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Do Blog post image size affect SEO badly! What the expert SEOs say?

A wrong blog post image with improper image dimension (width and height) clearly affects SEO impressions very badly in both case of search boots and user experiences but unluckily, a nonoptimized and improper bog post image, how do impacts badly in SEO, it's just experts SEOs feel and express?

How do you understand that your blog post image hampering your SEO?

You can understand blog post images SEO impressions/overall image position by search types on search console performance and run a Web and SEO Audit for a specified Image SEO status also go to Google Analytical Web Property and tap on the behavior button (left corner under acquisition tab), tap on site speed, tap on speed suggestions to understand a specific URL (post, image) SEO Performance.

Blog Post Image SEO Best Practices:

1. Clean Image.

2. Fact descriptive Image (relevant to the blog post).

3. Clear Image Text (text in image body).

4. Perfect Image Size.

5. Image Alt Text.

6. Image Title Text.

7. Image Link (link same post URL). 

8. Avoid Image Coping.

9. Crete New Image.

10. Apply Image Alt Text, while repurposing your blog content on other content sharing platforms (if available).

11. Brand name and Brand logo on a blog post image (help to establish a brand name, brand identity).

Blog post image optimization in SEO

A perfect SEO Optimized Image can help you with:

1. Help to Increase conversation rate.

2. Help to increase content engagement rate.

3. Can help to get relevant backlinks.

4. Help you to generate a lot of free search traffic.

5. Help to gain sales leads.

Now, let's unveil the expert search engine optimization professionals (SEOs) practical answer sharing experiences (expected image ratio of an ideal blog post image) from my asked question on Quora, Does a blog post image size have an SEO impact? 

Expert SEOs Shared Answers (Saying) About Blog Post Image Size and Its SEO Impacts:

Absolutely yes! It is one of the most important aspects of SEO and something I always recommend as a ‘must-do' task for all. Following are the reasons:

Improves page load speed:

Everyone likes websites that load faster. The ideal loading time is generally less than 2 seconds. You need to figure out what is taking more time and optimize it in the best possible manner. There are various online tools available for this, which you can use.

Improves SEO rankings:

Page load speed directly impacts SEO rankings, which is a fact all digital marketers have understood by now. Optimized images do a great help in achieving this. Not just by size, but images play a crucial role in SEO in the form of Alt text, Read more.

Founder & CEO at DigitaL Hamza (2020-present):

NO, Image size cannot affect your website directly. But with a high-resolution image, your page takes time to load. That increases your website load time. Which makes a little effect on your SEO. Because if your website takes time to load then nobody stays on your website. Evry buddy skips your site and goes on another site. Which increases your bounce rate.

MD of Continuity SEO Accelerator (2017-present):

It can, it depends on what the image is in relation to the page and whether the right coding has been applied so Google understands it’s worth.

Optimize the image down from hundreds even thousands of kB down to a sensible level but you can keep the width as width as a football pitch but need to know how to code for desktop and mobile.

performed SEO audits for numerous websites:

Images on your site should definitely be optimized as a good SEO practice. After all, images a big part of daily searches according to these Moz statistics,

Optimizing images is important because it can significantly reduce the load time for some users, especially users with slow internet — this, in turn, reduces how quickly users will leave your page if things don’t load for them, Read more.

, Director of Marketing at MarketerHire:

All image sizes have an impact on SEO. Just pull your Lighthouse tool and you’ll see why :) Always use Tinypng or something to minimize your images and improve page load speed.

Also, name your images correctly even on your computer (at the file level) and then always include metadata including alt text for accessibility.

Tuesday, 18 May 2021

What are the most prohibited words & phrases in digital marketing writing?

The most common phrase and phrases that you should avoid in your digital marketing writing those words and phrases are imposed negatively on your mental strength for something, also expose the lackings of experiences in anything.

In a single word, just avoid the words and phrase words that's show weakness in your writing tones also in any kinds of verbal and written communications, especially when you are writing something for convenience someone to achieve the goals or dealings verbally for generating leads.

These are the prohibited words and phrases in digital marketing writing that's you must avoid using those phrase words, when writing purpose is achieving the digital marketing goals:

  1. Could be.
  2. Would be.
  3. Should be.
  4. Maybe.
  5. Might be.
  6. can’t.
  7. Couldn’t.
  8. Shouldn’t.
  9. Wouldn’t.
  10. Mightn’t.
  11. Ifn’t.
  12. If I can’t.
  13. I won’t able to.
  14. Impossible.
  15. Will try, trying, etc.

So, the sum is being a digital marketing writer you have to used to in power tones (power words/ phrase words) in your digital marketing writing also in any kind of verbal and written communications, especially when you are writing something for digital marketing purpose also to convenience someone to achieve your digital marketing goals or dealings verbally for generating the digital marketing leads.

I hope, I’m nurturing you well in digital marketing writing.

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