ahmad being the E-commerce Copywriter, SEO Copywriter unveiled an e-commerce SEO Copywriting Service for E-commerce businesses.

So that the e-commerce business owners can have a chance to hire a pro eCommerce SEO Copywriter at a reasonable price with having lots of E-commerce Content Promotion Facilities within the tire budgets.

Let's Cap Momenul Ahmad's SEO Copywriting offer, and e-commerce copywriting Service Features: 

Dear e-Commerce Business Owners,

We bringing good news to you (eCommerce Business Owner) that we the SEOSiri offering a month-long (26 working day) eCommerce copywriting service offer for 300-400 worded SEO and Humans Intent Optimized products description at $100.

Also from now, you'll enjoy SEOSiri's Organic Traffic and Follower's 100$ organic engagement surrounding your content.

Breathing points that's SEOSiri assuring in this eCommerce SEO Copywriting Service includes e-Commerce content promotion facilities:

1. You'll be facilitated for a wide range of content syndication opportunities through SEOSiri's all Social Media Channels.

2. Have the lucrative opportunity to utilize your brand's potential reach.

3. Backlinks earning opportunity on authoritative site.

4. Have a chance to grow your business with SEOSiri (Make use of SEOSiri Brand Reputations).

5. 100% content ranking (text, products images) assurance across all major search engines.

6. Riskless social share, brand mention.

7. Granted organic and fresh SEO Copy Writing.

8. Granted productions, less talking impressive e-commerce SEO copy, and more features will add upon depending on the e-commerce SEO Copywriting demands.

9. Multy variant keywords ranking opportunity.

10. There hasn't been any chance to Google Penalty.

11. Free intro consultancy in the e-commerce business.

12. Content viewership (organic) must increase 100%.

13. High DA and PA traffic Referring URLs.

14. Audience size top GEO located country (developed country).

15. Audience age group 18 to 47 that almost look like an e-commerce business's targeted buyers persona group.

Note: More facilities in e-Commerce SEO Copywriting are coming soon (TAC Apply)

So, It's an opportunity for you to hire a Pro E-commerce SEO copywriter also an immersing chance for me to support you with my E-Commerce Copywriting.



So, grab the chance for hiring a pro "Momenul Ahmad" as your E-Commerce SEO Copywriter?

SEOSiri Founder, Momenul Ahmad's Proposes:

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Closeup: We must have content engaging fun.

Waiting to look back from you also eagerly waiting to give you a positive vibe.

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Momenul Ahmad

Momenul Ahmad: Helping businesses, brands, and professionals on ethical SEO, Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing Writer, Digital Marketing Blog (Founding) Owner at SEOSiri, and SEO Copywriter (Remote) at Octoparse - Octopus Data Inc.

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Monday, 1 November 2021

Advanced SEO Action Plans To Grow 300 to 500% Search Rank & Organic Traffic

Who doesn't want to grow organic search rank? Who doesn't increase the organic search traffic?

And when it's come to growth 300 to 500% from zero search position and zero traffic, then obviously it becomes questioner that Does grow 300 to 500% Search Rank & Organic Traffic without any Advance SEO Action Plans is possible?

Every business owner by business category, every site owner by business types, and business categories expect the high engagement and any devices compatibility organic traffic with top position in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

In this situation, website owners are thirsty for ranking on Search Engines by their business's own branded keywords, Business niche keywords, and willingness to gain the top rank against the competitor's best-positioned keywords.

No, it's impossible to high rank on SERPs, and drive highly engaged organic traffic to a website without Advanced SEO Action Plans.

So, What is the advanced SEO actions plan that helps me out to 300 to 500% increased Search Rank & Organic Traffic Growth, and What are the SEO Steps advanced SEO action plan?

What is advanced SEO?

"Advanced SEO functionally the SEO Techniques that consist with a lot  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) actions and the advanced SEO help the site owners to the next level of their present's SEO campaign. - Momenul Ahmad

Well, Yesterday I prepared an advanced SEO action plan for one of my prospected SEO clients, actually, this is a quarterly, and for a new website's SEO Workflows with monthly and first quarter SEO budget plan included.

Advanced SEO Action Plans

This is an advanced SEO action plan only for Advanced SEOs that works for any business type, any business categories and it's compatible with handling the international SEO, National SEO, Local SEO, Technical SEO, and Non-technical SEO.

So, If you are a beginner SEOs, Not an SEO Specialist, SEO Experts, and mid-level SEO professional then never take a risk to play with these advanced SEO action plans, but may practice and use SEOSiri's advanced SEO action plan for your quarterly SEO budget and SEO Plan Templates. 

To Grow The SERPs Rank and Increase The High Engaged Organic Traffic With SEOSiri, Let's Cap The Advanced SEO Action Plans:

Advanced SEO Action Plans | Your New Website

Name of SEO Action: Quarterly, SEO Advanced Plan.

