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What is the Strategic Social Media Marketing Plan that Grant the Leads ?

Without a strategic plan, nothing is possible to achieve whereas it's in marketing, it's in sales, it's in traditional marketing, it's in social media marketing, and even on the overall digital marketing campaign.

So, to getting the granted leads on social media and all of the digital marketing channels, What strategic social media marketing plan can grant the lead?

In this sense, we all need to set up a Pre-Strategic and Strategic Social Media Marketing Plan that grants the Leads i.e. any kind of digital media lead, social media leads.

But before expecting a granted lead and set up a Strategic Social Media Marketing Plan, we all should consider the 7 steps.

Before digging, expecting to fill up a jar with a certain amount of water isn't a strategic plan rather gaining quality leads on social media depends on a pre-strategic and strategic Social Media Marketing Plan.

Steps to follow before setup a Pre-Strategic Social Media Marketing Plan:

  1. The survey.
  2. Estimation.
  3. Average aspects.
  4. Investments (calculate the cost and return).
  5. Efforts monitoring.
  6. Filtered data analysis (results after effort).
  7. Project re-modeling (in some cases), and continuation of that project, and monitor progress, Read more on SEOSiri Quora Space.

Social Media Marketing Plan

Let's step forward to the Strategic Social Media Marketing Plan that Grant the Leads (qualified marketing leads, qualified sales leads, and informational leads):

1. Set up business goals.

2. Identify the business goal beneficiary. 

3. Highlight service/products features.

4. Targeting- Businesses, Professionals Group by Business Category.

5. Target Source Category- Where a professional, buyer, business owner (target personas) spends time on the entire web.

6. Get help to find the target source category- Govt. source (relevant department), published news, and web directories.

7. Select the target personas (one who will help to achieve your business goals) needs.

8. Marketing content on social media- To fruitfully the strategic social media marketing plan create combined content considering the above 1 to 7 steps following SEO and Social Media Marketing Guidelines.

9. SEO and Social Media Content- Publish SEO Optimized Blog posts and repurpose that elsewhere on social media where a repurposed content meets that platform's posting requirements, I.E. QA on Quora, Video content on YouTube, Stories on Instagram, Live on Facebook, etc (all posts includes landing page), find more and use as a template this social media marketing plan infographics

10. Social Media Content- Analysis of social media engagement (published updates, scheduled posts, social media videos, social media events, social media stories) using Pixels,  Google Analytics (GA), Social Media Tools (post scheduling, social media content analysis).

11. Outreach- To get the granted leads filter the analytical data insights and reach out to them to those who are showing reactions (social media content engagement, like, share, comments, message, finding store location on your social media content and on the local citation.

12. Communicate and Follow up- To reach the target buyer personas try to reach them through email, over the phone, on social media inbox, roll on a short conversation on social media posts (hi, hello), request and offer them to be subscribed in email newsletter (convert the reader to the buyer or service beneficiary) also a short interval follow-up (it's caring) them to grant the leads.

So, To get the granted leads, follow the above pre-strategic (7 steps) and these the strategic social media marketing plan (12 steps).

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         Momenul Ahmad

Momenul Ahmad

Momenul Ahmad: Helping businesses, brands, and professionals on ethical SEO, Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing Writer and Digital Marketing Blog (Founding) Owner at SEOSiri.

Saturday, 24 July 2021

What is the legality of web scraping or, do web scraping legal or illegal?

Collecting data isn’t illegal rather data collection is the first stairs of the digital knowledge panel that helps us to forget the camel riding era and pushing us to the rocket riding era.

So, collecting data from the entire web whereas it’s manual or automated (web scraped), is 100% legal.

Web scraping is illegal:

Sometimes use cases (unethical and misusing the collected data) may banner web scraping is illegal (after judicial judgment between party A and party B).

If you are thirsty for web scraping is legal or not Then I would like to request you to read the descriptive context from my Quora answer link.

web scraping

My story behind discovering web data scraper: As a digital marketing professional, I am Momenul Ahmad as usually used to harvesting data regularly.

“Web Scraping Legal that’s why “Wayback Machine” is still alive”. and Search Engine’s most top features, i.e., Web Content Crawl, Data Filter, Indexing, Ranking are combined factors of the Scrapped Web Data (Machine Learning). - Momenul Ahmad

I scrape data manually, also used various types of data scraping tools but, the usability of that web scraper hooked up to search me for something more than a web scraper, that because I Googled and found these most useful data extraction tools.

