Friday 12 June 2020

What does SEO rewriting actually do?

SEO rewriting means not that you wrote or optimize your previous content wrongly rather SEO rewriting means polishing your existing content considering the search trends, search algorithm updates also to dominate the competitors rank on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) and even to improve your own content rank, Whether it's non ranked and less ranked for text, image, videos, any kind of digital assets.

So, SEO rewriting actually do a workflow by combining work of SEO, SEO analysis, SEO research, Keywords and others relevant research, SEO Writing valuation, Published SEO Copywriting content to finding the gap, to find the way to improve rank, to make the content better for Search Engine and humans.

What does SEO rewriting steps and best practices

Steps to follow, When you are thinking for SEO Rewriting:

1. Researching own content (on-page SEO, off-page SEO, site health).

2. Researching the competitors content (Use SEO analytical tools).

3. Findings out data from search console (which keyword ranking well and which keywords not ranked).

4. Collect data from analytical tools (CMS, Google Analytics, Data Studio, Local Search Insights).

5. Droop a set of your own keywords or specific keywords on Search Engine's Search Box (check your content rank from all search results,  Click on news (under the search bar), click on the video (under the search bar), click on the image (under the search bar) to find just where it's rank or not.

6. Write existing SEO written content, SEO optimized content as per found gap for your old or new SEO script.

7. Noticing yourself from the search console bell button or message and email notification (If search console detects any issue and notify you then take the step ASAP).

8. Stay up to date with SEO industry trends.    

The background story of this title question and answer:

Yesterday, I ask a public question for this titled headline in SEO Rewriting on my Quora Profile of Momenul Ahmad also share this question on SEOSiri  (Quora Space in Digital Marketing) and another of my Quora Space in Voice of Brand for SEO rewritings and start to get a reply from many of SEO writers, SEO Script and SEO Copywriting Experts, SEO rewriter, SEO Strategist and industry experts but among of them, I found the below answer (am appreciating) for SEO Re-Writing by Bruce, Founder of the Bruce Chant, that's found helpful and rethought to share you.   

Now, Let's see what exactly does he answered in SEO Re-writing:  

I, Bruce Chant take you are talking about content optimisation. The goal of optimising content (or re-writing it for SEO) is to improve the rank of your content via Google’s ranking algorithm. 

Google is constantly indexing the web. It then assesses each page for the content topics it covers, storing it in its database for when someone conducts a search. Once that search is conducted Google will then serve all the results to the user. But how does it determine the rank?

There are a large number of factors that influence the ranking algorithm. For example, the location of the searcher, the speed of the website, the authority & trustworthiness of the site, the structural and technical attributes of the site etc.

And of course the content itself. The more your content can fit the expectations of Google through influencing a number of different factors Google will take into account when ranking - the higher your page will rank. The purpose of rewriting content for SEO is to achieve this goal.

The language you use, the keywords you include, the semantic terms you write, the headings you use, the internal links you create and many more will all impact on your ability to rank.

So, As an expert SEO professional mostly you have anchored the point accurately cause this is the post that's you are looking for thereafter I specially request you to interfere on this if you found something to add or correction (share your opinion with me on Social Media Channel Below) and one thing if you are a newbie in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) then I would like to request you to join with me (on Social Media Channel Below) and here on my Quora Space in Digital Marketing

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