SEOSiri’s Quarterly, SEO Advanced Actions Plan Summary:

Quarterly Advanced SEO action plan for your websites by Momenul Ahamd, SEOSiri:

Where the total SEO Actions would be a combined and strategical effort of each month SEO Workflows.

SEO Goal:

To meet the average 33% completion of these quarterly SEO Action Plans.

Time Allotment: 1 quarter= 3 months.

SEOSiri's Quarterly Advanced SEO Action Plan Includes:

  1. Set Up Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools, Yandex, Baidu.

  2. Set Up Google Analytics.

  3. Install and Configure An SEO Plugin (if need).

  4. Generate and Submit A Sitemap.

  5. Create a Robots.txt File.

  6. Solve by checking Search Console For Manual Actions.

  7. Make Sure That Google to Index mentioned Website.

  8. Keyword Research.

  9. Identify the business Competitors.

  10. Find The Main 'Money' Keywords.

  11.  Finding and optimizing Long-Tail Keyword Variations.

  12. Keyword Map Creation.

  13. Analyze The Intent of Pages That Rank.

  14. Identify Questions That Are Being Asked on Branded Channels.

  15. Difficulty identification and anticipation To Rank For Your Target Keywords.

  16. Site duplicate version check and fixup.

  17. Find and Fix Search Crawl Errors.

  18. Improving Site Speed is considered the First Contentful Paint (FCP) metrics.

  19. Fixing Broken Internal and Outbound Links.

  20. Link chaining within internal content.

  21. Mobile-Friendliness-related issues solve except design and development issues.

  22. SEO-Friendly URL Structure audit and rewrite.

  23. Fixing Temporary 302 Redirects.

  24. On-Page SEO and Content Checking and fixing.

  25. Find and Fix Duplicate, Missing, and Truncated Title Tags.

  26. Find and Fix Duplicate and Missing Meta Descriptions.

  27. Find and Fix Multiple H1 Tags.

  28. Improving Title Tags, Meta Tags, and Page Content.

  29. Ensuring Images optimization.

  30. Find and Fix Keyword Cannibalization Issues.

  31. URL Discovered but not indexed issue fixing.

  32. Find and Fix Orphaned Site Pages.

  33. Content production (1k worded, 5 SEO Copywrite blog posts), content repurposing (PDF, Infographics, Slide, QA Sessions).

  34. Analyze Competitor's Link Profile, competitors rank.

  35. Find New Link Building Opportunities, business development opportunities.

  36. Set Up and Optimize Google My Business.

  37. Set Up and Optimize LinkedIn Business Page.

  38. Set Up and Optimize Facebook Business Page.

  39. Set Up and Optimize Bing Page.

  40. Set Up and Optimize Pinterest business board.

  41. Set Up and optimize twitter profile and Twitter card validation.

  42. Set Up and optimize Crunchbase Business profile.

Why do I do 42 stepped SEOSiri’s Advanced SEO Action Plan: These are the 42 steps advanced SEO action plan that’s considered, suggested, and maintained by most of the top and prominent SEOs for Search Engines Rank and Humanized Traffic?

Growth Opportunity: 300 to 500% rank and traffic growth opportunity

Risk: No risk of Google penalty.

Method: Organic Marketing.

Work Hour: Estimated 500 work hours.

Differentiated Instruction: Cost-effective but the market best work.

Quarterly SEO Budget, Payments, Transactions:

Price: $1500*3=$4,5k (package price may differ by each and every website's SEO health differences)

(Month Unit Price= $1,500), (Quarter Total= $4,500).

Payments Method: Payoneer.

Transactions: Honorarium should be payable between 1-5 dates of each month and 50% of the monthly amount paid as the advance before work started.

Materials & Resources:

Site admin and other social profiles, and business ID (full access or backend access).

Infringement: Any misconduct and misuse (subject matter to mentioned services) of the client’s content and information would be treated as the Infringement that’s directly imposed on the SEOSiri owner Momenul Ahmad.


So, are you ready to hire Momenul Ahmad as your SEOs, SEO Copywriter?

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Contact Momenul Ahmad with your specific questions, concerns, or needs.

Let’s grow with SEOSiri’s 42 stepped Quarterly SEO Advanced Plan.

Note to client: Any additional service could cost as the basis of expected service features.

Note to SEOs: When preparing your SEO Templates then replace your name, brand name, and website name with Momenul Ahmad, SEOSiri, and New Website.

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Open to SEO, SEO Content Writing, SEO Writing, SEO Rewriting, Helping you to rank your Quora Content, Founder at SEOSiri, and SEO Copywriter (Remote) at Octoparse.

Momenul Ahmad: Helping businesses, brands, and professionals on ethical SEO, Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing Writer, Digital Marketing Blog (Founding) Owner at SEOSiri, and SEO Copywriter (Remote) at Octoparse - Octopus Data Inc.

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