Read my answer on Quora- What is the legality of web scraping

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         Momenul Ahmad

SEO Copywriter, Internet Marketing Professional

Momenul Ahmad: Helping businesses, brands, and professionals on ethical SEO, Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing Writer, Digital Marketing Blog (Founding) Owner at SEOSiri, and SEO Copywriter (Remote) at Octoparse - Octopus Data Inc.

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Friday, 16 July 2021

How do I help Google to index my content in a few minutes?

Oh really! Do you want to index your content in a few minutes or any way?

Okay, do not be tense cause I made it easy for you and set up strategic and Google Friendly content index guidelines that must be in a level of content indexing best practice.

So, let’s create smart content and help Google to index that content in a few minutes.

“Yahoo, Bing may show a piece of content on SERPs within a minute but, it’s not the total cause Googlebot is smarter than anyone.

-Momenul Ahmad

You, I, and even no one can have the capability to index their content, i.e. a single blog post and even any piece of content on Google and other Search Engines because it belongs to Google.

Core facts to index the contents, firstly and finally Googlebot will decide:

What types of content?

I, E. Articles, Blog posts, Infographics, Images, PDF files, DOC files, Podcasts, webinars, Events, Social Media Posts, Whitepapers, audio, Videos, Games, Animations, and anything in digital media.

What should crawl among those, what should filter by search algorithm, what should finalize for content indexing, and what content should index?

What should re-crawl, what should re-filter, what should be re-finalized, what should be blocked, what should Re-index, what should rank on the top search engine result page (SERP), what content should be serialized rank on search engine results page (SERPs), what contents should deindex, what should Re-index?

Content Index Guidelines and Best Practices

We have to consider and follow these 12 content indexing guidelines and best practices that will help Google index the content on Google, includes on all Search Engines immediately,

Googlebot Friendly 12 Content Index Guidelines:

Content Index Guideline 1. Use Search Engines Friendly Content Platform.

Content Index Guideline 2. Create SEO Friendly content.

Content Index Guideline 3. Avoid any unethical content development practices.

Content Index Guideline 4. Build human-friendly content.

Content Index Guideline 5. Stay up to date with the latest search algorithm.

Content Index Guideline 6. Stop doing over-optimized and repeated content optimization.

Content Index Guideline 7. After publishing content stops inputting spam, or malware-related content on any published content.

Content Index Guideline 8. Try to produce, and publish your niche-related content.

Content Index Guideline 9. Build a correlation between a website, a blog, and all of your Social Media Profiles, Pages, etc.

Content Index Guideline 10. Check regularly or twice a week in Google Search Console, and if found any problematic content notice or check by search console features then take immediate action to correct it.

Content Index Guideline 11. Follow content creation guidelines/best practices by each of the different CMS and Content Publishing Platforms.

Content pre-arrangement 12. Content must be crawlable, I meant content should be discoverable and have existence with a live and well-structured URL format.  

Note: My SEO enablement has helped me to index my content within 8 hours, 10 hours, 24 hours, and 72 hours on Google Search, and I make it happen just by following the above content indexing guidelines and best practices.

So, if you want to index your content ASAP on Google Search and other Search Engines as well as then I would like to request you to follow these 12-content index best practices and guidelines by mixing up with your own contact publishing strategy and the content strategists provided the content growth hack techniques, that will help Google to understand your content what about? and content index in a few minutes too.

I hope this piece of content in the content index helps, and really if you found this piece of content helpful then be open-minded to share it with your dearest and nearest one.

URL isn't on Google Solved;

Content okay, URL okay but due to the site URL version compatibilities difference like .html?m=1 and .html a huge of published URLs were undiscoverable, not crawlable, and unindexable.

Here is the below Google Search Console (GSC) panel screenshot (7 days compressional SEO works up) of my client showing, how strategically increase the performances on the Google SERPs after solving the URL is not on Google: 

URL is not on Google

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         Momenul Ahmad

Momenul Ahmad

Momenul Ahmad: Helping businesses, brands, and professionals with ethical SEO, Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing Writer and Digital Marketing Blog (Founding) Owner at SEOSiri.

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