Sunday 21 February 2021

What's your blogging strategy?

Being a blog strategist, Could you please share your blogging strategy to help the bloggers communities, especially those who are the startup bloggers in their niches and thriving for succeeding in blogging business also trying to grow their business through a personal or brand blog?

Actually, this is a strategic ask about blogging strategy that aims to filter the trending blogging strategies (not blog content strategy) v/s new and exceptional blog strategy that help for deciding to a conclusion to the proven method of blog promotion that drives results.

"by born, everyone is unique and, everyone belongs to a unique philosophy to unveil their uniquity". - Momenul Ahmad

So obviously, you must have a unique strategy whereas it's about blogging or something else that's help you to discover yourself also helped you to become the superman from a man.

Blogging Strategy

And, When a man becomes the superman then, the normal others (include me) expect a lot from you cause you are the strategist that for am being a blogger also on behalf of others bloggers asking your blogging strategy (professional blog, business blog) for blog promotion whereas your blogging strategy in paid or organic blog promotion.

I got the most common but thankful strategic blogging strategy on my Quora Ask for How do you do your blogging strategy?  

Read answers that I got from the expert bloggers on Quora:

When it comes to the blogging world then, it wouldn’t be wrong to state that it is the leading career everyone chooses to opt for. Check your Instagram & you will see the immense number of bloggers on your feed after almost every 2nd or 3rd post that you scroll. There are diverse opportunities in this arena.

Depending on what kind of blogger you are? i.e. Lifestyle, Travel, Food, Photo, Artist, etc. So, You should choose your blog strategy. 

Let’s say you are a Food blogger then, you should begin with some mouth-watering & finger-licking recipes that should not only be on one kind of food but a mix of various cuisines that will help you get more followers & fame. 

Thus the same way, If you are a travel blogger then, not only cover the famous tourist spot updates on your blog but also try to cover the travel destinations updates too.

In a nutshell, no-one likes too much of anything so, have a mix of exact things in your strategy. Change your writing style, create conversational & interactive content, be realistic & adopt virtual & theoretical posts, (edited).

Julietta Watson, Marketing Consultant | Content Creator

Answered January 27 on Quora

  1. Start with your customer persona. Work out what it is they want and NEED, what FRUSTRATES them and their GOALS
  2. Create your content pillars/categories
  3. Do some keyword research.
  4. Some tips on how to find out what customers are interested in.
  5. Checking out your competitors.
  6. Then finally - creating an Editorial Content Planner.

Blogging strategy can do if following ways-

  1. Make your blog for your target audience.
  2. Have a clear objective.
  3. Before starting a blog, you should have a content strategy.
  4. Schedule your blogs.
  5. Make a strategy to promote your content.
  6. Your content should be action-driven.

You being a blog strategist, speak up and say, these are my blog strategies or reach me through my social media channels below or droop your outbox thinking about blogging strategy here.

So guys, are you ready to participate in this blogging strategy answering sessions. I hope you too and waiting to get tremendous feedback from you.


     Thank you


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