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WEBSITE AUDIT REPORTS & SEO CAMPAIGN COST for New/Old site with few contents.

These are common issues in website audits for every website that negatively impact a website search rank so how do I discover the hidden errors on a website with a few of contents and in this case, what will be the actual cost to solve the total audited errors of a New/Old site website with a few of contents and the Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Now, Let's define the answers from below website audit reports and SEO cost for a new website with less content and an old website with less content:

WEBSITE AUDITED REPORTS FOR New site/Old site with few contents. 

SEO CAMPAIGN COST, SEO AUDIT, SEO PROJECTION TIME FOR New site/Old site with few contents. 


Website audit

Website Audit Reports:

IMPACT (high/medium/low),  CATEGORY (performance, best practices, SEO, accessibilities) AUDIT (clause terms after impact and performance).

High Performance Eliminate render-blocking resources

High Performance Properly size images

High Performance Remove unused JavaScript

High Performance Efficiently encode images

High Performance Serve images in next-gen formats

High Performance Reduce initial server response time

High Performance Preload key requests

High Accessibility Image elements do not have `[alt]` attributes

High Accessibility Form elements do not have associated labels

Medium Performance Minify JavaScript

Medium Performance Remove unused CSS

Medium Best Practices Links to cross-origin destinations are unsafe

Medium Best Practices Include front-end JavaScript libraries with known security vulnerabilities

Medium Best Practices Serve images with low resolution

Medium Best Practices Browser errors were logged to the console

Medium SEO The document does not have a meta description

                                                                        PAGE SPEED SCORE MOBILE:

mobile page speed

Medium SEO Links do not have descriptive text

Medium SEO Image elements do not have `[alt]` attributes

Medium SEO Tap targets are not sized appropriately

Low Accessibility ARIA input fields do not have accessible names

Low Accessibility Heading elements are not in a sequentially-descending order

Plagiarism Status:

plagiarism status

Low Accessibility `<html>` element does not have a `[lang]` attribute

Low Accessibility Links do not have a discernible name

Core Glimpses:

Analytical property not found.

No Backlinks.

No Domain Authority (DA).

No Page Authority (PA).

No Social Score.

Not enough content, SERPs status site: (only 17 paged result) site: your site/.

None of any keywords and keywords ranked (even keywords in your place, the phrase keywords in your location, also for the bunch of relevant, similar, nearly similar, niche keywords, etc.) both status for app and site.

Local and International Citations Gap.

Site not verified with Social Media Tags.

Social Media Profile not optimized.

Need to fix search console recommended actions.


Need to complete all audited features accordingly.

Create content randomly (quality and optimized).

Need to syndicate content accordingly.

Try for building a loyal community.

Projected time to level up SEO:

3 to 6 months.

Optimized Search Rank Appearance: 

Start time from 3 months.

Project Completion Time:

3 to 6 months.

SEO Campaign Cost (6 months):

$1500 for the first 3 months and the second three months for $1000, Six months equal SEO cost for this projected SEO Campaign= $2500.

Project costs included a 1 to 6 months consultancy charge.

Declamation: This SEO Price Quote is only relevant to the above-mentioned website audit reports and limited to SEO workflow.

Website Audit by Momenul Ahmad

Let's talk to break the Search Engine Ranking obstacle for your site whether it's a new or old site with less content:

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Website Audit Tools I Used, When Audited:

Chrome Lighthouse,, Pagespeed Insights,, Google Search, relevant Chrome browser plugin and Momenul Ahmad's Brainstorm.

  Thank you
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